2015 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner

2015 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner – The Toyota Camry, as a mainstream sedan, is not the type of car that is typically considered for luxury customization. However, the owner of the 2018 Toyota Camry took customization to the extreme with $100,000 in modifications. The Custom Camry is now on sale for a more “affordable” price of just over $37,000.

The $100K custom job on a 2018 Camry is the brainchild of Rutledge Wood, with help from ZeroTo60 Designs, as detailed by CarBuzz . Wood is best known for co-hosting the American version.

2015 Toyota Camry For Sale By Owner

For whatever reason, Wood likes Japanese batsmen. In 2015, he modified a 1983 Honda Civic Wagon with “Tank Green” paint color and a B18b engine from an Acura Integra. That car sold for $10,000, and now Wood is taking things in a more luxurious direction with his $100K Camry, with a current bid on eBay of just over $37K.

New 2015 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry isn’t a very common platform for customization, but that hasn’t stopped Wood from putting his own unique stamp on the mainstream sedan. On the outside, the Custom Camry features a “Blurple” paint color and 3D printed body panels. It also features a 20-piece body kit, 20-inch Rose Golf Rotiform custom wheels and Continental Extreme Link tires.

Unique changes continue in the Camry’s cabin. Notable interior design features include a “baseball glove” leather interior, a Focal audio system, and a custom carbon fiber steering wheel. Also, for the most exclusive touch, the car has custom floor mats with wooden cartoon caricatures.

Based on the Camry V6 XSE trim, the Custom Camry has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, which produces 301 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque. The engine is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Additional performance features include the Megane Racing suspension package and the Volvo Dynalite braking system.

Would you pay $37K for a used 2018 Camry with $100K modifications? The Custom Camry has some elements for that. If you’re a big Camry fan and want something special, a Camry might just be right for you. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Camry as unique as this one. Driving down the road, you will undoubtedly get some stares.

New & Used Toyota Camry For Sale

Also, the custom Camry only has 2,700 miles. Given the Camry’s well-deserved reputation for reliability and longevity, you can expect your custom Camry to last many years and miles.

However, while custom touches are nice, not many car buyers are willing to pay $37K for a used Camry. Also, the current asking on eBay is $37K, and could potentially go higher. For comparison, depending on location, you can find a used 2018 Toyota Camry V6 XSE for around $26,000-$30,000. Home News 5 Years Old Used Toyota Camry Hybrid For Vios Price – Common Problems and Repair Cost

5 Year Old Used Toyota Camry Hybrid For Vios Price – Common Problems and Repair Cost

The locally assembled (CKD) Toyota Camry Hybrid was first launched in Malaysia in 2015, priced at RM 174,900. It was a great surprise because the model had no follow-up. The later Camry was imported from Thailand and local taxes made it too expensive. As a result, the hybrid variety was abandoned.

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The good news is that, unlike the Prius (which was discontinued after only one generation), the Camry Hybrid is new and therefore still covered by Toyota’s UMW 8-year warranty for the hybrid battery, which is different from German plug-in hybrids. , it is not that expensive to replace and is very reliable.

As the car is less than 10 years old, it still qualifies for a bank loan, making it a reasonably good alternative to the new Toyota Vios (from RM 74, 623).

You can pick up a used 5 year old camry hybrid for around RM80k. Camry Hybrid owners will also be happy to know that their car is better than the equivalent 2.4-liter Honda Accord.

The XV50 generation Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid was produced at the manufacturing subsidiary of UMW Toyota Motor Assembly Services Sdn. Bhd. (ASSB) at the Shah Alam factory between 2015 and 2018.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Buyer’s Guide: Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

Hybrids don’t usually have great resale values, but the Camry Hybrid is no exception. In fact, the Camry Hybrid holds its value better than the Honda Accord 2.4L.

Why? Maybe because unlike the Prius, the Camry name carries a lot of weight and the next generation Camry saw a huge price hike (RM 196, 888, before SST discount).

Secondly, the Camry Hybrid was only produced for 3 years, so there are not many units and of those who have bought one, few are in a hurry to sell it, and why would they?

