Best Place To Snorkel In Cabo San Lucas

Best Place To Snorkel In Cabo San Lucas – Cabo San Lucas has lots of fun things to do for a great vacation. If you’re looking for a family-friendly activity, snorkeling in Cabo is a great option!

Simple pleasures take a vacation to the next level. Explorers who like to dive in shallow water travel underwater. Bring some toys and choose one of the many great snorkeling spots.

Best Place To Snorkel In Cabo San Lucas

Land’s End is a five-minute boat ride from downtown Cabo. Take a water taxi to get there quickly and enjoy your day on the water. Finding a Cabo snorkeling tour in the area is easy and requires only a little research.

Swim With Sea Lions In Cabo San Lucas

At Land’s End, you and your family can see a herd of lions. At certain times of the year, sea lions migrate to Land’s End. If you time it right, you can even see them playing in the wild.

Pelican Rock is a popular tourist destination. There are many sea creatures, and the reefs are safe. Some of the coldest waters in Cabo are near Pelican Rock, so you can enjoy a safe trip with your family.

Lovers Beach is known for its calm and almost pleasant feel. This is one of the best places to snorkel in Los Cabos. Ask a water taxi to take you to the calm waters and Lovers Beach will be number one on their list.

Also known as Playa de Amor, Lover’s Beach offers you a relaxing swimming experience. During most seasons, the water is safe and warm. This is a great location to explore the Cabo Coast.

The Best Guided Snorkeling In Cabo

Are you ready for a short trip? Chileno Bay Cabo is a long way from San Lucas, but the short trip is worth the trouble. Most cruise lines know the best spots in this bay, so name it.

Chileno Bay has great reefs. You may come face to face with many fish and eels. Chileno Bay is a great way to take your surfing skills to the next level.

Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve is a great place to spot sea lions. The reef is a shelter for a variety of marine life. Visitors see a living temple in the water and don’t want to leave.

As the marine reserve is protected, you have a chance to see rare species. Many visitors see rare sea turtles, wild lions and many tropical fish while swimming.

Snorkel Cabo Rey

One of Cabo’s most popular beaches is located on Santa Maria Bay. If you can get a car, it’s a short drive from the heart of Cabo San Lucas.

The small bay has calm waters that support many swimmers. It is a great snorkel spot as it is secluded from the lagoon. Get there early and enjoy the beach to yourself.

Snorkeling is generally a safe and family-friendly activity. Water safety depends on the seasons, so be aware of the weather. There are a few things to keep in mind before diving in open water. If you’re looking for a more relaxed activity, take a day trip and do some whale watching.

You want your trip to Cabo San Lucas to be unforgettable. The Sea of ​​Cortez has many unique spots for a safe snorkeling trip. Tackle this first and you’ll be dealing with a lot of sea creatures in no time.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Tours

Are you new to Cabo San Lucas? Nice! Many businesses in Cabo San Lucas offer snorkeling tours for new tourists. A few options for tourists include San Jose del Cabo, Cabo Adventures, and Pelican Cabo.

If you’re not sure where to start, game operators are the way to go. Pelican offers snorkeling tours to Cabo tourists. We provide water repellents, so you can enjoy without worry.

Tags: Cabo Boat Party Pelican Boat Cabo San Lucas Snorkel in Cabo Snorkeling in Cabo Snorkeling in San Lucas Share: Snorkeling tours in Cabo San Lucas show you many marine life amidst the beautiful underwater landscapes of the Sea of ​​Cortez Pacific colorful reef fish and turtles in the waters of Los Cabos year round Although long-lived, some species appear only in certain seasons. However, if the cold is not a deterrent, you can go snorkeling in Los Cabos at any time of the year. But if you feel colder, visit between May and September. In other words, October and November are the most profitable months due to clear visibility.

Located along the tourist corridor, Santa Maria Cove and Chileno Bay are two of the most popular spots on Los Cabos snorkeling tours. In addition to tropical fish and sea turtles, these waters are teeming with invertebrates and sponges. Also, you will enjoy shallow and generally calm waters. You can join one of the guided tours or come alone on your own adventures. But if you decide to skip the tours, make sure you go early in the morning before the other tourists arrive. Bring some crackers or bread and your hungry little friends will satisfy you. You can also see coral near the rocks, but don’t get too close to be safe.

Snorkeling In Los Cabos, B.c.s., México

Another great snorkeling spot is Land’s End. Amazing wildlife encounters await you at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Lover’s Beach, Pelican Rock, Neptune’s Finger, North Wall and Whale’s Head. If you plan your visit during the mobula ray mating season between May and July, you will have a unique opportunity to snorkel with large schools of these magnificent creatures just outside the marina. As a bonus, you might notice a group of sea lions hanging out on the rocks. Additionally, it is accompanied by recreational activities such as beach jumping, kayaking and paddle boarding at Land’s End.

If you want to get away from the usual spots, Baja’s endless possibilities have some for you too. How about a fishing trip to La Paz? Or do you want to join a tour to Espiritu Santo Island?

All snorkeling spots are marked on the Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling Map so you can understand the overall picture of the place. Check out available hotels nearby and make your bookings in advance for the most convenient vacation. Snorkeling season often coincides with low summer prices, so look for discounts. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to see Cabo’s amazing underwater world. Our friendly staff is here to show you the way. You can learn the best ways to snorkel during your trip.

Upon your arrival we will provide you with the best equipment available to make your vacation even better. Our friendly snorkeling staff can help you with your snorkeling gear and give you some tips so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

All Inclusive Luxury Day Sail & Snorkel

Snorkeling tours and Cabo tours are fun boat trips to the reefs around Cabo San Lucas. In 1973, the Mexican government declared the area a National Marine Park to protect the diversity and health of the reefs. You will be amazed at the diversity and abundance of fish life!

Places to launch in Cabo San Lucas are usually close to the beach and are great for surfers and snorkelers. Our kayaking trips are complete with gear, water bottles and umbrellas.

If you have family members diving with us and want to join the fun on our dive boats, you can book together.

All ages are welcome. Children 8 years and below pay the child rate. Children above 8 years pay an adult.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Snorkelling In Baja California

Get up close to many tropical fish, dive with lions playing near the famous landmark, enjoy a tour of Land’s End, see Lover’s Beach, Sea Lion Colony, famous colony and the Pacific, get a ride. All our time in Mexico includes well-maintained, fully equipped, custom-built boats, more than 50% off snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas and surrounding areas. The snorkeling in and around Cabo San Lucas is excellent and if you’re in the right spot, it’s fun for the kids. Our Cabo Vacation Guide Highlights: The Best Places to Vacation in Cabo!

We’ve created maps and tips for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas from the Arch to Cabo Pulmo National Park. If you must go with a guided tour, we have recommendations for that too! We did the research and found it all out so you can enjoy!

Have you ever been to Cabo San Lucas? Did you go to Cabo when you weren’t on spring break as a college kid? Well, Cabo San Lucas is one of our favorite family trips and we look forward to our future visits with now growing children. When it comes to snorkeling, there are different types of fish that we can enjoy with and without kids.

We have done many types of snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas over the years,

Half Day Snorkeling And Glass Bottom Kayak At The Arch

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