2013 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner

2013 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner – The 2013 Toyota Camry doesn’t stand out in terms of design, but it makes more sense than ever for those who value comfort, value and economy above all else.

The Toyota Camry is a perennial contender for the best-selling passenger car in America and a frequent winner of the title. That said, we don’t think it’s the best choice for a family sedan buyer.

2013 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner

Why? Because despite its reputation for reliability and functionality, the Camry doesn’t excel in any area, from comfort to performance, from technology to style.

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That’s not to say the Camry isn’t perfectly acceptable in most respects, and even pretty good in others—it’s just that it’s no better than some of the competition in most respects.

It’s also easy to make the Camry more individual than you might know—with the V-6 engine, sport suspension, and premium features—so it’s not so relentlessly straight.

The Toyota Camry was all-new last year, but what came was nothing short of evolutionary in terms of styling. Instead of trying to make the new car radically different, Toyota basically looked at the existing car and asked how it could redesign almost every part of it to achieve a better result on core values ​​like comfort and safety. For better or for worse, it turned out to be a car that was very similar to the previous version, but with a straighter front end, some creases, boxier corners and a slightly different roofline. There’s more to say about the interior, as not only did the Camry get better materials and details, but a new two-level dashboard and sliding corners—with a sort of cockpit layout—help expand interior space.

Overall, the Camry drives in a more refined, responsive manner than any Camry I tested a few years ago, and the package and features are much improved. Thanks to some very significant weight savings, the base four-cylinder Camry performs better than ever, while the V-6 fills a niche for those who want an especially powerful, refined (but still cheap) sedan.

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The Camry’s interior is one of its strong points. Thanks to a narrower front seat and new packaging, these latest versions have noticeably more rear seat space. Ride comfort is impressive and the torso has been improved thanks to the boxer curves. The standard front seats are a little disappointing, though, and we’d recommend the sporty SE model in part because of the much more bolstered seats. SE also drives better.

Like the previous-generation Camry, the hybrid version is about as quick as the base four – maybe a little faster when using full electric motor drive. And the mileage improvement is phenomenal: 43 mpg city, 39 highway for the HP. Hybrids are now available in LE or XLE models, and as before, they offer some trunk space (though not as much now, due to the smaller battery pack).

The latest Camry received the highest rating of “Good” from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Institute’s Top Safety Pick; but it should be noted that in the IIHS’s most recent test, the small overlap frontal test, the Camry scored “poor” (while the Honda Accord, for example, scored “good”). The Camry is a five-star vehicle overall in federal tests—although it earned four out of five stars for frontal crashes, its excellent five-star side score makes all the difference.

Toyota reclaimed one of the top spots among midsize sedans, with ten standard airbags and top ratings from both U.S. safety agencies. Bluetooth connectivity is available in all models – even the base model – and the screen-based Display Audio system with Bluetooth audio streaming, USB connectivity and iPod connectivity is now included in the base Camry L. A navigation system with voice recognition is also available, as is a high- end JBL sound system with HD radio and satellite radio. And through Toyota’s enhanced Entune system, which is also available, you can access Pandora’s streaming audio via your smartphone and a host of related services.

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The ubiquitous shape and conservative styling don’t make the Camry stand out, but up close it’s sharper, sleeker, and a bit more elegant.

Last year, the Toyota Camry received a completely new design; but unless you’re attuned to the subtle exterior changes of the new models, you might not have been able to tell it from last year’s model.

While some may cringe at that description, subtle evolution has been the Camry’s specialty over the past few decades. The exterior dimensions remained unchanged, with only slightly different door cuts and refinement of the roofline and greenhouse. It would be an exaggeration to call the Camry an object of beauty from the outside, and it exudes practicality and space efficiency far more than shape, stance, fluidity or characterful sheetmetal.

Compared to the previous Camry and most of its midsize competitors, the 2013 model looks a bit straighter and more angular. Toyota sharpened the corners with last year’s redesign (dubbed “aero corners”), and both are a step up in styling and aerodynamics. Squaring the corners also helps some in the stem.

My13) Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid A/t

Toyota has called this current Camry design theme “Rational Tech-Dynamism,” which “focuses on rational and advanced styling with a sporty exterior and a modern, luxurious interior.”

For the most part, Toyota lives up to this interior design promise. Fortunately, the previous interior, which we saw as a “Corolla-plus” layout, has been replaced with one that takes its cues from high-end Toyota models – the look is partly influenced by Lexus sedans, accented with some dashboard details from Toyota’s latest models. SUVs like the new 4Runner. But oddly enough, we see the slightly larger 2013 Toyota Avalon heading in a completely different direction — one we like better than the Camry’s.

Like most new models, the Camry gets a multi-layer dash; Toyota says the dashboard’s layered, stitched leather look was modeled after saddles, with media players like the iPod playing a role in the layout and tactile logic of the center instrument cluster, as well as the audio and climate controls.

You’ll find some key appearance differences within the Camry lineup, and they’re significant enough to sway your aesthetic judgment. Sporty SE models get a split, winged air dam, as we’ve seen on occasion with Subaru influence; but the XLE and Hybrid trims have a wider-opening (but louvered) air dam (the XLEs have some extra chrome on the upper grill).

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Bottom line, the Camry doesn’t push any boundaries; In fact, next to the Chevrolet Malibu, it now looks like the most conservative entry in its class, despite being one of the most recently updated. It’s a snooze for some, but we think it’s refreshingly different from bucking a trend and taking function (as well as rear height and boot space) over form.

The 2013 Toyota Camry delivers performance that’s mostly in line with its conservative looks; it doesn’t visually claim to be a sports sedan, and it isn’t. But don’t dismiss these models for lack of driving pleasure, as there is at least one hidden gem on offer.

Some midsize models like the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, or Kia Optima have all moved to four-cylinder models, but the Camry sticks to its proven formula of offering four-cylinder or V-6 engines. The base 178-horsepower, 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine starts and idles uncharacteristically smoothly; although you can hear a hint of roughness if you press hard. Obviously, this isn’t a premium powertrain, but it provides plenty of power for most needs. Opt for the 268-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 and you get a completely different luxury-car personality with plenty of refined punch at any speed.

In both cases, the six-speed automatic transmission shifts imperceptibly and without hesitation. In general, we like the base model’s lighter front and more balanced feel. But there’s a way to make it even more fun: Get the sporty SE model, preload springs, rebound springs, solid stabilizer bars, and exclusive steering knuckles and forearms. Overall, the package makes the Camry more responsive without making it tougher on most surfaces. And the downshift cruise control and steering wheel brake shifts help improve the experience when it counts.

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Push the Camry hard into a corner and there’s still plenty of body stiffness and plenty of body roll; what has changed is that it handles recoveries and transitions a bit better; combined with the reconfigured electric power steering, the effect is that it’s a bit more nimble – especially in four-cylinder form.

The hybrid models were moved with last year’s redesign and are now better performing and more fuel efficient – ​​offered in both LE and XLE trims. Of the four, they get an Atkinson cycle version with 156 hp and 156 lb-ft, for a total of 200 horsepower. Mileage is phenomenal – 43 mpg city, 39 highway for the LE, or 41/38 for the XLE (due to different tires and more weight), and now the Camry Hybrid feels just as fast as the base.

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