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Cars For Sale In Raleigh North Carolina

Welcome to Raleigh Online Hollingsworth Auto Sales! We are an American family owned and operated business proudly serving the Triangle since 1983! We’re here to provide the friendliest pre-owned vehicle buying experience in the area at the best prices! Come see our great selection of cars, trucks and SUVs in our 70 degree indoor showroom. Financing available up to 1.99% on most cars! – FREE 90 day/4,500 mile warranty contract on eligible vehicles with list purchase price! EXTENDED/BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY AVAILABLE! – Free vehicle history report available on all vehicles! We buy cars $! Even if you don’t buy one from us, we will buy your vehicle! Bring any written offer to CarMax, Auction Direct or anyone else in town to get top dollar for your car, truck or SUV and pay more today! Visit the “We Buy Cars” page for more information. Please let us know what we can do to help you today! Call 919-872-2525

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The car selection was surprisingly large for such a modestly sized house. But I knew the car I wanted. I found it on the internet and when I pulled up I saw it sitting in front. Everyone helped and I was able to try it as much as I wanted. I bought it for a little less than the list price, but after a few days it developed some problems. I brought it up and they fixed a very minor issue right away. Excellent communication.

The good thing about the dealership was that they offered a low down payment. They also offered a good service package that comes with the car.

Capital Boulevard North (away from downtown) has a wide range of dealerships. You can find anything in this one five mile stretch.

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When I was in college, I dated a guy who worked for a local landscape architect. His company is contracted to do the landscaping so he can see what city planners plan to do in the city. Raleigh was very small at the time, with few major roads leading downtown to other cities… (more) m. That will change soon! I moved to NJ after that but came back for a visit as my family still lives there. Recently, my daughter decided to attend a small college in Raleigh. So now we’re back and the change in infrastructure is incredible! Development and more industry in the RTP and downtown forced the inclusion of larger highways than before. There is a new (and new as in the last few years) beltway, with the inner loop going into downtown Raleigh and the outer loop going away from downtown. I love driving in Raleigh, whether the highway is open or not, I enjoy remembering the cow pasture and comparing it to now. Now it is a vibrant, thriving place. Highways run from the mountains in the west of the state to the “Crystal Coast,” the beautiful unspoiled beaches in the east of the state.

South Saunders Street in Downtown – South Saunders St. runs from the southern part of the state to downtown Raleigh, which is geographically lower than downtown. So when you come from the south, the downtown skyline is above you, you can see the skyscrapers and the road ahead of you. Sometimes I’ve seen it Summary … (more) The storm has hit, the scenery is beautiful!

Get ready to drive defensively! This is not a city of “Sunday drivers”. If you come into the rally and putter along, you’ll find yourself pulling back. Also, don’t trust the “friendly” wave. At a traffic stop they ask you to get out and turn left. I got hit twice… (more) That scene, a whole car.

I went to the Honda dealership because I was buying a Honda. I would suggest them to do it! I’m not the type to buy cars off Craigslist, so I can’t suggest that. Capital Blvd and Glenwood Avenue have many auto dealerships.

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My favorite driving memory is not necessarily good, but definitely memorable! I went to lunch in Raleigh’s neighboring town of Cary. At lunchtime it started snowing. We finished our lunch quickly because it really descended. Too bad it started freezing on the roads … (more) . So instead of staying, the entire Triangle region sent their staff and students home. It took from 1 pm to 9:30 pm to reach home that day. That time I was sitting in traffic. It was a nightmare, yet I still look back and smile at the absurdity of it all.

Capital Blvd as you head downtown – because the view of the Raleigh skyline is so beautiful. As you head down Capital Blvd, the road bends a bit and you’re in this beautiful downtown area with museums, churches, and cool bars.

Our roads are good enough to reduce congestion, although they quickly turn into parking lots during peak hours. I would avoid Capital Blvd. Most of the stretch of Interstate 40 that circles the city during the morning and evening rush hours. Around 1:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, the Crossroads and White … (more) Oak shopping districts are a traffic nightmare. Try to stay on 2 lane connector roads with 45 or 50 mph speed limits instead of highways to avoid bad traffic.

Capital Blvd. There are many new car dealers northeast of downtown and on Wake Forest Road, and Route 401 north of downtown has a great selection of used car dealers if you’re looking for a deal. I find Craigslist difficult unless you are willing to spend time getting to know a person.

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Driving west on Western Blvd. Towards the university area, you pass the grassy park on the right. After moving to this city 9 years ago, in late February I was exploring the areas near downtown and walked through the grassy park and was amazed to see so many trees in bloom. After moving here from the springtime Boston area in April, I had a big reminder of why I moved here.

Old Stage Road – Turn left off the 401 and onto Old Stage Road 2 or 3 miles south of Raleigh’s downtown limits, and you see the extreme diversity of the area. The retail area becomes a neighborhood, and after just 4 miles you pass fields full of pumpkins, soybeans, and tobacco. For someone like me … (more) From the northern US, driving through tobacco and cotton fields on the way home from the city is a beautiful sight.

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