Best Mattress Type For Side Sleepers With Back Pain

Best Mattress Type For Side Sleepers With Back Pain – Finding the right mattress is one way to ensure you get a good night’s sleep, and that’s especially true when you’re looking for the best mattress for side sleepers. According to Carleara Weiss, Ph.D., M.S., RN, medical director at Aeroflow Sleep, the “right mattress” for side fractions is one that will provide spinal support for the cervical and lumbar areas while maintaining a comfortable body temperature. But, what does that do

“In general, a medium firm mattress is suitable for side fractions, because it allows to support the spine, but it is flexible to adapt to the curves of the body,” he says, adding that people who weigh more more benefits more. by selecting it. firmer mattress. “Considering the material, one (or several) layer of memory foam on top of an average firm mattress will provide comfort and flexibility to the curve of the body while preserving constant spinal support,” he said.

Best Mattress Type For Side Sleepers With Back Pain

Side sleepers in the market for a new mattress should focus on finding one that relieves pressure from their shoulders and hips, advises ChelsieRohrscheib, Ph.D., lead sleep specialist at Wesper. “With this in mind, a soft mattress or memory foam mattress is likely to be your best choice for optimal sleep support and comfort.”

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Luckily, the experts we tapped have plenty of advice on which mattress will give you (and whoever you’re sharing the bed with) the best night’s sleep – especially if you like to sleep on your side.

The Tempur-Pedic Adaptmattress combines firmness with a memory foam top layer for dynamic spinal support, adapting to your body as you change positions at night, according to Weiss. important aspect for sleep). This product also has a motion canceling feature, which means the side of your mattress won’t move when your bed partner moves or gets up to use the bathroom during the night.

If you’re looking for the perfect mattress to help you catch some z’s, but don’t want to spend too much money, Rohrscheib recommends choosing one from Nectar. “Nectar mattress makes 100 percent memory foam, which has a very high quality while maintaining freedom,” he explains. “Nectar has several layers of memory foam, which helps the body and keeps the pressure off the hips and shoulders while sleeping.” Nectar is also suitable for re-sleeping, so your sleeping partner should sleep as well.

You can find a mattress that fits your exact needs when you shop with Helix Sleep, according to Rohrscheib. He said the brand offers a range of memory foam mattresses that support sleep for side sleepers. “You can do a quick survey on the Helix Sleep website to find the best option for your situation,” he explained, adding that if your partner needs different levels of support or firmness, a custom side can be be at the mattress. The Midnight Luxe model is particularly good for side sleepers as it eliminates the shoulder and hip pain common with side sleepers.

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Harmony Lux SeriesfromBeautyRestofráil offers medium firmness for spinal support and features a top layer of memory foam, cooling technology, and pressure relief points with gel. These are all important features that Weisssays can help you adjust to the curve of your site changing overnight.

If you’re looking for a mattress that will reduce pressure while still offering plenty of support, WeissSaatvamay says it’s a more affordable way to get a good night’s sleep. The classic version of the mattress offers a hybrid makeup, combining the comfort of memory foam with the support of traditional springs. This can be a great choice for outdoor sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress than is often recommended for sleeping positions.

A side-friendly mattress option recommended by Weiss is the Sleep Number Mattress. “[It offers] excellent spinal support at a lower price),” he says. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed offers an elastic and proportional feel that your body will handle. It also tracks how you sleep at night, so you can adjust your bed arrangements and nighttime accessories to get the best sleep possible.

When shopping for a mattress for side sleepers, it’s important to find one that helps you distribute your weight away from your pressure points, which is why Weiss recommends the Purple mattress. This mattress is made with a grid system that supports your entire body, at the end of some of the common sides. sleeping painful spots such as shoulders and hips and still breathable. “As a reminder, if you choose this option, consider your body weight and choose a firm mattress base for a longer period of spinal support,” he said.

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If you live in a hot climate or find yourself getting hotter at night, a Rohrscheibsaysa cooling mattress is probably the best choice for you. it also keeps you uncomfortable in a side sleeping position,” he explained. “The mattress has a coil system that promotes better air flow, which helps you stay cool.” The mattress also has different levels of firmness, making it is easy to choose the most suitable mattress for your situation.

Sleep cooler while getting the support you need with the Tempur-Pedic Breeze. The motion cancellation feature can help you and your partner sleep longer by preventing jostling from waking you up.

If you’re concerned about the impact on the environment, Brager recommends choosing a mattress with Avacado. Not only is the Luxury Organic Plus Mattress green, but it offers 21 layers made from natural products like latex, wool, and mohair, which are then distributed up to 3, 136 rolls each. All this is spread over five zones, ensuring that your shoulders and hips feel rested after you close your eyes for eight hours. daily life Quality sleep can increase your productivity, prevent muscle and joint pain and ultimately lead to happiness.

Many studies show a direct correlation between the number of hours you sleep and your happiness. Because of the importance of a good night’s rest, we recommend making sleep a priority in your life and making sure you have the right tools and knowledge to take control of your sleep.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2022

Finding the right mattress for a side sleeper depends on the strength of the mattress, the type of material, your weight, your budget, and your personal preference.

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Before we tackle mattress recommendations, it’s important to talk about what makes an ideal side sleeper and what your main goals and posture are.

Side sleeping is very popular but it is a position that requires a lot of adjustments to get right.

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Side and head sleeping is a very common sleeping position, and when done correctly can lead to quality sleep with the right pillow, mattress and sleeping position. Here’s what to look for in a mattress topper.

Firmness is the biggest factor in finding the right mattress for side sleeping. Firmness requirements depend on your weight, shape, and personal preference. Usually, side sleeping requires a medium to medium soft mattress to properly support your body, especially your midsection and lower back.

If you are heavier than average you will probably need a firmer mattress and if you are lighter than average you may want a softer one. This balance can be difficult to get right.

The image below shows how a mattress that is too soft can allow your spine to curve downward. Although the firmness will increase too much it can also cause problems because it does not give enough in your shoulders and hips and prevents you from finding that ideal neutral position.

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The next biggest decision is choosing the material or construction of your mattress. There are more options than ever before and this can be a bit overwhelming. Mattress retail stores sell traditional mattress toppers/coil mattresses. Memory foam has become very popular in the last decade, along with LaTeX. Traditional innerspring mattresses are also still popular and there are some hybrid mattresses that combine the benefits of different materials.

Firmer contour / smaller on your body than memory foam, often requires a box spring, expensive for the boat, shifting motion, noise

We have found that memory foam mattresses are better for side sleepers because of the material’s contouring ability.

As mentioned above, when sleeping on your side it is very important to have suitable support. In general, the most suitable type of mattress is a memory foam base. However, no two sleep alike.

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While a memory foam mattress may be the best for most, we will recommend a few different options. We also understand that budgets vary and that cold sleep may be the most important factor for you as a sleeper.

When your mattress is important for a good night’s sleep

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