Best Crypto To Buy Into Right Now

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The current bear market means one thing – solid crypto assets are available to buy at huge discounts. Even big tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum are down more than 75% from their previous highs – providing an attractive entry price.

Best Crypto To Buy Into Right Now

The purpose of this beginner’s guide is to rank and evaluate what you are buying now for superior potential.

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Our list of the best cryptos to buy now ranges from presale assets and low market cap altcoins to great value.

The aforementioned projects are separated from in-depth market research based on various factors – such as their potential, current market capitalization and valuation relative to all-time highs.

Many of the cryptocurrencies presented in this article can be used by an investor to build a diverse crypto portfolio during the next bull run.

Building a portfolio of various crypto assets may be the best way to access the current bear market and make money in cryptocurrencies in 2022.

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With this in mind, we will discuss the 18 hottest cryptos to buy right now – so investors can make an informed decision when trying to get rich in crypto.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is an ERC-20 based project that focuses on multiple crypto tools with a one-of-a-kind platform to help traders and investors.

Currently in its second phase of presale, the project raised $500,000 in 24 hours and has now raised more than $7 million in a month – a bit surprising considering the utility provided by D2T, the best cryptocurrency to buy. now

For this reason, some crypto-hungry investors have named the D2T token among the top earners of 2022.

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The native D2T token will be used to power the entire Dash 2 trading ecosystem. These tokens carry 0% tax and are used by people for many purposes including running backends on strategies and paying for access to the Dash 2 trading platform. Therefore, after the official launch of the platform, demand for the token may increase, i.e. D2T may become parabolic.

Dash 2 Trade has many features suitable for both investors and traders looking to make a profit. As described in the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, the platform includes high-tech tools such as automated trading, on-chain metric tracking, and new pre-sales and ICO registration.

Have you ever wondered what the next big crypto thing could be? Currently, Dash 2 Trade is in the third phase of the pre-sale and D2T tokens are selling for only $0.0513. This value will increase exponentially as the pre-sale progresses to provide the best value to early patrons.

With this in mind, there is no better time to check out the Dash 2 Trade presale and buy the best crypto token. Join the Dash 2 Trade Telegram for information.

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RobotEra is a new in-game earning, NFT and Metaverse project that allows players to earn in-game rewards in multiple ways and is one of the best cryptos to buy right now.

The local ERC-20 token TARO has already started the first stage of the pre-sale in November 2022 and will be sold at $0.02, after entering the third stage, the price will increase to $0.032 (60%).

After the pre-sale ends, which saw an investment of $200,000, TARO will then be listed on major exchanges – investors looking for a complementary crypto gaming token should enter the best crypto under $1 to invest.

In addition to P2E tokens outperforming other altcoins during the crypto winter, TARO’s value seems to be increasing due to its various use cases.

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RobotEra, an Elbank Labs project, developed Talk to allow players to purchase NFT avatars of the robot needed to rebuild the ruined planet Taro.

Players rebuild Tarot by purchasing plots of land in the Metaverse with Tarot Tokens and adding buildings and infrastructure.

The game allows players to mine, develop robot allies, and rent out billboards to monetize plots.

RobotEra’s scripting language and custom build tools are designed to handle a wide range of capabilities, including 3D visuals, physics, sounds, and more.

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Over time, the project expects to develop more use cases as players build their lands as they see fit.

The main distinguishing feature is that players can earn tokens in different ways, players can create continents for free, sell NFT and share TARO tokens.

RobotEra is a multiplayer game that allows players to interact with other worlds and earn rewards by holding performances and events.

270 million tokens (15% of the maximum 1.8 billion supply) will be sold in the presale, with each tier selling 90 million tokens. In other words, isn’t now a better time to buy RobotEra tokens?

Reward] Simple Answer

There is a cap of approximately $7 million and no exposure period for presale tokens.

Investors can stay up to date on TARO and the game by subscribing to the RobotEra Telegram channel or reading the white paper.

IMPT is a blockchain-based platform that allows individuals and businesses to easily and securely offset their carbon footprint. The aim is to give everyone a chance to help the environment and make a difference.

Investors have rushed to buy the project’s presale, and the $11 million first phase sold out in three weeks — four weeks ahead of schedule — and has now raised $13 million.

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IMPT’s software allows customers to earn carbon credits while shopping online. You can buy them directly from the platform. For those looking for the best IEO crypto in 2022, IMPT is a great option.

IMPTtokenize customers to earn carbon credits as NFT. NFTs are recorded on a decentralized ledger that is traceable to users and ensures transparency and traceability.

As one of the best ESG-friendly cryptocurrencies and one of the best utility tokens to buy today, IMPT tokens (currently considered the most sustainable cryptocurrency) can be purchased by registering on the IMPT platform in minutes.

Burned NFTs are distributed to a zero address when the user cancels the carbon credits, removing all their NFTs from circulation in the process. This transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and the NFT is then declared unavailable.

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IMPT prevents fraud and double counting as all transactions are entered on a distributed layer. Additionally, when users redeem their carbon credits, they receive one-of-a-kind NFTs created by artists.

Finally, IMPT brings people together with a variety of important environmental projects with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the future sustainability of the planet.

IMPT works with many of the world’s leading retailers – Microsoft, Amazon, and GameStop – to donate a portion of their profit margins to green initiatives.

For more information, users can read the white paper and join the Telegram group with 12K subscribers.

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Also, amid the current market turmoil, many investors consider IMPT to be one of the best cryptos to buy on dips and pre-sale highs before further price rises.

Here are some key parameters that most investors look for to research the most eco-friendly cryptos in the market.

Calvaria is offering two native tokens for rewards, but is currently running a presale to give early investors the best possible value and has now raised nearly $2 million in funding.

This earning playing card game provides the $RIA token to maintain the economic stability of the network and the $eRIA token for rewards and in-game purchases.

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The game requires players to purchase NFT cards with eRIA tokens and rewards players for contests and game participation. According to Calvaria’s white paper, players who want to combine cards of similar strength to get a higher level card should use eRIA tokens to purchase.

Players can use eRIA tokens for in-game purchases. The RIA token is mainly used for administration and severity. By owning a token, investors ensure the proper functioning of the ecosystem and can vote to determine the future of the platform. The weight of an investor’s vote is determined by the number of tokens held.

Another way for investors to earn in Calvary is through savings. Investors can lock their coins to receive daily rewards of RIA tokens. Players will be happy to know that both coins have a 0% sales tax as they must constantly collect new NFT cards to defeat enemies.

The best way to stay in touch with Coin’s latest happenings is to subscribe to the Calvaria Telegram channel.

Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In Right Now

Investors looking for the best value in RIA tokens find that they quickly depreciate. The first phase of the presale offered RIA coins at $0.01, but now in phase 4, tokens are being sold at $0.025.

When coins enter a new level

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