Craigslist Cars And Trucks For Sale By Private Owners

Craigslist Cars And Trucks For Sale By Private Owners – Craigslist’s “Best Diesel Deals” series began in March 2020 with a story about a 1994 Ford E-350 that was in former President Bill Clinton’s car collection. With this Minneapolis, MN overview, we now have 18 stories covering our search for diesel engines sold privately through Craigslist from coast to coast.

It is important to note that diesel pickup trucks, although available almost everywhere, are not the primary target of our searches. In an effort to have some fun with this project, we are looking for unusual, unique and even quirky diesel cars, equipment, parts, etc. However, there are certainly instances where the late pickups we all know get a good credit.

Craigslist Cars And Trucks For Sale By Private Owners

Minnesota is the land of lakes, and the Twin Cities region (Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the vicinity) is the land of seemingly strong bargains that are really good trucks. Most of our 210 search results are mid-2000s and later rigs, 3/4 tons from all three major brands, and the TDI-powered Volkswagen is pretty plentiful too.

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In addition to Chevy and Ram 2500s, this set of five good deals also includes a fairly unique large Ford, a diesel Hummer, and a fuel package that underscores the fact that Craigslist’s great diesel deals aren’t always for trucks and cars.

As always, we want to know the details if you follow one of these examples. Be sure to tell us of any good diesel deals you come across on Craigslist as well. Send the information and the link to: dieselpower @.

Aside from the fact that this 6.4-liter four-wheel drive beast is great overall, its unique Rugby/Leo body is the feature that makes it a must-have to add to this rundown. Not only does the bed unload backwards the traditional way, it also tilts to the right for side dumping. The tricky bed is sold by us and we are not contractors If construction, landscaping or shoveling snow is your game, this dump setup might be just what you need. It only had one owner, and the seller says it’s been maintained. Do you think you can find something better for less than $22,500?

This truck is simple, clean and recently upgraded with coolant, intercooler, oil pan, transfer case, brakes, tires, and other new parts (seller says $10,000) that makes it as good as new. Mileage is 285,000, but the 6.7L Cummins also received a new head gasket and ARP bolts, and a 4.5-liter Mag-Hytec bowl was added to the transmission. For $18,800, which might be negotiable, this excavator is clean and good.

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In the spirit of this car’s comeback after a 21-year hiatus, here’s the OG, in great shape, for just $4,500. In addition to having a 6.2-liter Detroit diesel, this excavator is a rare “government edition” that has rear heating and air conditioning. A true survivor, the seller says it’s been in storage for 25 years (actually retired for several years before the Suburban diesel engines were discontinued). It’s a great piece of history worth considering, especially if you have a 2021 model on order!

The seller says this is one of only 782 two-door Hummers produced from 1992 to 2006, but it doesn’t provide any details on the engine, other than the diesel. Hummer’s pickup truck has 12,000-pound half-shafts, new wheels and tires, a Raptor liner in the bed, and an improved sound system. A special piece for $55,000.

Who wants their own diesel blend? This is not a manual setup, it’s a vegetable oil conversion kit from Golden Fuel Systems, which the seller says will work on 2006 and older diesel cars (usually Volkswagens or Mercedes-Benz). Setup includes a lift pump, 12-gallon tank, fuel-water separator, filters, switches, and wiring necessary for installation. Only a few small hoses, clamps, etc. are missing. In the words of the seller: “This kit gives you the option to run straight vegetable oil even in the winter months. It has served me well for about five years. I got it on a 2004 Jetta TDI my wife used for her commute. This kit will save you a lot of money on fuel. Especially if you have a long regular trip. This looks good. For a $1000 investment, the profit in saving fuel will grow very quickly. If you are looking for a classic electric car, there is no better option than the elusive EV1 from General Motors. Unfortunately, Finding one in the wild isn’t quite as likely, so maybe look at one of its age-appropriate competitors: the 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV.

A prime – and very rare – example of Toyota’s first experience with a modern electric vehicle has surfaced for sale on Craigslist, offering classic electric car fans a chance to pick up a descendant who makes the modern electric car only more innovative. Appointed auto manager.

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This is for sale in North Carolina. Similar to the GM EV1, the first-generation RAV4 EV was offered as part of Toyota’s lease-only program when it went on sale in 1997, although it was only offered to fleet customers until the turn of the millennium. By 2002, Toyota began offering it to the public for direct purchase at a price of $42,000 (about $67,500 in 2022 dollars), although sales of this battery-powered crossover were short-lived. When the supply of batteries dried up, Toyota ended production in November 2002, selling only 328 units.

Powered by a 27 kWh battery, the RAV4 EV isn’t exactly a serial king. In fact, the U.S. EPA rated the Crossover at just 94 miles of range, which isn’t impressive by today’s standards, but it ran against the GM EV1 (up to 105 miles according to the EPA), and beat both the Chevrolet S-10 EV (72 miles) and Ford Ranger EV (50 miles). Its acceleration wasn’t as fast as today’s electric cars either, with the RAV4 EV having a zero-to-60 time of about 18 seconds.

If this car looks familiar, it should! The RAV4 went on sale last year on Cars and Bids where it sold for $8,750, and the car’s current owner, Calvin Clinton, is already looking to take it back. Clinton told me he’s selling the car with the rest of his stable because he’s moving and only needs to pick one car to take with him. This forced him to choose between his RAV4 EV, Mercedes Benz E350 BlueTec, Ford Mustang, and 1955 Adler MB 250.

“I’ve personally put less than 100 miles on it since I bought it,” Clinton said. “I was intending to use this car as a third car and send it to my house in Charlotte for use around town because we have free electric vehicle charging at the nearby college. Just bring my Mustang.”

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Clinton says the car has some dents and dents, as well as some obvious wear that a 20-year-old must have. Some extras are also included with the car: two heated windshields, an extra set of brakes and rotors, as well as three chargers (two of which are on).

If you’re interested in owning this potential futuristic classic electric car, head over to Craigslist where it’s listed for $11995. Craigslist is one of the most time wasted things in the automotive world. For everyone really, but especially for the car guys. Looking for fun deals in your area? Craig owns them. What about a specific model year for a Chevy S10 pickup? Not a problem. Winter butchers for under $1000? Bring a trailer, for sure. However, with a maximum price of $10,000, which is a reasonable amount for a used car, there are some interesting options. We skipped the Chrysler 200s, Chevy Malibus, and Cruze for some really great cars at this price.

This is Detroit Special. Anecdotally, there are still more G-body rigs on the road in Motor City than anywhere else on the planet. We see them – Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, Olds Cutlass – literally every day. There is one going now.

The 1987 Monte is the Deluxe Sport Edition (LS as opposed to the SS) with a 305 cubic inch V8 and automatic transmission. Output increased from the previous model to 165 hp. I can’t find the purple in old Chevy paint codes, so I guess it’s custom. According to the seller, the car has 66,000 kilometers on the clock and a new portion of dust. Also, he doesn’t need help selling it and he’ll get $8000 or better offer.

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The Mark VI is the first model year for the fifth generation Lincoln Coupe. It was scaled back from earlier models, as was common at the time, but relied a lot on design from those cars of the past, including oval Opera windows, radiator-like grille, and spare tires. This engine appears to have a 302 V8 as opposed to the larger 351.

This example only has 46, 127 miles, accordingly

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