With 205 PS, the Camry Hybrid is one of the most powerful D-segment sedans ever sold in Malaysia, and unlike the 240 PS Ford Mondeo, the Camry Hybrid is reliable.

Used And Pre Owned 2015 Toyota Camry For Sale

What once sold for RM 175k is still selling for around RM 80k after six years, which is an acceptable discount of 10% per year. For comparison, a similar year 2015 Honda Accord 2.4 VTi sells for around RM 75k.

The Camry Hybrid is powered by a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle 2AR-FXE 4-cylinder DOHC VVT-i (ACIS, with Acoustic Control Induction System) that makes a combined output of 205 PS. Drive is sent to the front wheels via an E-CVT (Beltless CVT) planetary gear set.

It is very well equipped: projector type LED headlamps, 17-inch wheels, auto-dimming rear view mirror, power adjustable front seats (including shoulder adjustment switch for front passenger seat – for driver drive), Wireless charger for compatible smartphones, automatic air conditioning with ionizer nano-e, power rear sunshade, cruise control, 7-inch infotainment screen with 10-speaker sound – all these features are top of the line even up to 2021 standards.

Safety features are no less, including: 7 airbags, electronic stability control, ISOFIX, hill start assist, blind spot monitor, front and rear parking sensors, whiplash injury reducing front seats, emergency stop signal.

Used 2015 Toyota Camry For Sale In Simi Valley, Ca

At the end of 2016, the Camry Hybrid was split into two variants – Premium and Luxury. The former is cheaper by RM 10,000 but misses out on the wireless smartphone charger, Nano-E air conditioning, uses regular 2-DIN audio (but the 7 inch touchscreen can still be had as an option), the 17 wheels -inch instead. of 16-inch wheels.

The Luxury variant has been upgraded with LED front fog lamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a 12-speaker audio system.

Wouldn’t you buy it over a new Toyota Vios (or Honda City)? Of course, being a used car, it requires a little more homework to eliminate cars that have been flooded, wrecked, or cars whose odometers have been tampered with.

Like any used car, its value will depreciate over time but not maintenance. So even though a 5-year-old Toyota Camry Hybrid costs as much as a new Toyota Vius, it’s still a large D-segment sedan and will certainly cost more than a simple B-segment sedan like the Vius.

Used 2015 Toyota Camry Xse For Sale In Moncton, New Brunswick

To begin with, the 2.5-litre engine requires 5 liters of engine oil. The 17-inch tires (or 16-inch for the premium variant) also cost more, as does road tax.

If you are upgrading from Myvi, calculate your budget accordingly. If that doesn’t add up, perhaps the smaller and simpler Toyota Vios (or Honda City) is a more sensible choice for you.

The biggest problem with the Camry Hybrid has nothing to do with the hybrid system, but with the steering rack.

Steering rack rattle is a very common problem in Toyota models that use an electric power steering rack, especially on larger, heavier models like the Camry. However, many Camry hybrids on sale today are still too new to experience this problem, but it usually happens around 10 years, or between 100,000 km and 130,000 km, depending on road conditions is being run.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Review & Ratings

The hybrid battery itself is quite reliable but it also has a service life, which is about 10 years but unlike mechanical parts, the service life of a battery is calculated based on its charge / discharge cycle, not After coating the distance.

So driving habits and driving conditions matter and that’s why you can tell Prius owners get over 200,000 km on the original battery while others can barely get to 100,000 km.

Light acceleration and braking results in a less intense charge/discharge cycle, and smokers who drive with the windows down also put more strain on battery cooling. For the latter, there is a vent along the back seats to draw in cold air conditioning, so don’t block it, and have a certified technician clean the rear cooling fans at least once a year.

A new original NiMh battery will cost around RM 8.5k but independent hybrid specialists can renew it for RM 6k.

Used 2015 Toyota Camry Le For Sale In San Antonio

Often, it is not necessary to replace the entire battery pack, but rather just a few cells inside. The actual cost of replacing this can be very low, depending on how many cells need to be replaced.

Other times, the problem can be as simple as corrosion on the copper contact points, which can be easily fixed by a qualified technician.

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