Avigilon Camera Default Username Password

Avigilon Camera Default Username Password – 2 Avigilon Corporation. all rights reserved. Unless expressly granted in writing, no license is granted with respect to any copyright, industrial design, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property right of Avigilon Corporation or its licensors. AVIGILON, HDSM, HIGH DEFINITION STREAM MANAGEMENT (HDSM), and the ACC logo are registered or unregistered trademarks of Avigilon Corporation in Canada and other countries. Other product names mentioned herein may be unregistered and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Not used in connection with each trademark in this document. This manual has been compiled and published to cover the latest product descriptions and specifications. The contents of this document and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice. Avigilon reserves the right to change specifications and materials contained herein without notice and shall not be liable for any damages (including consequential damages) caused by reliance on the materials presented. . Avigilon Corporation Revision: PDF-ACCGATEWAY5-D-Rev1 2

3 Contents Introduction 4 Gateway Access 4 System Requirements 5 More Information 6 Avigilon Training Center 6 Support 6 Updates 6 Tips 6 Configuration 7 Initial Login 7 Site Connection 7 General 9 Users 9 Network 10 Live Export 11 Using the Client Web Gateway 14 Avigilon Control Center Mobile 15 gateway SSL certificate implementation 16 3

Avigilon Camera Default Username Password

Avigilon Camera Default Username Password

4 Introduction The Avigilon Control Center Gateway software works in conjunction with the Avigilon Control Center Mobile (ACC Mobile) app and the Avigilon Control Center Gateway Web Client to give a user remote access to her Avigilon Control Center system. ACC Mobile is installed on the user’s mobile device for remote video monitoring. The Gateway Web Client is a simple web browser version of the Avigilon Control Center Client software. Gateway software is used to configure remote access and stream video from the Avigilon Control Center system to remote devices. Figure 1: Accessing the Avigilon Control Center System Workflow Gateway On the computer running the gateway, you can access the gateway configuration in one of the following ways: Double-click the Avigilon Control Center Gateway shortcut on your desktop. From the Start menu, select All Programs > Avigilon > Avigilon Control Center Gateway > Avigilon Control Center Gateway. Note: By default, the gateway can only be configured locally, but you can enable remote configuration on the Network page. After the gateway opens in your web browser, enter your login information. Introduction 4

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5 Figure 2: Avigilon Control Center Gateway Page System Requirements Although the Gateway software can be installed on the same computer as the Avigilon Control Center Server software, it is highly recommended that you install the Gateway separately. The gateway can handle up to 36 simultaneous video streams when installed on a computer that meets the following minimum system requirements. System Requirements Recommended Operating System Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 Quad Core Processor 2.0 GHz System RAM 4 GB DDR2 Disk Space Hard 500 MB 5 System Requirements

6 Note: Supported browsers are Safari – version 6 and above, Firefox – version 15 and above, Chrome – version 20 and above, Internet Explorer – version 9 and above. For more information, visit Avigilon for additional product documentation. Avigilon Training Center Avigilon Training Center offers free online training videos that show you how to set up and use your Avigilon surveillance system. To get started, register online at the Avigilon Partner Portal: Support For additional support information, please visit: The Avigilon Partner Portal also provides voluntary support resources. Register and Login Avigilon Technical Support is available Monday through Friday from 12:00 am. 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST): North America: Option 1 International: or Option 1 Emergency technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Send to: Software updates and firmware updates are available You can download it as soon as it becomes available. Check for available updates. Feedback We appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments about our products and services, please contact us at 6 for more information.

7 Initial Login Settings When logging in for the first time, use the default username admin and no password. After logging in, you are automatically redirected to the Set Admin Password page where you can change your admin password. Figure 3: Set Gateway Administrator Password page Enter and confirm a new password for the administrator account and click OK. You are now logged into the gateway. You can access each gateway configuration page from the menu on the left. Site Connections After signing in, you are immediately taken to the Site Connections page. Before you can access your site through ACC Mobile and the Gateway Web Client, you must connect your site to the Gateway. 7 Configuration

8 Figure 4: Connect Site Page 1. To connect a site to the gateway, select the site from the list of discovered sites and click Connect. The site is added to your list of connected sites. NOTE: Only Avigilon Control Center 5 sites are listed. This version of the gateway is incompatible with Avigilon Control Center To find sites not listed, click Search Sites… On the Site Search page , enter the IP address/hostname. and port: of the server on the required site. and click OK. The default port number is To disconnect a site from the gateway, select the site in the list of connected sites and click Disconnect. connection site 8

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9 General The General page allows you to name your gateway. Figure 5: General Page 1. Enter the Gateway Name. This is the name used to identify the gateway in the ACC mobile app. 2. Click Apply. 3. Click Restore Defaults to restore the default gateway settings. By default, Gateway Name: is the same as Local Computer. Users By default, Gateway has her two users. An administrator who configures the Gateway and an operator who connects to the Gateway via ACC Mobile or Gateway Web Client. Operator Username: and Password: can be changed, but Administrator Username: cannot be changed. The default operator Username: is the operator with no password:. Default admin username: admin with no password:. After logging in, you must change this password. 9 General

10 Figure 6: Users Page 1. To change your password: If you are an administrator or operator, enter a new password and confirm it: Then click Apply. 2. To change the Operator Username:, enter a new Username: and click Apply. Network The Network page allows you to define the port used to access the gateway. The Stream Port is used to stream video from the Avigilon Control Center system to ACC Mobile or Gateway Web Client. The configuration port is used to access and configure the gateway. Figure 7: Network Page Network 10

11 1. To change the port, enter a new port number and click Apply. Note: After changing the port number, make sure the gateway is accessible through your firewall. If you use Windows Firewall, you must manually add an exception for the new port number. 2. If you want to configure the gateway from a remote computer, select the Allow remote configuration check box and click Apply. When the checkbox is selected, the gateway can be accessed from any web browser at IP address>:. 3. Click Restore Defaults to restore the gateway’s default settings. By default, the HTTP port number is 80 and the HTTPS port number is 443. Live Export The Live Export page allows you to configure your system to export live video as a series of still images. You can choose the image format: and choose the export settings. 11 Live Export

Avigilon Camera Default Username Password

12 Figure 8: Live Export Page 1. Log in to the site to which the gateway is connected. 2. All cameras connected to the server added to the gateway will be listed under Available Devices. Select your camera from the Available Devices list and click Connect. You can connect multiple devices. Note: Live export only occurs for cameras connected to a gateway. 3. Select the export format (PNG, JPEG, or TIFF) in the Image format: drop-down list. live export 12

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13 4. (JPEG images only) In the Quality drop-down list, select the quality level for the export. 5. Set the export rate. Select Full to export the live video stream at the camera’s full frame rate. Select Every image to control the time between each image exported. For example, entering 0 minutes and 5 seconds will export one image for every 5 seconds of video. 6. To limit the number of exported images, enter a number in the Maximum number of images to save: field. The default number of images is 200. Note that if the field is left blank, the live export will continue until finished.

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