Craigslist Bellingham Boats For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Bellingham Boats For Sale By Owner – For thirty-eight years, we have taken great pride in providing our customers with an unparalleled professional buying experience. We invite you to come and view our premium yacht brands including Sabre, Back Cove and Cutwater yachts. We strive to earn your trust and provide you with a level of service and support that is worthy of your referral to others.

We are the West Coast’s leading dealer of quality Saber Yachts, Back Cove Yachts and Cutwater Boats. With two convenient locations to service you in both Everett and Bellingham, WA, we currently have a large selection of new and used yachts. Contact us today to schedule a showing!

Craigslist Bellingham Boats For Sale By Owner

Take advantage of our 38 years of experience selling your tank. We advise you on fair market value and then present your boat to buyers using our proven marketing method. We have the best accommodations at our sales ports in Bellingham and Everett.

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We specialize in listing and selling all Sabre, Back Cove, Cutwater and Ranger Tug models. As the recognized authority on these brands, we often have buyers who expect a good, clean and well-maintained model.

We are local experts at Saber, Back Cove or Cutwater Boat Care. Our experienced crew of professionals, which includes a full range of boat building and detailing services, will ensure your yacht runs and looks like new. After that, Wayne and I decided to start looking for a new boat to use with the grapple (salt, ocean). we have compiled a list of must-haves and “happy” ones. This helped us stay focused in our search. The main part was our top dollar amount. This should include any upgrades needed to bring the boat up to our must-have list.

Jeff at Lake Union Sea Ray in Bellingham was a key player in our search. He also introduced us to where we can view boats in the US and Canada. Limiting the search to the Pacific Northwest (including British Columbia) made the search more realistic.

If we bought a boat in the United States, as permanent residents of Canada, we must import it into Canada. It would be helpful if we could find a cheaper ship south of the border. Importing a boat into Canada is very easy if it was manufactured in a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) country. Otherwise, expensive import duties may apply. We really wanted to avoid them.

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We found some boats on Craigslist that we went to look at. One that definitely made it to the top of our list. We also went to a few local dealers to see the boats on their lots or docks. As I mentioned earlier, this process helped us narrow our search down to three Bayliner models: the 2858 and 2859 Solar Command bridge (both 28 feet) and the 3058 (30 feet). Now all we had to do was find the boat. — Death

Buying a boat is like love, you never know when you’ll find it. We visited the 1993 Bayliner 3058 twice. It was a private sale through Craigslist. It was well maintained by the owner and the design was very functional. The only drawback was the two 4.3L engines. We were afraid that they would not have enough strength to sail the boat. But the advantage will be gas consumption at a lower speed.

Before we left for our show cruise, Jeff found a 1992 Bayliner 3058 Motoryacht North of the Border in Richmond, BC. Wayne initially refused to travel here, but since he was on his way to Vancouver International Airport, he stopped by Powell River on his way home.

It was love at first sight. And it was on our must-have list (price included) and almost every item on our “lucky” list. Wayne told me all about it when he got to Powell River. He was very excited. We arranged for me to see him on my way back to Bellingham. We knew this was the boat we wanted. We also learned that not all boat brokers are as good as Jeff.

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Thanks to Jeff’s hard work we found our boat. But now the hard work had to begin. A boat may look great from the outside, but what’s going on inside. Since we didn’t know anything about the owner or his maintenance records, we opted for a full boat inspection and mechanical inspection. What a story it was! — Death

When we bought our Bellingham boat from Jeff at Lake Union Sea Ray, we knew the dealer and the boat’s maintenance records. Wayne and I were confident that the boat we purchased was in good condition with no major defects. For this reason, and because our US insurance carrier did not require this coverage, we decided not to survey the vessel.

With our new Bayliner 3058 Motoryacht we didn’t know the dealer or the boat broker and there were no maintenance records. For these reasons, and because our Canadian insurance company required it, we opted for a survey.

Jeff also recommended that we do a mechanical check on the motors and legs to make sure they are in good working order. Foghorn (like Foghorn Leghorn) has been in the fresh water of the Fraser River for several years, but before that it was in salt water and can be very corrosive.

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Wayne and I met Jeff at the Skyline Marina in Richmond, BC where the boat is docked. Jeff helped us find an independent surveying and mechanical company. In the morning, both inspectors inspected the structure, systems, engines and condition of the entire ship. Jeff then took us outside to test the boat.

The final stage of the inspection involved taking the cargo out on the dock so that both observers could see the bottom of the boat and the solid tires. Skyline Marina has a 30 ton lift so we use that. Now that was an experience. All I could think was, “Don’t quit!”

When finished, both inspectors summarized their findings orally. Two days later, the written reports were ready for us to make a final purchase decision. But the first report was good.

Both registration and shipping were a bit expensive, but the peace of mind that an unknown ship gave us was worth it. You can bet there will be plenty of listings for potential buyers when we get ready to sell the 2350 Bayliner. — Death

R/sailing Made Me Do It. New To Me Corsair 750.

A week after the inspection, we decided to buy a Bayliner 3058 Motoryacht named Foghorn (sure, there is an interesting story there, but it is lost in antiquity). I’m sure you’ve already guessed that. We are very happy with our new boat. Yes, there were ups and downs during the search and purchase process, but the end result was worth it.

Wayne and I went to Skyline Marina in Richmond over the Victoria Day weekend to stay on board and get to know him better. Was a lot of fun! Since we are selling our smaller Bayliner 2350 soon, we didn’t want to buy too many things to outfit the new boat. So Wayne Powell brought a big box of stuff down the river, including life jackets, a portable GPS and tools.

We bought two new sleeping bags for the v-beth bed and stopped at Overwaite (I still call them gourmet) for a picnic lunch. Since we were on the beach, we were able to use our microwave (too big for a boat) and make some popcorn before bed. When we get to Powell River, we change it to our smaller apartment. It would be an improvement for both places.

We took the boat up the north bank of the Fraser River towards the Strait of Georgia. We cruised slowly and enjoyed watching all the traffic on the river, including a few owls moving upriver and a barge full of mill waste. Back at the slip, we toasted our new boat with a glass of champagne on the bridge. What a great way to end the day. — Death

Northwest Yachting August 2017 By Northwest Yachting

You have read a little about our new boat. We did a thorough research on the boat prior to purchase, but you never know what you’ll find until it’s yours.

We went out to the Fraser River to test our remote controlled wind anchor system. Slowly, with several stops, we began to drop anchor. At the beginning of the third, the anchor began to fall freely, and the chain was torn from the locker with fantastic speed. Then I saw something flying into the river. Finally stopped when the chain turned into a rope and got stuck. It was literally a “far away” anchor.

Shaft and clutch (brake)

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