Craigslist Box Truck For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Box Truck For Sale By Owner – It can go up to 100 miles, costs just $12,995, and has the basics of a party car that’s uncomfortable in the back.

You are a small business owner looking for electric van service. But don’t want to wait for the 2022 Ford E-Transit to arrive? Needless to say, for sale on Craigslist in Pontiac, Michigan, this is a 2010 Navistar eStar for $12,995. According to the listing, it’s an old FedEx car that can be fully charged in six to eight hours.

Craigslist Box Truck For Sale By Owner

Even though it’s 10 years old now, the eStar’s specs aren’t that bad compared to the aforementioned Ford. Using an 80 kWh battery and a 70 kW electric motor that produces 102 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, the eStar has a range of 100 miles and can carry payloads up to 5,100 pounds. Ford is aiming for 266 horsepower, 317 lb-ft, 126-mile range, and 3,800-pound payload in van form (cutaway and chassis-van models have a maximum weight capacity of 4,290 pounds).

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That said, we’re definitely more interested in the styling of this Navistar. From the rear, it looks like any other van. but from the front The large, rounded windshield makes it look like the Bombardier Flexity Outlook tram we have in Toronto.

“A great project for anyone looking to convert it to an RV or perhaps use it as a food truck or van. A unique van with endless potential,” seller said June 9, 2020 Brian Lohnes 1320 Drag News, 1320 Online Find, Apex Online Find, 1320, APEX, XL, Craigslist Find, XL Online Find7.

It’s amazing. Drew Harthorn found this link and shot it at us. Our jaws dropped and our eyes bulged. Why? You’re looking at the first box car Sox and Martin ever had during their drag racing careers. and was one of the first truly customized “modern” closed-loop dumpers used by a drag racing team. Funded by Dodge for their factory team. Apparently, three of these trucks were built. and from its sound This truck is the only one known to survive.

Used not only by Sox and Martin, but later by Pro Stock villain Reid Whisnat, and then by other riders. Driving for the infamous Rufus “Brooklyn Heavy” Boyd, this thing must have ridden and dragged over a million miles, stripping off the Banzai action over the years. Powered by a 413 and a Spicer 5-speed transmission, it’s as good as a 1971 drag racer. The roof-mounted air conditioning is the ultimate luxury. And that this machine has side options. Doors are revolutionary in themselves.

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The best part of the off-topic truck? The suckers are priced to sell! $6,500 gives you a truck and a starting point for big projects. The truck has to do a lot of work. But imagine when everything is done.

This is the first box truck manufactured by Oleynik Body Sales, Inc. (box code read SM1) for Sox & Martin race cars. This truck is a 1971 Dodge D700 413 V8 truck built by Chrysler Canada LD in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The trunk is a 24-foot box designed by Buddy Martin to have a door on the left that they can go in and out…until there’s only a door in the back. These three special bodies were created especially for S&M.

One truck went to Ronnie and Buddy, one to Reid Whisnant, and the other ‘probably’ to Jim Clark. It is known that this truck was owned by Reid Whisnant of Atlanta Race Cars. His paint and that of Rufus Boyd of Brooklyn Heavy fame can still be found on the body.

Reid Whisnant dragged his Dixie Dart in it, then Dixie Twister… owned by Rufus Boyd. Whisnant set a national record with his car in 1971. Rufus Boyd was colorful and highly popular. He owned almost all of the most famous cars during this period. Herb and Ronnie both drove to him. This needs restoration. But remarkably complete and close to the original, so the engine, brakes, differential, clutch and working gear can be moved. Tires always let in air. But must be at least 35 years old $6,500.00.

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