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Agencies That Help You Pay Your Rent – If you are a Homes for Good resident and live in Homes for Good owned and managed housing, find your rent payment options below:

Homes for Good is pleased to offer residents more ways to pay their rent. We have launched for online payments. Homes for Good also offers the option to pay at MoneyGram locations by cash or debit. Depending on your bank or local credit union, Bill Pay may be available for automatic payments directly through your bank

Agencies That Help You Pay Your Rent is an online rental portal developed by MRI that Homes for Good uses to collect rent. To get started with 1) download the app or visit the website 2) Select “New to Rent Payment” and set up your account and 3) Add your desired payment method and you’re good to go.

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If you need help setting up your account, please contact your property manager, assistant property manager, or resident services specialist.

If you prefer to pay your rent by check or money order, the check must include an adult’s contact information on your rental agreement (ie, the name and contact information of an adult on your rental agreement must appear in the upper left corner of the check).

Homes for Good cannot accept third party checks. Please ensure that you pay the exact rental amount, including any other fees or charges. If you are unsure of the correct amount to pay, please contact your Assistant Property Manager. Mail or drop off your rent and other payments with a rental coupon at our Office at:

You can also pay rent with MoneyGram. Find your nearest MoneyGram location here. Contact your Assistant Property Manager or Property Manager to obtain an account code to complete the transaction. Step 1: Apply for COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) – Apply online at For paper applications or assistance, contact HAWC at (734)-961-1999.

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Step 2: Go to Court Date – If you get notice of court dates, show up! When you appear, Legal Services can represent your case in court until CERA applications are processed and landlords have time to repay the rent.

Step 3: Don’t Move – If you move out of your rental unit, you will be considered eligible for CERA. Remember to stay in your rental and do not leave until the CERA application is processed.

Step 4: If you miss your first court date, call Legal Services of South Central Michigan – If you were unable to make your first court date, call Legal Services of South Central Michigan (LSSCM) for free legal advice and representation (734). . )-665-6181 (County Office).

Online applications for rental assistance are now available! Click the link below to get started. MSHDA – CERA ( If you are in Housing Access, call Housing Access for the County at 734-961-1999 for financial assistance. You can also seek legal help by calling Legal Services of South Central Michigan at 734-665-6181.

Rental Assistance Programs For Southeast Texans Facing Evictions

For those unable to use the online portal, a paper copy of the application can be found here:

CERA’s new User Guide provides applicants with a step-by-step guide through the entire application process: Click here for the User Guide in English. Click here for the Spanish version of the Guía Para el Usuario.

Barrier Busters is a network of 100 local service agencies, community groups, churches and more dedicated to serving county residents.

Visit /2818 to find an acting agency. Contact them and they will work with you to connect you with funding! This is a common situation: when renting, landlords and tenants can have some problems that are difficult to solve. In such cases, both parties may try to find a third party to mediate, usually one of the real estate agents handling the rental transaction.

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Typically, an agent’s responsibilities end after the landlord and tenant sign the lease and hand over the property to the tenant.

Some agents may get involved to help solve problems for landlords and tenants out of goodwill, but they are not obliged to do so. However, you can negotiate and formally hire your agent to manage your property if they agree to do so. Remember to document the agreed terms in writing.

To protect yourself during the rental, make sure the terms of the rental are clearly stated in the rental agreement. This will reduce friction between landlords and tenants down the road. Some common phrases are:

Your real estate agent performs his services when he fulfills the responsibilities set out in the Real Estate Agency Agreement with you.

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Under the Immigration Act, landlords who wish to rent their premises to foreigners must check the status of their potential tenants to ensure that they have legal residency in Singapore. You should:

It’s easy to check the validity status of various immigration and work cards! You can do it online or refer to the ICA media release for more information. Home » Blog » Non-Houston Community Resources » 12 Rental Assistance Programs in Dallas to Help Pay the Bills

In this community resource guide, you’ll learn about several Dallas nonprofits that offer rental and utility assistance.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, these nonprofits may be able to help. Many of these programs offer short-term financial assistance that can be used to avoid eviction or disconnect your utilities.

I Need Help With My Rent! Where To Find Rent Assistance Programs

Each program will have its own set of rules for eligibility in addition to the areas it serves.

To learn more about the requirements for these Dallas rental and utility assistance programs, be sure to call the numbers provided below.

The Lazarus House Initiative is a non-profit organization that provides rental assistance and other services to low-income residents of Dallas, Texas and Ellis County.

In order to receive assistance from Lazarus House, applicants must meet certain requirements, such as being a resident of Dallas County, having an income below a certain level and proving that they need help paying rent.

List: Ne Ohio Agencies Offering Rent, Utility, Mortgage Help

Call the Lazarus House Initiative at 972.803.0432 to learn more about this Dallas rental assistance program. 2.) Dallas County Health and Human Services (Dallas County Rental Assistance)

Dallas County Health and Human Services provides short-term financial assistance to qualified individuals in Dallas County. The DCHHS program serves as a safety net for low-income households in Dallas. The county welfare system has a limited duration and aims to support citizens until they return to work or receive support from other sources.

For more information, visit the Dallas County Health and Human Services website or call 214.819.1800. 3.) Stewpot Community Ministries of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Dallas

There are many organizations that can help you pay your rent. The 1st Presbyterian Church of Stewpot Community Ministries in Dallas is one such organization. They provide rent and utility assistance to people who meet certain requirements, such as being from Dallas Texas and having a low income.

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You can contact the Stewpot by calling 214.746.2785, or by visiting their website at 4.) Dallas Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Dallas offers an emergency rent and utility assistance program to help residents who are behind on their rent. Eligibility depends on income and resources, family size, availability of suitable housing in the area and many other factors.

You can apply for this Dallas rental and utility assistance program by calling 214.424.7050. The phone number for the Fort Worth Rental Assistance Program is 817.344.1800. 5.) North Dallas Shared Ministries

There are many different places that offer rental assistance in Dallas TX. One of them is North Dallas Shared Ministries. If you’re on a low income and need help paying your rent or utilities, they can help. You can get their help if you meet certain requirements, such as having a low income living in the Dallas area.

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Learn more by visiting their website or calling North Dallas Shared Ministries at 214.358.8700. 6.) Grand Prairie United Charities (Grand Prairie Rental Assistance)

There is a non-profit in the Dallas area called Grand Prairie United Charities. This group can help you if you’re on a low income and behind on your rent, mortgage or utilities. They may be able to give you money to pay your rent or electricity bill.

You can call 972.262.2014 or visit the Grand Prairie United Charities website to apply for this Grand Prairie rental assistance program. 7.) Irving Cares rental assistance

If you are a low-income person who is behind on rent, Irving Cares can help. This non-profit organization provides rental assistance to people in need. They also offer other services, such as help with food and utility bills.

Rent Relief Assistance Programs By State

Call the Irving TX rental assistance program at Irving Cares at 972.721.9181 or visit their website to apply for financial assistance. 8.) St. Vincent De Paul Dallas (Financial Aid)

Associations of St. Vincent de Paul

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