Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word

Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word – Editing of scanned pdf file can be done online or offline using OCR converter. Online you can access the page, please type google with keywords

. Then all sites that offer this converter object will appear. In the previous article I published an article on how to transfer scanned file online or offline.

Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word

Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word

However, there is another offline method than the one in the previous article. Besides being easy, editing pdf files using this method (converting scanned jpg files to text) has several advantages:

Pdf To Word Converter

This method is similar to the previous article, both use nitro pdf pro application. So for those who use Nitrogen pdf reader, we don’t need to worry about the OCR setup. Take advantage of Nitro’s ocr feature.

1. Make sure the jpg to word file is in pdf format. Please read the easy way to convert scanned files to pdf or follow below method.

2. Right click on the jpg file you want to convert to word and select convert to pdf with nitro. Wait for the conversion process to complete!

3. When finished, the file will automatically open in Nitro. Then click the Edit tab, select OCR, a pop-up will appear, select Search and Edit, and finally click OK. Wait until the process is complete.

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4. When finished, a new tab of OCR results will open. At this point, you can copy text to word, but if you want to convert the entire file to word, press CTRL+SHIFT+W and copy to word.

The image below is the conversion result (on the right in word format), the original scanned file is in pdf format.

How? It’s so easy, isn’t it? Use existing apps, we can do it. Therefore, even if the functions are similar, you should consider installing a multi-tasking application so that the laptop is not overloaded with applications. Usually when you return with a hard copy of the analysis sitting in your office. In your report, you will find a series of errors that need to be corrected immediately in order to present it at the meeting. These printed files can be easily scanned into a computer through various OCR systems, allowing the user to effectively scan and edit it into a file. This article provides a complete discussion on how to convert scanned documents to Word Online and make easy changes to your meeting.

Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word

Word Online is a very effective tool that serves as a desktop alternative to Microsoft Word. When the moment comes when you want to scan to Word Online for content editing, it requires a specialized platform that can edit scanned Word for free. Hi becomes a great option in such situations where the platform gives you unique tools to work with. To successfully convert scanned Word online, you need to go through the Hi platform as shown below.

How To Convert Scanned Pdf To Editable Pdf With Ocr

You need to open Hi’s official link to customize your browser and get access to many tools. Next select the Convert to Word tool.

When a new screen appears, you need to select “Select File” to select the file you want to convert. Once selected, click the “Convert” button and the scanned word will be converted to Word in seconds.

After the conversion operation is completed, a new screen will allow you to export the files to a local directory by clicking the “Download” option from the window. This whole process can be easily done with this tool.

Scanning a file to a desktop requires a specialized platform that allows you to perform this operation with high-quality results. In such cases, there are various editors that can remind you of the file management service. However, since choosing the perfect platform in such situations is quite difficult, this article introduces you to Wondershare Element – Editor’s Choice Top Rated. Element provides you with the best file management services. It allows you to edit and convert files whenever possible while maintaining the quality of the file.

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At the same time, the platform can be used to develop pluggable platforms with easy maintenance through software. It works as the best OCR and allows you to add digital signatures to documents. This viewing and annotation tool can help you annotate files easily. Files can be easily protected with Elements, where you can password protect your files or edit data to prevent illegal access. Element can act as the best file editing platform.

However, when converting a scanned document to a Word file using an editor like Element, the following procedure will help you preview. Element is among the elite document management systems that offer you a list of easy-to-use features for general document management. However, when applying this to Word, you should refer to our guide on using Elements to resolve any issues.

Step 1. You need to download and install the feature on your desktop from the official download link. Once the platform is loaded, launch it and select the “Open File” option from the home window.

Convert A Scanned Pdf Document To Word

Step 2. Go to the bottom of the tools on the screen and select the “Convert” tab to open a new effects section. Select the “To Word” option to convert the file format to a Word document.

Convert Scanned Pdf To Word Online

Step 3. When the file is scanned and converted successfully, you can save the file to your desktop. Click “File” and click “Save” to find the appropriate location to save the file.

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