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Check If Someone Is Married For Free – In one of your not-so-good moments, you might have yelled something like “I hate you!” someone you love. (You’re only human.) But what if you honestly feel that way? What if a part of you—a small part or even a real part—really hates your husband or partner?

Turns out, hating your partner isn’t as common as you might think. Almost everyone has moments when they feel some kind of resentment toward their partner, says Jane Greer, PhD, a marriage and family therapist in New York City. In his book, What About Me? Stop selfishness from ruining your relationship. Greer calls this “Hate, Mean Things.” It’s basically impossible to live with someone without sometimes being disturbed by their behavior, he says—but you need that relationship to work. those are the moments to balance “Your Love, Meant”.

Check If Someone Is Married For Free

“That’s when you look at your partner and realize why you love them, if it’s because they think of you, they’re very attractive to you, they’ve done something caring, they’ve said something funny, they’ve been supportive and helpful, or You see them with your kids and think, ‘What a great mom or dad,’ Greer says. Without them, your relationship is like a sunburn without aloe, she says.

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If you feel the opposite—that your emotions fall more toward the “Hate, Mean” side of the spectrum—you may be dealing with serious, serious anger. Read Greer’s advice on how to do it right.

You may be very clear that your resentment comes from how your partner never takes it for granted or never follows through on what they say they will do. Or maybe you feel this bad feeling, but you’re not sure why.

If it’s the latter, Greer suggests paying attention to your partner’s behavior and reflecting on how they act. “Ask yourself, ‘Is there an unresolved issue? Did something they did recently upset me? Did they say something? Did I feel unheard?'” she says. “Look, ‘Where do I feel unimportant, Unconsidered, ignored, controlled, or without? That’s the real question.”

Let’s say your husband doesn’t leave the house, or your wife always falls asleep watching TV while you’re trying to sleep. “If it’s an ongoing, ongoing behavior,” Greer says, “it can really be a problem.”

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Another possibility for hating or resenting your partner is that they are responsible for one act – but a big one. Exhibit A: Your partner moved you across the country for their job. It’s one thing if you decide to move in together because it’s in the best interests of your relationship and family; it’s another if you think your partner doesn’t ask for your advice.

There’s a difference between compromise and sacrifice, Greer said. “In order not to be disappointed by the decisions that are happening in your life, you need to feel like you made a choice – not to sacrifice and drive,” he said. “Otherwise, there will be anger and resentment.”

Now that you’ve narrowed down the reason (or reasons) you hate your partner, you should talk about that hate with them — and quickly, according to Greer.

“If you realize that you are angry and angry, the sooner you can talk about it, the less you have to live with it, and the less you have to take revenge,” he said.

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So have a (healthy!) conversation, Greer recommends starting with empathy, thinking about why your partner is behaving this way. You might say, “I understand that you work long hours and feel tired when you get home, so you don’t want to do a lot of work, like homework.” Or, “I notice you feel like you need to move or your boss is going to fire you.”

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Then go ahead and express your feelings – without blame. You might say something like, “I mean, I feel really angry when we keep talking about the meal and you still leave it on the plate,” or, “I don’t think there’s much I can say about moving, but that I’m angry.

Once you’ve started the “this is what” convo and your partner has had a chance to voice their side, it’s time to move on to the resolution part.

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“You move, how are we going to deal with it in the future? How are we going to avoid this in the future? explained Greer. You may always have to handle the dishes as long as your partner takes care to take out all the trash, which you hate. And you will always discuss and develop strategies before making any major family decisions.

Many times, hating your partner is really just the feeling that no matter what they do or don’t do, it won’t change. But nothing changes if you don’t communicate.

If things still don’t improve after voicing your complaint, you may want to seek professional guidance.

“If you get to the point where you’re resigned to, ‘This is the way it is’ and you’re angry, it’s time for counseling,” Greer says. A couples therapist can help you both talk about concerns that might be keeping you from doing your part, and give you tools to improve communication and understanding, and to manage things.

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To find your partner, try saying, “I really hope we can live well together and be happy together, like before. I think it will help us a lot if we have objective support, and with a counselor who specializes in helping couples strengthen relationships them,” Greer suggests.

Now, if your partner shuts down the idea (some men, and women too, don’t “believe” in therapy), try this method, Greer. Say: “I still need outside help, so I’m going to go talk to someone and see if that can be better for me.” Usually when someone asks for help and starts making changes, Greer said, their partner starts to feel less anxious and wants to come in to see what’s going on.

P.S. Couples counseling, which is over, btw, doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed or you should separate. For most people, it’s just an active way to make sure you both give your bond your all.

And when you start hating your husband (or wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend), you might start spending less time with him, which will continue the cycle. your fix? Start having fun together, stat.

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Pull out the old collection of “Date Night Ideas” at your bridal shower, text a friend to decide on the best date, or throw back one of the first and most exciting trips you and your partner ever took. you gather The idea is to do something really outside the box or nostalgic—as long as it’s something you both enjoy (like hitting a cool new plant, say, apple picking), it’ll work.

A quick day trip or vacation can also help, Greer says. Sometimes you need to escape from everyday life, where you are in the role of husband/wife/father/mother, to rekindle your fire.

Otherwise, you’re just left with a “Hate You, Mean” moment and that will be very hard to come back from.

Alison Goldman is a writer and editor based in Chicago. She previously served as lifestyle editor for Boston Globe Media’s and has also worked at and for Glamour. Read more of her work at or follow @alisongoldman on Twitter and @alisonmgoldman on Insta.

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