Best Place To Stay In Naples Italy

Best Place To Stay In Naples Italy – Naples ([ˈnaːpɔlɪ], Napoli [ˈneɪpəlz]) is today one of the main Mediterranean ports, and its harbor is one of the busiest and largest in the area. It has almost a million inhabitants (surprisingly few non-Italians live here) and welcomes up to half a million tourists annually.

The area was first settled by the Greeks in the 2nd millennium BC and today is one of the oldest continuously inhabited urban areas in the world. A historically prosperous important commercial and educational city, Naples has been conquered, ruled and re-conquered many times under different rulers, periods and empires, all of which have left traces on its cultural and architectural image. The city endured much during the Second World War, when much of its heritage was destroyed in bombings or deliberately destroyed by the retreating German armies. Many monuments have been restored and the historic center of Naples was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Best Place To Stay In Naples Italy

You could say that Naples is a foodie’s paradise, and it is certainly true. It is the city with the most recognized stars from the Michelin guide and the birthplace of pizza. If you visit this city, be prepared to put on a few pounds. Otherwise, it would be a crime to miss out on any of the authentic Italian delicacies you see on the menus.

Where To Stay In Naples, Italy

The best time to visit Naples is spring or autumn. However, if you want to discover this beautiful city on a budget, come here in January – March. When it comes to accommodation, all the recommended neighborhoods have something to offer, most of which are preferred: nice and cozy bed and breakfasts, which you will find in abundance wherever you stay in Naples.

Note that many of the local houses are old and rough-looking, which is a bit of a shock to some tourists. You should not be disappointed right away. Trust us, rental properties are usually clean and nice on the inside (especially the ones we recommend below).

Centro Storico – bustling and authentic, it’s a very Italian neighborhood, touristy or not, with lots of different rental properties

Stazione Centrale – noisy and agitated, is a good choice for a one-night stopover at the train station

The Best Hotels In Naples, Italy

Posillipo – romantic and charming, it’s a good area to stay during your vacation, with plenty to explore but not too many vacation rentals

Centro Storico, literally the historical center, is the pulsating heart of this ancient city. It is an area where you can easily buy souvenirs and where you can see everything about Naples and a lot about Italy. Here, beauty meets poverty, tourist spots are interspersed with narrow streets with hanging linen, old monuments full of bustling noisy crowds release a spiritual calm around the abundance of churches. FYI, churches are settings that display layers of time at best: it can be like leafing through a book of architectural styles. But don’t be fooled by the abundance of historical monuments and don’t think it’s a boring place: the Centro Storico is also a neighborhood with a wider selection of bars and high-end nightclubs if you like fun and adrenaline. Explore the Via Toledo shopping street, but you won’t find too many famous brands here. In terms of accommodation, the Centro Storico has only a few hotels and a wide range of B&Bs, guesthouses and apartments for rent. It offers more expensive rental housing than other neighborhoods, although rents are generally quite affordable.

If you want to fully enjoy the best of the Centro Storico, take these self-guided walking tours of Naples:

It’s Room, Naples – excellent rental with tastefully decorated, clean, bright rooms and great location: good for a family stay

Best Luxury Hotels In Naples 2023

Gentile Suite B&B – very nice B&B, with large rooms for large and very large families, pleasant modern decor and good value for money

B&B Arte e Musei – the perfect rental with nicely decorated interiors, a homely atmosphere, comfortable rooms and wonderful hosts: great value for money

Sotto le Stelle ai Decumani – a centrally located B&B without a lift that welcomes you with simply but nicely furnished rooms and attentive staff: good for a romantic stay

Relais Della Porta – A bit upscale B&B in a busy area, with spacious rooms with modern amenities, good breakfast and friendly stuff

Italy’s Coolest City: Why Naples Is The Place To Be Right Now

NovaNova – a new guesthouse in an old building, located within walking distance of the main attractions, with clean and modern rooms, suitable for romantic holidays and family holidays

Musto B&B – very elegant, tastefully decorated accommodation with rooms with well-thought-out interiors and very helpful hosts: good for a relaxed romantic stay

