Classic Project Cars For Sale By Owner

Classic Project Cars For Sale By Owner – They’re not always pretty—frankly, some are hard to look at—but project cars are a passion for some of us. Project car enthusiasts are visionaries who know there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a sidecar and turning it into a show-stopping head turner. Whether you’re looking for a project to add to your collection or one that can make you a lot of money, the coolest project cars are on sale.

Numbers matching the Super Duty, one of the best value Trans Ams you can buy, it’s an easy choice for a project car. This rare Trans Am is one of only a handful, but due to the combination of exterior and interior color codes, it may be the only ‘One of the Bird’. This T/A has a very good OE restoration to maintain its rare status.

Classic Project Cars For Sale By Owner

Are you looking for engine replacement candidates? Looking for something to refresh? Want to build a wild SEMA-worthy car? This is your chance to move forward with those plans! The 1967 Mustang is an exciting site for any suitable gearhead. When looking at a car in this condition, you should consider what it could be, not what it is.

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It looks like this Corvette project is off to a great start, but who knows what got in the way. Someone started it with a 1962 Corvette body and mounted it on a brand new street shop chassis with jewel bent frame rails. It’s equipped with a 3.50:1 gear rear differential, C7 suspension with QA1 shocks, Detroit Speed ​​and Engineering rack and pinion steering rack, C7 brakes and more. This Vette is just begging for a modern ride and cosmetic work to pull it all (and wheels).

Perfect for the creative minded, this 1965 Oldsmobile 442 coupe has a body and chassis that a visionary wants to customize. This car is basically a blank canvas, not a regular Olds (VIN verified) but a real 442, so if you want to keep it in stock condition, it’s also a good investment.

Could this be the holy grail of project cars? At only $10,500, the coilover Cuda is something we’d love to spend the weekend with — or someone else would have a very hard time finding parts for it. This rugged machine needs an investor who sees some real money-making potential, or a gearhead who wants a unicorn but doesn’t want to pay Barrett-Jackson prices.

With vintage SUVs on the rise, it’s time to get into the 4×4 restoration business. Like the other cars on this list, this Blazer is a great candidate to keep or flip—otherwise, we’d vote to keep it. It looks a lot better than some of the open-top vintage SUVs we’ve seen recently, so it could be an easy task to get it running like it did from the factory, or even butter it up more than before. !

For Sale 1960 Mk1 1600 Mga Project Car. For Sale

Here’s one of the fastest cars on the list that needs some love. This Chevy started life as a funeral home flower truck, and it already reminds us of Halloween. Amazingly, it had new panels, new front floor panels, minor headlight changes, 59 Caddy taillights, sunken license plates, and Camaro wheels, so maybe it’s worth continuing to modify it to be wild.

One of only 1,999 produced, this Fairlane deserves a complete restoration. In its current “patina” condition, the Ford was originally painted tropical rose and white. Not much to talk about other than the 272 cubic inch Y-block V8 and original transmission, this project car is available.

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Great! Then follow the checkout for full access. Welcome back! You have successfully logged in. You have successfully registered. Good luck! Your account is fully activated and you can now access all content. Good luck! Your payment information has been updated. Your bill has not been updated. When people ask us what muscle car is the best, our answer usually has to do with what you can afford. Classic muscle cars were a dime a dozen, and this writer vividly remembers the day when you could walk into a used car lot, usually the back row, and see dozens of them. From Pontiac GTOs, Fastback Mustangs, and Plymouth Road Runners to big-block Corvettes, everything was massive and cheap as dirt. Not so today. Today, when you’re looking for a classic muscle car, they often turn out to be rusty tires for a lot of money.

Muscle cars were a product of Detroit’s youth movement in the 1960s, when automakers tried to attract first-time buyers with larger-capacity engines in midsize cars. Costs were kept under control with more spartan appointments – bench seats, rubber floor mats, standard wheel covers and a few options. A good example is the 1968 midsize Plymouth Road Runner with its 383cc big block, bench seats, and rubber floor mats, and the 1964 Pontiac GTO, the car that officially started the craze. Subscriptions were pick and choose, and some luxury marques like Oldsmobile and Mercury pulled out all the stops, but muscle cars were mostly the domain of the youth, so controlling costs was a big issue.

Today, the sky is the price limit for classic muscle cars, and today’s youth can only watch from the sidelines. Plus, the new V-8 Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers are out of reach for all but the most well-heeled, so cost-conscious hot rodders have to get creative. Gearheads have learned to bend to the wind to create something with classic styling and massive power—it’s not something you can buy, it has to be built.

Buying an affordable classic muscle car these days is a matter of vision and creativity. For under $10K, you won’t start a true classic muscle car, but a vintage car from the 1960s and 1970s should fit your bill. Wagons, convertibles, full-size cars, four-doors, and trucks aren’t technically “muscle cars,” but with the right treatment, a well-engineered V-8, and motivation, you can make your own muscle car. from almost everything. Of course, it helps to start with a few head-turning classics, and that’s why we’re here today! Let’s take a look at the latest points we earned while browsing eBay’s March 5, 2021 Buy It Now deals.

Richard Hammond Launches New Classic Car Workshop

Is the Dodge Charger a muscle car? The answer to this oddly common question is a resounding “Yes”! Although originally equipped with an LA-series 318ci small-block V8, this $3,950 Texas roller is not in great shape, but still has a lot of original paint and some straight plates. For just $4,000, you’ll get a panel repair. Like most manufacturers at the time, rust protection wasn’t the best from the factory without the Ziebart upgrade, and it has some minor rust spots in some areas. You could also go the Roadkill route and forgo all the cosmetic upgrades and just bolt on a new engine and trans. Here’s a look at what a 1973 Dodge Charger looked like after a father-daughter restoration.

We’re surprised to see one of the 114 Big Bad Blue 1970 AMC AMXs for sale for under $10K, but with the absence of the all-important original engine and transmission (it’s a crazy chassis), this might break the deal. some of them. We prefer cars like this; In the case of a roller, you can install any power transmission you have without worrying about destroying value. We see the seller is an AMC fan (there’s a restored Rebel Machine and Javelin in the background), so you can get a good tip and manage the parts in addition to the 1970 AMX trade. The AMC community is small but very close, so the next owner of this AMX will enjoy a very exclusive club. Here’s what another AMC fan did to bring another 1970 AMX to life.

Our most amazing find this week is the 1975 Cosworth Vega mint. It might be hard to call it a muscle car, but there’s no denying the performance pedigree of the Cosworth-built twin-cam four-cylinder. If this car had been beaten up a bit, we’d say it’s a piece of junk

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