Best Family Movies On Netflix Right Now

Best Family Movies On Netflix Right Now – Are you looking for entertainment for children that is sure to please? Netflix has tons of options, but honestly they can be overwhelming. So we kept things simple by highlighting ten great films that will delight children – or those who are still children at heart.

Whether you want a great movie soundtrack, a crazy adventure, a spooky treat or something to get you into the holiday spirit – we’ve got you covered.

Best Family Movies On Netflix Right Now

Young Fei Fei is enchanted by the story of the moon goddess Chang’e and the legend of her lover. Still grieving the death of her mother, Fei Fei treats her father unkindly in search of a new love and decides to build a rocket to the moon to find Chang’e. He finds a magical world beyond his imagination and must reconcile his moon fantasy with the life that awaits him on Earth. Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Ruthie Ann Miles, Margaret Cho and Sandra Oh star, so yes,

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2003 Mike Myers’ turn as the eponymous headdress cat holds surprisingly well for children in 2022 (unfortunately for adults, there may be some cat triggers 2019). A chaotic cat visits Sally and Conrad Walden (Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin), wreaks havoc in their house and eventually shuts them down (The cat is not meant to be a moral compass). Parents will feel seen in Myers’ delivery, and children will not tire of the endless cat chat anytime soon. —

It may be a Christmas movie, but Netflix’s own original about spoiled Jesper (Jason Schwartzman) who meets an old toymaker is a wonderful movie all year round. He becomes an intermediary between Klaus (J.K. Simmons) the maker of the toy and the local children who write him letters of hope for games. The unfolding story becomes the origin of Santa and a humble journey for Jesper. —

When four-year-old Kun (Moka Kamishiraishi) is told by his parents that he will have a sister, he is initially excited. But when baby Mirai (Haru Kuroki) arrives, she has trouble sharing her mother’s and father’s attention. Seeking solace, Kun disappears into the garden behind his house, where he embarks on a magical adventure with an adult version of Mirai that puts his relationship with his family in a whole new perspective. This is a deeply warm, funny and insightful piece by Japanese director and animator Mamoru Hosoda. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature 2018.

Based on Lois Lowry’s wonderful book, this Netflix original focuses on a deeply dysfunctional family in need of some wild changes. Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby have four adorable, eager and talented children, whom they absolutely despise. Therefore, life is very difficult for the older Tim (Will Forte), the dreamy Jane (Alessia Cara) and the strange twins Barnaby A and Barnaby B (Seán Cullen). That is until they come up with a daft scheme that sends their parents on a dangerous vacation from which they can never return! However, the siblings’ deadly plans for independence are challenged when a plucky nanny (Maya Rudolph) arrives at their door. Soon, the agony and antics give way to the joyous adventure of life.

The Best Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Director Chris Pearn’s sharp design style and Ricky Gervais’s biting narration combine with Lowry’s dark plot lines to give this outrageous animated film a blistering yet charming edge.* —

This wacky 2021 release centers on a family fighting the robot-apocalypse with teamwork, internet savvy, and a pug named Monchi (voiced by social media icon Doug The Pug).

The Mitchell family’s chaotic adventure begins when daughter Katie (Abby Jacobson) is ready to start college. Desperate for another trip to reunite the family, his father (Danny McBride) packs the whole family into his car, unwilling to chart a fatal road to heroism. Director Mike Rianda brings Kate’s exciting perspective throughout the film by working with Internet memes, social media style reactions, and humorous visuals. It’s a bold move that might alienate some viewers, but it’s garnered much acclaim from critics and kids alike.* —

Is a critically acclaimed play featuring a crackerjack cast (Hugh Bonneville! Sally Hawkins! Julie Walters! Peter Capaldi!) and an adorable CGI bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw), who wears a blue coat and loves jam. Traveling from the jungles of Peru to London, the Brown family reluctantly adopted the titular bear. But as cultures collide, Paddington’s freedom – indeed, his life! —threatened by an overzealous taxidermist (played by an over-the-top Nicole Kidman), who is ruthlessly determined to make him his next specimen! Full of fantasy, spirit and warmth,

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, comes a spooky story that will delight family nights. Based on the horror-fantasy novel of the same name by J. A. White,

It centers on a Brooklyn bookworm (Winslow Fegley) who is kidnapped by an evil witch (Krysten Ritter). Trapped in her magical apartment, he has to tell her a new scary story every night in exchange for her survival. Fortunately, he is not alone. A tough inmate (Lidya Jewett) not only helps him avoid the pitfalls of this precarious prison, but also helps him discover the secret that can get them both out!

It’s a fun time for kids (and adults) who appreciate a good nighttime noise.* —

Craving something creepy but kid friendly? Then enter this sensational film 2006, in which the Big Bad is a tall, smelly, old house that devours toys as well as the intruder children. Although the premise may seem disturbing, children will enjoy the story of three lively children who not only discover the horrors of the House of Monsters but also its hidden heart.

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A surprisingly poignant finale followed by loads of scares and fun, making it a great choice for a family movie night. Using motion capture animation, director Gil Kenan leverages Amblin Entertainment’s established aesthetic, where grounded drama meets wacky fantasy. Adding oomph — and a bit of adult appeal — is a voice cast that includes big-name actors like Steve Buscemi, Fred Willard, Catherine O’Hara, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kathleen Turner, Jon Heder and Jason Lee. Trick or treat? Why not both! .* —

, then you will enjoy sharing this gem with your kids. Director Jude Weng directs Spielberg’s inspired tale of a Hawaiian legend and childhood heroism. Raised in New York, siblings Pili (Kea Peahu) and Ioane (Alex Aiono) feel like fish out of water when their mother takes them to Oahu. But soon, they make friends and embark on a quest for the legendary lost treasure. Along the way, there will be teenage romance, family drama and the revival of local history. Looking for something fun and exciting? Look no further. —

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Best Family Movies On Netflix 2022

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When you gather the whole family around the TV watching Netflix, chances are there will be a mix of young and old, children, teenagers, adults, mature and immature.

It can be difficult to find a movie that is not only suitable for every age group, but also enjoyable and entertaining for every member of the family.

Family Friendly Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

Netflix offers a great selection of movies that meet these exact requirements, but it’s a complete tour through them all. So we have reduced them down to just over a dozen, making your life easier and a little more conflict-free. Don’t worry!

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ was probably the most surprising animated film of the 2010s. The animation was beautiful and lively, the voice was perfect, and the soundtrack was urban and electric. Even viewers with no prior knowledge of Spidey were blown away by it.

‘The Grinch’ tells the story of a cynical draft that goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by the generous holiday spirit of a young girl. Funny, touching and visually stunning, it is a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.

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