Change Wifi Username And Password

Change Wifi Username And Password – How to Change WiFi Name:- Do you know how to change your WiFi name? This article describes a step-by-step guide to changing the Wi-Fi name (SSID) password of your home network router. For identification, the home Wi-Fi router uses the Service Set ID (SSID) name. Wi-Fi router The manufacturer set the default Wi-Fi SSID name for their router to the company name. As with D-Link routers, they all have a default SSID of “D-Link” by default. If you don’t like the network name of the Wi-Fi router, then you can modify or change the Wi-Fi name of the network router with a few clicks.

Designers are always trying to rename Wi-Fi to personalize their lifestyle. For smart Wi-Fi names, you can read our other articles. You can also change WiFi network names and passwords that are easy to remember. You can do this from the router’s administrative interface. But for this, you will need to know the IP address of the local network.

Change Wifi Username And Password

Change Wifi Username And Password

Changing WiFi name and password is the easiest way for everyone. You will need to gain administrative access to the router using a local IP address. You should protect the password of the router and change it to a normal one to protect your network and data.

I Can’t Find My Wifi Login Username And Password

It is very important to change your wireless password every quarter to save your network data. Below we have shared router username and password from different router companies.

Above we have shared username and password of most popular WiFi router company. You need to open the default page of the router with the local IP address and type the username and password accordingly.

If you think that the WiFi name and password provided by your ISP are not secure, then you can easily change them with a few clicks. You can do this on any operating system. Here we have shared how to change WiFi network name in Windows OS.

What? do you know how to change wifi name and password? All routers provide a basic web interface to configure local network settings that you can access through a browser. But the question is how do you get into the internet router? The first step to logging into a Wi-Fi router is to find the router’s IP address.

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If you are using a PC or laptop, then first connect your PC to the router via a LAN cable. Now go to the command prompt. To open Command Prompt, press Windows + R and type “cmd” and press Enter.

You will now see a black screen. In the CMD window, type the command ipconfig and press Enter. You will see the bottom of your desktop screen. In it, look for a section called “default port”. It is the IP address of your router.

If you’re using MacOS, click the Apple menu and select System Preferences. In the System Preferences window, click the “Network” icon. Here select Wi-Fi or wired network connection and then click on “Advanced”.

Change Wifi Username And Password

After clicking on the Advanced tab click on the TCP/IP tab and look for the address of the router named “Router”.

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Now you have the IP address of the router. The next step is to access the router’s network interface. To do this, open your favorite browser and type the IP address you find in the step above and press Enter. Here, it’s

When you log in, you will be prompted for your router’s username and password. You can type the router’s default username and password. If you do not remember the password, then you can read the manual of the router. If you have changed your router password before but now you have forgotten the password, then you can hard reset your Wi-Fi router. You can read the article on how to hard reset the router to its basic settings.

If you want a list of default router username and passwords, then visit this page to get the default router username and password.

After logging in to the router, find the basic wireless network settings. This depends on the router. You can see this on the first page or you can find it under “Wireless”, “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless Network”. For me, in the Linksys router, it’s in the Wireless section where I can change the SSID.

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Here you will see the network name (SSID). Select the appropriate wireless network name and log in. As you know SSID is case sensitive and has a maximum of 32 letters and numbers. You can read our other articles to choose the best Wi-Fi names for your router.

Save the new SSID name. The new SSID is not activated until you tap Save Settings. The new router name takes effect immediately.

Step 3: After logging in, search for a wireless network. Under the name “SSID”, you need to change the WiFi name and password. We use cookies for better. By using our website, you accept our cookie policy. Cookie settings

Change Wifi Username And Password

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How To Change Wifi Name On Your Wireless Network

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This teaches you how to change your TP Link router’s wireless password. Some newer routers have dual-band wireless connections that provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless connectivity. Sometimes you can set a different password for both networks. The 2.4 GHz network has a lower network speed, but greater range. 5 GHz network has faster internet speed but less range. The internet connection for each wireless router is different, so keep in mind that the menu options may differ slightly from those listed here.

This article was written by Travis Boyles. Travis Boyles is a technology writer and editor at. Travis has experience writing technology-related articles, providing software customer service, and graphic design. It specializes in Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux platforms. Studied graphic design at Pikes Peak Community College This article has been viewed 887,626 times. Changing your Wi-Fi network name and password is a simple and important way to keep your devices secure, but it can also be scary.

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter if you have Xfinity, AT&T, or any other carrier—the steps to change your Wi-Fi settings are the same. The process is also the same for different router manufacturers, such as NETGEAR or TP-Link.

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We’ll show you how to find your router’s IP address (if needed) and change the wireless network name using the web interface and software.

Some ISPs offer a free security package when you sign up. Enter your zip code below to see what’s available for you.

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Change Wifi Username And Password

The entire process of changing the name and password of your Wi-Fi network can be divided into four main steps:

D Link Router Login

These steps are very simple, but there are slight differences depending on various factors, such as the type of device you are using to connect. Read on for a more detailed analysis of these steps.

All standalone routers and wireless gateways offer a web interface so you can customize settings. However, manufacturers may also provide a mobile app to change your wireless network name, password, and other settings from your phone or tablet.

If you’re using the web interface instead, you’ll first need to find out your router’s IP address or private gateway so you can enter it into your browser’s address bar.

If you are setting up a new router for the first time, there is usually an Ethernet cable in the box that will allow you to connect a computer directly to your router. This is probably the easiest way to set it up, but sometimes it won’t work. Laptops, such as MacBooks, do not have Ethernet ports and require a USB adapter for a wired Internet connection. Sometimes it’s easier to use a phone or other mobile device.

Change Your Wi Fi Network Name Or Password

To connect wirelessly, you’ll need your router’s default network name and password. They can be found in the user manual and are sometimes found on the router itself, printed on a sticker or label. A network is often referred to as an SSID (Service Set Identifier).

If you’re changing settings on a network that’s already configured, you don’t need this default information and can simply connect to the network with the name and password you normally use.

Next, you will need your router’s private IP address. There are several ways to do this, depending on the type of device you are using:

Change Wifi Username And Password

Step 1: Swipe down from the top to expand the Notification Shade and tap the gear icon to open the settings window.

How To Change Wifi Password

There is no way to find your router’s IP address on a Samsung phone, but you can get an idea by using the phone’s IP address.

Here you will see the IP address of your Samsung phone. Generally, the first three sections cover the router and the last section is your device. For example, “192.168.7” is the router and “155” is your device. Therefore, the full address of the router is probably

Many mobile apps designed for network analysis, such as Network Analyzer, make it easy to find yours

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