2000 Honda Crv For Sale By Owner

2000 Honda Crv For Sale By Owner – We have collected some information and photos of all 2000 Honda Cr-v specs on this page. Here you can find useful information such as fuel capacity, weight, wheels, transmission type and other data according to all known model models. We tried hard to collect them all, but the amount is so huge that we could easily miss something. If this is true, feel free to contact us. We will make improvements and close the gap as soon as possible.

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2000 Honda Crv For Sale By Owner

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The new generation Honda Civic hatchback debuted at the 85th Geneva Motor Show with the most powerful engine in its 22-year history. Thanks to that, the Type R is… Read More In 1997, the lightweight four-wheel drive (or soft roader) market was uncharted territory for the company, but the CR-V was every inch a Honda. One of the cars that pioneered the soft-roader segment in this country was a sales success for Honda. It also spawned many imitators.

The CR-V has managed to maintain its reputation as the real deal, but as a soft-roader the real deal is poor when it comes to any off-road capabilities beyond a muddy road or slippery boat ramp.

Honda Cr V 2.0 #72291

But that doesn’t seem to be bothering those waiting in line for the new CR-V, which hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of those chasing used cars that are hitting the market in significant numbers.

The 4WD system, of course, CR-V should recommend. The high seating position offers a good view of traffic, and the upright, boxy styling makes for a very comfortable interior. As well as being a proper five-seater, the CR-V also has ample luggage space, which not all of its competitors can claim.

Launched in 1997, the car came with the same specifications as dual airbags, air conditioning, remote central locking, electric mirrors, electric windows and metallic paint.

Power came from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder making 94kW, but for many it felt insufficient. Certainly the CR-V was heavier than some similarly sized two-wheel-drive wagons, and the all-wheel-drive system added extra drag to the line. All of this makes the five-speed manual a better vehicle because you can work the engine harder and get more out of it.

Honda Crv Sport 2000 Gold 5

A minor facelift followed in early 1998, with the main change being the improved engine, which remained at 2.0 litres, but now had 108kW.

Significantly, though, it doesn’t add any extra torque, so it gets harder if you whip it, but it still doesn’t make the CR-V feel muscular.

Along with the arrival of the new engine, Honda has added another, higher specification level called Sport. Standard equipment includes alloy wheels, a roof rack, a sunroof and ABS, although why ABS wasn’t offered on the base model remains one of the mysteries of the car’s specification. The build quality is one of the best out there and the paint finish is of a high standard and should hold up well over the years. A CR-V that looks like it’s been neglected or abused.

The 4WD system is typical for this type of vehicle and is an “on demand” system. In normal driving, power is sent to the front wheels, making the car behave like a normal front-wheel drive. When the car senses a loss of traction on the front wheels, power is sent to the rear wheels only.

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Besides its lack of ground clearance, several things ensure that the CR-V is decidedly not a rock-climbing adventure machine. Obviously, the all-wheel drive system plays a role, but so does the lack of a center-locking diff and a low-ratio gear set. All of which begs the question of why you want 4WD in the first place, even though an SUV doesn’t, in this case. A question for the ages if there ever was.

It feels rougher and more purposeful than the CR-V, though it lacks a higher driving position. Low-range gears in the manual mean it’s quite capable off-road.

Better looking and surprisingly smooth than the Honda. The four-cylinder engine is underpowered, but the V6 is a cracker.

The initial version was a toy that lacked the same off-road capability as the CR-V. The short-wheelbase version makes no sense and is only sold as a trim.

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