Classic Cars For Sale In Dallas Tx

Classic Cars For Sale In Dallas Tx – At Texas Motorcars, we break the “used car dealer” mold. Our friendly and helpful staff is dedicated to getting you into the used car, truck or SUV that’s right for you. No high pressure tactics and no pushy salespeople. Just a 50 year old family business looking to meet any and all needs of our customers.

Whether it’s one of our large SUVs or our reliable trucks, Texas Motorcars has passed rigorous inspections to ensure the safety and reliability of all our vehicles. We guarantee you – every possible step has been taken to ensure that you will not be satisfied with your purchase.

Classic Cars For Sale In Dallas Tx

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Tune in to see some incredible rides with our very own Tommy Spagnola on the reality show, Dallas Car Sharks. Dallas Car Sharks premiered on July 23, 2013 through AMS Pictures, and features our owner Tommy Spagnola as one of the main characters. The show follows several used car dealers as they compete with each other to buy the best cars and trucks at a car auction. Stay tuned to our website for updates and news about the show. CTC’s Auto Ranch Inc. ***We only make antique and classic cars*** 3077 Memory Lane / I-35 North Denton Tx 76207-4919 (940) 482-3007 or (844) 831-6430 Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00-5:00 00 *** Closed Saturday and Sunday*** Email: @

Watch Aerial Drone Footage C.T.C. Auto Ranch, our episode of the Small Business Story Wars Podcast, meets the owner of C.T.C. Farm Auto Below, and watch CTC Farm Auto on 2 Episodes Return to Life!

Check out our EBAY store Welcome to CTC Auto Ranch! Founded in 1990 by the Williamsons, CTC Auto Ranch is now one of the largest classic car salvage yards in the country! Home to over 3,000 American cars from the 1940s-1980s, we strive to keep some inventory of every make and model at “The Ranch”. CTC Auto Ranch sells both project cars and parts. We maintain a permanent inventory of quite a few complete restoration vehicles, with makes and models running the gamut of American classics. Local customers and visitors are welcome to walk by and view our project vehicles. All are available on our website as well, complete with asking price. Although we cannot allow customers to walk the lot of vehicles due to theft and liability issues, we are happy to take customers out to the yard to look at specific vehicles/parts you may need. Our staff pulls the parts as they are ordered and holds them for pickup or shipping via freight or express worldwide delivery every day. If you are looking for something, we hope you will send us an email or give us a call! In addition to our cars, we have a large stock of sheet metal (doors, fenders, hoods and hoods) that we bought from other yards years ago. Most are in excellent condition with little to no rust. We also stock a small number of defective reproduction parts as well. These are on our website and ready to order! Auto Ranch Inc. C.T.C., is just 4 miles north of Denton, Texas on Interstate 35. If you are going north on I-35, exit at mile marker 474 (Cowling Rd) and stay on the service road. It will loop under I-35 at our place. If you are heading south on I-35, exit at mile marker 473 (Milam Rd.) go up and over the overpass and around Love’s, then take the service road north and you will find us. We hope to see you soon! They say Texas is another country, the same size as France and Switzerland combined (with a population of more than 29 million), only Alaska is larger geographically. For those looking for a new project car, which can be good or bad, depending on where you are. There are a large number of cars in Texas, and they are in no hurry to leave the city. That’s because Texas is the fossil fuel capital of the country, and Texans love their cars.

We recently dived into all the major Craigslist sites in Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso. We aimed to find the 10 best contract car projects for $5,000 and under, with a loose range of years between 1960 and 1985. We did a similar search two weeks ago for the California Craigslist site here and get a big junk bonanza, so we thought, what about Texas?

Park Place Ltd

It seems that Texas, while larger than California, has fewer cool cars than we would like to find in rust-free condition. Still, not everyone can take off work for a week and go to the West Coast for something like this. Sometimes you have to work with what you have (ie, Gulf Coast rust); you could do worse than the Lone Star State, and much of the west is subject to a sheltered, arid environment similar to California.

However, one thing that seems to be universal among all Craigslist sites is that the price is cheap to post many questionable ad prompts with bad pictures, little information and sketchy contact information. Even with the seller on the up and up, there is a lack of solid facts – the kind you should commit a whole day to inspect the car. This is a lesson for sellers that if you really want it to sell for the maximum amount, you should put a higher quality/number of photos and more details in the advertisement-or take/risk the disappointment on everyone. Come see what Texas has to offer the week of January 21, 2021! (Don’t forget to check out all the additional photos in the gallery, too.)

Cisco, Texas is where this Givenchy Edition Lincoln Mark IV is from, and you can bet it spent most of its 91,000 miles floating down interstate I-20 in air-conditioned comfort. These early 80’s luxury boats are from a valuation point of view, and if you can find one in good shape for a reasonable price, now is the time to buy it. This one needs some work to run, but we are encouraged by the right sheet metal. Our biggest concern isn’t drivability (the 302ci/AOD drivetrain combo is a dime a dozen), but the broken driver’s side turn signal lens will be very difficult to replace regardless of parts cost. (See announcement here.)

We love to find gardens, and this self-described one (Smithville, Texas) looks the part with a good weather patina. What puts it on our radar is the X-body architecture (just like the Chevy Nova). It ran but forgot about the 3.8L Buick V-6—go with a cheap small-block Chevy, add a Holley Sniper nitrous kit, change the rolling stock and get a sideshow. Almost all Camaro/Nova suspension parts will be locked. If you look at the grille and headlights long enough, you’ll see what a 1972 Malibu looked like. (See the announcement here.)

American Dream Machines

We are on the fence with this one (the El Paso), but because of its very sexy shape, we are inclined to recommend it from a bold-to-be-different perspective. If the inside is not completely hammered and if the back is not hit in the neck area to fill the gas tank, it will be a slam dunk. We love the big factory Buick 430ci, sleek manners and straight sheetmetal (except for the rear bumper) on this big, beautiful girl. If you can get the transaction price down to $1,000 or even $1,200, pull the trigger. (See announcement here.)

Located in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, but listed on El Paso’s Craigslist for its largest market, this GM A-body with pole style will always get our blood pumping. Chevy makes millions of these a day, and many parts are still plentiful because they share mechanics with so many other cars. It needs a better fender on the driver’s side, and there is some bad rust under the vinyl top, but everything else looks present and accounted for. This car is still very common, so finding it (or something like it) under $2K is possible. (See announcement here.)

When Ford relaunched the Thunderbird for 1964, it had the unfortunate distinction of debuting a few months before the mighty Mustang, with which it shared much of its styling vocabulary. Make no mistake, this T-Bird (El Paso) is loaded with quality luxury touches that will never be seen in a car at this price again. Underrated in our opinion (an opinion not shared by the market), the 1964-66 T-Bird is great fun for the dollar. With its trim and interior mostly intact except for some slightly worn upholstery, this West Texas run project has potential. (See announcement here.)

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