Cars For Sale In Oklahoma City By Owner

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I guess I would say avoid speeding because the police here always pull people over more than I remember in other cities. There is a heavy police presence and so I usually try to avoid areas where I see regular police congregating but it would be hard to explain…

Cars For Sale In Oklahoma City By Owner

There are many dealers in Val May Avenue, and the Broadway extension as it heads north to Edmond, OK also has quite a few. Many include those along I-35 on the south end of OKC. I once bought a car on Craigslist which is not a good thing. The dealer working out of his house has sold it to … (more) me without first paying the excise fee of the person who bought it earlier. So when I went to get my tag I had to pay twice (for the previous owner (for him) and also for me). Autotrader.Com is always a great way to find a good vehicle but I have never personally purchased a car through them, although I have helped my stepdaughter find her vehicle through the site.

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Oklahoma City is laid out in a grid of square miles so there are usually no curvy or circular roads anywhere because everywhere is north/south or east/west. The city is so vast (although not all of it is used in the center) that it’s impossible if you don’t have a car. The nearest bus stop… (more) is 4 miles from my house so not having a car isn’t really an option. I like to drive south on Hefner Parkway and even though I don’t always have time, I will stop near Lake Hefner and drive around the lake even if it takes longer. Driving in OKC seems quieter than other cities I’ve been to. This does not mean that there is no speed but it seems that most of the traffic obeys the speed rules better. When I lived in Albuquerque or Dallas, it seemed like a lot of people were very aggressive drivers. So it is very convenient to drive on Oklahoma City roads and I would trust my kids to drive on these roads more than in other cities. Truly my favorite memory of driving in OKC is driving near the Great Lakes and nature areas.

North May Avenue – The north side of May Avenue is close to nice homes and has a lot of shops and places I wanted to visit. There’s a Quail Springs mall, Barnes & Noble, several garden shops, vintage stocks, half-price books, and a couple of restaurants I really like (Chillino’s is one of them) and it’s also only… (more) half off. miles away From Lake Hefner. My kids and I have spent a lot of time around this area. Last summer we visited various garden shops looking for plants to plant in our garden that we created together. So I really like May Avenue because of all the places along the way that my kids and I like to go. There are also two theaters that we frequent along May Avenue.

If I had to inform other drivers about driving in Oklahoma, it wouldn’t spoil the mood for driving around here. Don’t be the one who goes around cutting people off and taking them away. People here in Oklahoma are very nice but when you do something childish and offensive… (more) full, you’re not going to like the results.

The best advice I can give to anyone looking to buy a car in this city is to make sure you buy it for the specific reason that you will actually use it. For example, if you drive a lot and you’re driving around town a lot, does it make sense to buy a fuel-efficient truck? Not really… (more), but you can buy something more fuel efficient. Now, if you’re going to be doing a lot of towing, hauling and off-roading, then yes, the truck is for you.

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I just moved to this city from California and it feels like night and day how different drivers come here. In California, there are very aggressive and defensive drivers. Here in Oklahoma, everyone seems much more laid back and slower paced. One of my favorite moments about driving … (more) in this city actually happened to me a few days ago. I’m trying to find the best way to get home from work, so I’m driving everywhere, checking different routes. After I finally finished, I could hardly remember which was more convenient and faster. When it came time to decide which one I chose the slow one but only because of that drive and the experience of the people in that area. One of the longest parts of the trip was stuck at a four-way stop, with cars on every road trying to get somewhere. The biggest problem is that everyone is begging the next person to leave. When I say everyone, I mean everyone! Nothing moved, they kept moving each other. Coming from a place like California where the only person waving while driving is their middle finger, I thought that was awesome.

Reno – I really enjoy driving in Reno because of the length of the road and all the different things you can experience and see while on it. Reno took me from the farm in the Yukon to Oklahoma City and beyond. It’s a really cool road to ride and the things you’ll see…(more) are worth it! There is a common saying, if you are lost, look for Renault.

My advice to people is to drive slowly in certain areas so as not to be rocked out of your seat. Try to stay on the main road that usually surrounds tourist attractions. It is entirely possible to try to introduce someone to the area if you are in the city for the first time. Lakes and … (more) and park areas tend to have better walks, so aim for those areas. The street downtown area isn’t too bad but can get a little crowded so maybe take one of the downtown trolleys. Public transport is not very friendly so you may want to rent a car.

I don’t buy vehicles very often but I usually get referrals for friends and family. Many car dealers are scattered in the city. When choosing a vehicle and dealer you may want to do some research online. I don’t recommend Craigslist because you can’t buy a warranty. There are a lot of dealer ads on television … (more) e so that’s a good start too. Usually car dealerships are located along main roads and highways.

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My favorite story about driving in Oklahoma City is when I drive to the lake. I try to go to one of the two lakes near the lake at least 3 times a week. It can be very difficult to leave my neighborhood in my vehicle because the roads are very steep. Once out of the lake, the road becomes smoother and the ride becomes more … (more) and more fun because I don’t avoid potholes in the road. I’m not sure what was used to pave our roads in Oklahoma City but the material or concrete makes you very nervous that something is going to happen to your very damaged car. I will say again that the roads within a two mile radius of my house are very bad. Also another lake road I passed was full of potholes that had been improperly filled, making the road very rough.

I would say drive overholser – I think the road is good because it is smooth and there is a lot of peace around. The path from the entrance to the exit is a kind of circle around the lake. There are very few mounds and the scenery is very beautiful. I’m not sure what they look like on the road surface, but it’s a lot of fun to drive. I…(more) It’s so smooth that you forget you’re driving as you enjoy the view of the lake cascading around the lake as you drive.

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