Craigslist Atlanta Furniture For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Atlanta Furniture For Sale By Owner – We’re HUGE advocates here of repurposing, repurposing, and breathing new life into old work, but we’ve never explored HOW to do it right. Sure, you’ve probably Googled it to get out of the endless search for “how to paint/retouch furniture” or to get out of every renovation project you’ve ever attempted. They all look a little worn (raise your hand). If so, this post is for you.

To help make the process easier, we turned to the expertise of our friend Meg Piercy of MegMade, a Chicago-based furniture design and styling business. We figured that whoever built a successful furniture and paint brand knew what they were up to, right? Read on for his expert advice and watch him tackle a piece from start to finish.

Craigslist Atlanta Furniture For Sale By Owner

Hi Meg Piercy, Founder and Owner of MegMade. MegMade started about six years ago when we decided to paint our first son’s dressing table after we couldn’t find an affordable version of what we wanted. We loved the whole process, so we started painting and reupholstering parts and selling them on Craigslist for fun. What used to be a hobby we ran from home is now a full-fledged business with a large store in downtown Chicago. (To date, we have perfected thousands of products and sold to almost every state in the US) We are all about using paint, stains, hardware and fixtures to bring life back to your home. Tired furniture. Instead of wrapping up the stories of these seasons, we’re giving them an updated backstory — and you can, too.

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Before you begin your furniture paint conversion, let’s take a look at some of the supplies you’ll need. (The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a project trying to find something you forgot.) Here’s what I recommend:

Listen, when it comes to painting furniture, we’ve tried all the tricks. Knowing how to do this perfectly is not something you learn overnight. The more you do, the more you learn and the more productive you become. By the way, there are a few tricks I’ll share with you to help you on your way to finishing your painting. First of all? Buy a picture frame or small table to experiment with before raiding grandma’s favorite wardrobe.

I’ll show you the steps I took to perfect this piece in the picture above so you can tackle your own project at home, but before I do, let me stress one thing: Be patient. The ring is the key! With patience you can overcome anything, so take it slow, take your time, I can guarantee your furniture makeover will be like pro Karma. (Plus, it’s a really fun process once you get started!)

Step 1: Gather all your tools and take a picture first so you can compare and appreciate all your hard work.

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Step 3: Remove all drawers and doors. Use a blower or hair dryer to blow dust inside cabinets and behind drawers. (Remember we don’t want paint dust!)

Step 4: Use degreasing spray and a Brillo pad to clean the entire patch. (Some people say using a wax-free cleaning spray works, but I say buy the real thing, because chalk paint is so effective that it sticks to anything you paint on it, which can cause breakage if the cleaning spray leaves a residue.)

Step 5: If Bondo seems daunting, you’re feeling adventurous or just plain wood filler, fill in any gouges, cracks, scratches or missing veneers with Bondo. (Bondo is waterproof and very durable. It’s what they use on cars that go 100 miles an hour in the rain, so it can withstand anything you throw at it.)

Step 6: Sand the wood filler or Bondo until it’s smooth and – a little trick – crease a little to create texture again. I find that buffing the surface makes the paint look smoother and helps the paint adhere better. (It also helps remove any remaining residue.) Wipe everything with a cloth or cheesecloth to remove any remaining dust.

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Step 7: Now the fun part is time to paint. You can of course use regular rubber interior paint, but I prefer chalk paint because it adheres beautifully to the furniture without primer and (usually) sanding, which is why we prefer to use it. Remember that the chalk particles that make up the paint can build up over time, preventing the paint from bleeding. This is where the blending trick I mentioned earlier comes into play. I use my home blender (which usually washes well and is made with all green ingredients…some brands do too), but you can also get a cheap one at the store, just save for this one. Mix on low to prevent bubbles from entering the paint.

Step 8: Place a piece of tape inside the hardware holes to prevent paint from dripping.

Step 9: Apply the first coat of paint and do it quickly. (If it starts to dry while painting, you’ll get drag marks.) Remember: Paint the edges of the drawer, too. Often forgotten, but the first thing you notice when you put things together. After painting everything once, wait for the paint to dry completely. Next, take a high-grit sandpaper (400 or higher) and buff the entire piece (but don’t rub too hard, as this will remove the paint.) Be sure to bag the brush if you don’t want to wash it. Clean between layers to prevent paint from sticking.

Step 10: Cover the fabric with another coat and let it dry. If your paint starts to get a little thick, you can add a little water.

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Step 11: Once dry (24 hours of solids is recommended here), use a cloth to apply the wax evenly to all painted surfaces (you can also add wax to the drawers so they glide smoothly). Clear wax or tinted formulas can be used depending on the desired finish. (We used clear wax here.)

Step 12: After about 20 minutes – or when the cloth is no longer sticky – use a dry cloth or 0000 steel wool to buff again.

Sometimes, as in the piece shown here, vintage hardware can be cleaned with a polish. But if the thin layer of metal wears off over time, it may not be possible to clean it like new, it may be beautiful depending on the desired look. If you don’t like the classic look, you can always spray paint the hardware or replace the entire hardware.

Transformative furniture. Don’t forget to share on Instagram using the hashtags #ShowEmYourDIY and #ShowEmYourStyled for a chance to be featured on the blog or Instagram.

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Even though I wake up every morning, the first thing I see is the tarp covering the entrance to the bathroom, which is completely undone.

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My husband and I recently worked a million hours and I started another project. [See! I told you so

My new project is very simple: paint. A few rooms in our house (specifically: the kitchen and dining room) need a little freshening up with some paint. Did you see? The project isn’t very big…and since the bathroom renovation is at a stage where it requires professional plumbing work and about twelve hours and manpower, it’s on the back burner. Don’t worry, this weekend will take care of you.

Back to paint. A while ago I came across this photo (and I can’t remember the eye for the life of me?!).

It’s great, isn’t it? Finally, until about 8:30

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