A Casa del Principe – a stylish bed and breakfast with cozy and comfortable rooms, a good location and a very helpful host

Federico II – a homely guesthouse within walking distance of the main attractions, with homemade goodies for breakfast and a very hospitable host: great value for money

Where To Stay In Sorrento, Italy

Other hotels worth mentioning: Taggarb Bed & Breakfast, Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel (4*), Fourrooms Museo Filangieri, Euforia Cirillo 74, B&B Dimora San Felice, Parthenope Suite, B&B Nel Regno Di Napoli, Terrazza Duomo, Palazzo Dello Spagnuolo B&B , Pension La B&B Bella Naples

Stazione Centrale is home to Naples’ main station, which is remarkable in its own right. With an annual passenger volume of around 50 million passengers, it is quite busy here, especially around Piazza Garibaldi. It is the transport hub of the city and in addition to the railway, you have easy access to buses and the metro. The area around the train station itself is very commercial, with many small boutiques, eateries and entertainment venues, but you should be aware that it is also an area where you can be mugged easily, especially after dark. Therefore, we do not recommend staying directly in Piazza Garibaldi. In addition, the area has many cozy B&Bs, several hotels and a variety of apartments. Thanks to its great flexibility and proximity to the historic center, it is the best place to stay if your visit is short. If you are going on a relaxing trip or traveling with your family, it is better to choose one of the other recommended neighborhoods.

Hotel San Pietro (4*) – an elegant hotel near the main station with intimate rooms and a beautiful roof terrace: suitable for a stopover or a short business stay

Il Gioiellino Lifestyle – a colorful B&B near the train station with clean rooms, modern facilities, free treats and a nice host

The 10 Best Hotels In Naples For 2023 (from £45)

B&B Casa di Annarella – comfortable new B&B in a quieter area with simple but nicely furnished rooms and friendly hosts

Welcome to the elegant district of Naples! Here you can find it all – some of the best seafood and pizza, beautiful promenades, inspired art galleries and wonderful sights. Located along the bay, it is a great place for a relaxing stay. What could be better than a relaxing walk in the former royal garden? Or then drink a glass of dizzying wine with a view of the beautiful harbor and Mount Vesuvius? Or visit some of the most important fashion and fashion retailers? Considered one of the safest areas in Naples, it’s a great neighborhood for romantic and family vacations and a place to relax if you’re looking for luxury. Surprisingly, you will find several hotels here, of which the ones present are on the luxurious side. But like many other neighborhoods, you’ll find a wide variety of bed and breakfasts to choose from.

Chiaia B&B – cute rental with unusually decorated but comfortable rooms, breakfast on the roof when the weather is nice, and a friendly host

Dama Suites – stylish rental located in a nice environment with spacious rooms, good breakfast and helpful staff

Is Naples Worth Visiting On Your Next Trip To Italy?

B&B Starbien – a truly exceptional rental with beautifully decorated interiors, clean rooms, comfortable beds: great value for money

B&B La Movida – a very nice rental with a great location, clean and comfortable rooms, modern facilities and a friendly host: good for a self-contained and relaxing stay

Madà B&B – a cozy bed and breakfast with a good location, nice rooms and very helpful hosts: a great place for a romantic getaway

B&B Martucci Avenue – well-located rental with beautifully furnished rooms, modern equipment and hospitable hosts: suitable for solo and family stays

The Best Things To Do In Beautiful Naples, Italy

Vomero is another luxury district in Naples. It attracts locals and tourists with its cultural atmosphere, theaters and cinemas, with only a few historical monuments. The area is uphill and will enchant you with beautiful panoramic views during the day. Besides sightseeing, there is plenty to do here, so you don’t have to be bored. Indulge in authentic Italian cafe culture or prestigious vintage shopping, taste exclusive delicacies in luxury restaurants, taste the best homemade gelato ever or choose from countless entertainment options. In the evening, join the entertainers and get a taste of Vomer’s hectic nightlife and here you have a wider choice of places to dance the night away. Despite the fact that it is very lively, it is a residential area with luxury accommodation. It is suitable for all travelers except

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