Best Netflix Shows For 12 Year Olds

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Today we are going to talk about “guilty entertainment” and that is “Netflix Shows for Kids”. Kids are just as drawn to shows on Netflix as their parents. After all, why should parents be happy! Just as it has a number of engaging and provocative shows for adults, Netflix also has a variety of content to educate and entertain younger audiences.

Best Netflix Shows For 12 Year Olds

There’s always a bit of a battle between finding a show with substance and giving in to your child’s latest blockbuster dream. Unlike television, Netflix has the added advantage of selecting shows that parents find appropriate. Unlike regular TV, which always has to wait a certain amount of time before logging into your account, these shows can be tested around your child’s schedule.

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Age-appropriate viewing content available on Netflix includes educational cartoons, moral films and age-appropriate shows and amazing non-fiction games for teenagers. Children’s TV shows should appeal to the intellect – children are like sponges and love to soak up information, especially when presented visually. Fortunately, parents will agree, there are many options that are great for kids.

So when kids need a break from their books, why not pick up one of these Netflix shows for kids? Today’s curated list has something for everyone. In case you’re wondering, no, we didn’t include Stranger Things because we think parents should watch it before they think it’s appropriate for their kids. As with book selection, we encourage parents to choose shows that match their child’s interests.

The story of the Baudelaire family of orphans has captivated readers and audiences for years – if you’ve read the books, you know what to expect from this whimsical and terrifying series. The screen adaptation is visually stunning and has compelling characters in the show. More suitable for a slightly older audience, we suggest watching the series with your children as it deals with themes such as death, adoption and twisted happiness.

This silent animated children’s show is about a curious and mischievous teenager with superpowers. All the action takes place in his small town of Dholakpur, where the audience gets to experience the Indian culture and pure charm of Bheem. Interestingly, Mighty Little Bheem has become a global hit and according to an article in Economic Times, it is the second most watched reality series after Boss Baby: Back In Business.

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Hollow is a great option if your child is too young to do unfamiliar things but is willing to watch the same. This animated series follows the characters Kai, Mira and Adam as they wake up in a dystopian world where everything and everyone is after them. Hollow is tough and smart with a few more twists than parents might expect!

Written before the Harry Potter era, The Wicked Witch was filmed in 1974 based on the books written by Jill Murphy. The series follows Mildred Hubble, a young witch who attends Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, where she meets other witches her age. If your child is drawn to the magical world and the drama of school life, they will thoroughly enjoy this series. Also, it teaches children about friendship, loyalty, micro-bullying, peer pressure and other pre-adolescent issues.

Teaching children about wildlife, the environment and the planet is no easy task, which is why the Our Planet series is so amazing. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this eight-part series opens the viewer’s mind and heart to the world we live in. With high visibility, it teaches children and adults about the world’s remaining wilderness areas and the animals that live there. Celebrating the wonders of Earth, this series is the perfect choice for a family TV night.

This cartoon took the whole world by storm. Designed for preschoolers, Peppa Pig is an energetic and free-spirited pig who loves to participate in activities. Kids can expect to learn something new in every episode, just like Peppa Pig and her family and friends. Many episodes involve playing with friends, riding bikes, visiting relatives, going to playgroup, etc. shows daily activities such as Through these stories, children learn about social behavior, manners, morals, and even larger themes like friendship dynamics and brotherly love.

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Another great option for a preschooler is “Truth and the Rainbow Kingdom.” In this series, 8-year-old girl Truth and her best friend Bartleby the cat go to help the citizens of the Rainbow Kingdom. As the name suggests, the place is bold, colorful and a lot of fun. Truth is the only citizen of the Rainbow Kingdom who has the special power to initiate “Wishing Tree Wishes”. This power helps him solve problems in the Kingdom and teaches the children their imagination, empathy and focus. .

What do you get when you combine ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, the ’90s and the quintessential Indian family? ‘Yeh Mary’s Family!’ series This heartwarming and funny Netflix show for kids is set in Jaipur in 1998 and told from the perspective of 12-year-old Harshu. Parents love it because it reminds them of growing up in the 90s. Children love it because they can identify with the characters and situations in the series.

For this series called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, we enter the mind of the famous Jim Henson. The puppets and scenery in this series are full of art and details that help enhance the viewing experience. The Dark Crystal is a science fiction series full of adventure, mystery, strange places and mythical creatures, all connected to a power-giving crystal controlled by the evil Skekses. This series is suitable for mature audiences as some scenes may be graphic/scary and shows soft, physical, romantic love.

‘Alexa and Katie’ is not your average high school drama series. Alexa is being treated for cancer, which makes her high school experience very different from her peers. Luckily, he has his best friend Katie by his side through it all. Other themes in the series include the importance of female friendships, high school challenges, and health and wellness.

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This was our list of the best Netflix shows for kids. We should have ended our list there, but we could have easily gone on. Netflix has a wide selection for kids, teens, and young adults. Also, their content includes different cultures, themes, languages, and provides information on childhood issues, causes, and other pains.

! Tip: We suggest you browse their library and pick shows that look interesting. However, before you watch, do a quick Google search for reviews and trailers. So you can make an informed decision.

We are here! well read and cannot stress enough how important books are to children. Our suggestion is to manage TV time and balance it with reading time to have a win-win situation with your children.

If a series on Netflix seems too boring for your kids, there’s always! An Indian children’s library to comfort you! We have over 300 books, so subscribe today to get access to them all!

Best Netflix Shows For Kids 2020

Abhijeet kini bedtime story chat writer christmas book list creative writing program kids diwali English Interview for Kids Professional Interview! Student Editorial Board GSEC illustrator focus improve reading improve writing improve reading Indian Children’s Book Illustrator Indian Children’s Books home games for kids writing books Librarian must read new year goals parenting peppa pig Read space olympics decisions story books sudha murty tin videos Kids entertainment has really gone decades through many challenges and changes. TV shows and movies that appeal to children are colorful, easy to watch, and safe, mostly inspired by fairy tales, Disney shorts, and movies.

Today, there is an abundance of content accessible to people of all ages, and content that treats them like adults and doesn’t talk down to them. Emotionally charged television shows for children are now commonplace, and dramatic adventures are no longer reserved for teenagers and adults. But like all other aspects of the Peak TV era, too many series means you can’t watch everything.

What better time to wade through Netflix’s massive catalog and pick the best series for kids? (And all titles are listed in Netflix’s Kids’ Shows section, which we do as a metric for age appropriateness.) From PBS-style animated shows about magic to ten, this list has something for everyone. live-action shows and classic anime about fighting evil. If you’re looking for the next series that will both entertain your kids and make them appreciate a great story, you’ve come to the right place!

So, check out our list of the best kids shows on Netflix below. And for movie recommendations,

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