Can You Change Username On Spotify

Can You Change Username On Spotify – Your Spotify username is key to many Spotify features. This is one way to log in to Spotify, in addition to using email or associated social media accounts. Additionally, if you share your username with a friend, they can enter it into Spotify’s search bar, go to your user profile and start following you. This way, you can listen together. But is there anything you can change? Can you change your Spotify username?

No, you cannot change your Spotify username. However, you can change the Spotify display name, which will replace the username in the user’s profile.

Can You Change Username On Spotify

Can You Change Username On Spotify

When you create a Spotify account manually with your email address or via Facebook, Spotify automatically assigns you a “username”. It’s essentially a string of numbers and letters that Spotify says is “intended to identify you to Spotify.” If you share it with your friends, they can enter your username in the Spotify search bar and start following you. You can also use your username to log in to Spotify instead of your email address.

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These usernames assigned by Spotify have unfortunately not changed. However, this is not always the case. When Spotify was in its infancy, users could create and change their own Spotify usernames. Then, in 2011, Spotify started creating usernames for new accounts.

If you created an account using an email address, your username will appear on your profile. This makes it harder for others to find you because they must already know your unique username. This can be fixed by configuring the display name.

Your display name is a customizable profile name that replaces your username “where it appears in your profile, app, and playlists.” Since your display name is not used to sign in to Spotify, you still have – and need – your Spotify generated username. It will show as your display name where it matters.

Friends can also try searching for your Spotify display name, but they may have to wade through a sea of ​​similar display names to find you.

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If you signed up for Spotify using Facebook, your Spotify account will automatically take your Facebook name as your display name. If you signed up with your email address, your username will appear instead.

To find your Spotify username, open a web browser on your computer or Android or iOS device and go to your Spotify account page. Make sure you are logged into your Spotify account.

In the Account Overview section, you will see your profile details. This includes your username and email address, date of birth and country or region.

Can You Change Username On Spotify

While Spotify is focused on improving the overall experience, it should be able to track each account.

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Automatic generation of usernames saves time on both sides. As long as the user remembers their email address and password or is registered with Facebook, they will have no problem logging in. If needed, you can always access your username by visiting your Spotify account page.

Yes, your username has been resolved. Once an account is created and a Spotify username is created, it cannot be changed. Spotify is a great music streaming service, but it lacks some settings that I had to use to reset my music preferences after the daily mix playlist no longer suited my music taste.

The first thing I tried was an internet search for a way to reset my music preferences in Spotify settings, but they weren’t there, every Spotify support site said to listen to the songs I like and the playlist will be updated eventually but I wanted a music recommendation now and not 2 weeks later.

This way I got to the next page that suggested I delete the account and create a new one, because I don’t have much on the account so I decided to do that, but here I ran into another classic Spotify bug due to the way Spotify manages playlists. You can’t change your username, and it will automatically generate a unique username (a classic salad of letters and numbers) that will display as your username, even if it doesn’t (even if you choose a username, it won’t be displayed on your profile or in playlists).

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Disclaimer: You can use this method only if you have an Android device or an Android emulator, there may be other ways but I haven’t tried any as this worked for me.

If you want to reset your preferences or change your username, but don’t want to lose your beloved playlists, use the free SpotMyBackup service to back up all your playlists on your phone / computer and import them to your new account.

After logging in, press the Export button and a .json file containing all your playlists will be downloaded to your device, this file will be selected when you log in to your new Spotify account to import your old playlists.

Can You Change Username On Spotify

Removing your Spotify account is very easy, just follow the instructions given by Spotify Community Manager Meredith in your answer here:

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Reminder: Once you close your account, you can’t use your username again (however, this might work because I switched 2 accounts and used the same username, which allowed me to use my username after deleting the account, please note it’s uncertain if it will work) . And if you’ve used the student discount, you can’t apply it to another account until 12 months have passed from the moment of enrolment.

Here comes the tricky part, if you create a new account in the normal way, there will be a part where you can choose a username, but it won’t be displayed on your profile: (you can’t take a screenshot of the part because of the privacy policy where I chose a username, the application didn’t let me take a screenshot):

To fix this you need to create a new Spotify account using an older version of the app (I’m not sure why this works, but I know it’s the first time I’ve created an account so the username showed up, I just gave it a shot)

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend downloading APKs from unknown sources, but since it solves our problem and Spotify doesn’t offer any solution other than using your Facebook name, we go this route.

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I used app version 2.3.0, not for some special reason, just searched Spotify 2 apk on Google and it just popped up. I downloaded the apk from here. Again I have 0 connections to this page and do the apk yourself.

To install apk you need to allow apps from unknown sources, again I don’t recommend if you don’t trust the sources.

Now you can uninstall the old app and download and install the latest version of Spotify from the Play Store.

Can You Change Username On Spotify

Now that you’ve created your account and installed the latest version of Spotify, all you need to do is sign in to your new account

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Note that you can now log in with your username as well, whereas previously you could only log in with your email address.

To import your old playlists to the new account, all you need to do is access SpotMyBackup again, log in with your new Spotify account, and then hit the Import button while selecting the .json file we downloaded at the beginning. Spotify username is fun. And easy. It is used to find and follow other users’ profiles and to allow users to follow you and subscribe to your playlists. Every user who creates a Spotify account receives a unique set of numbers and letters that essentially become their Spotify ID. Logging in with Facebook, Apple or Google creates a Spotify account with the Facebook / Apple / Google name added.

But how can I change my Spotify username? Is that even possible? This article will tell you if you can change your Spotify username and if not, what you can do to get closer to that goal.

As you can see, the app may differ from device to device. For example, the Facebook app on Android devices doesn’t look like it does on iOS devices. However, the current trend in the tech world is to make these apps appear as close as possible to each other across devices.

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Spotify is a great example of this. Although a web application / application is not the same on all platforms, everything works the same on all platforms. Regardless of what device you’re using, the solutions below should work.

Before we change your Spotify username, let’s clear one thing up – your username is not the same as your display name. Your Spotify Display Name is the name you see when accessing your Spotify computer, tablet / mobile device or web app.

Unlike your username, changing your Spotify display name is simple and straightforward. However, the display name can only be changed using the Spotify mobile / tablet app. Here’s how to do it.

Can You Change Username On Spotify

Your display name is how you appear to other people on Spotify. However, changing your Spotify username is a completely different story.

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Unfortunately, Spotify

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