Craigslist Charlotte Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Charlotte Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner – Continues, we make a beeline for the south, specifically the Charlotte, North Carolina area. The northeastern cities of New York and Boston kick off our series on finding the best (US-based) diesel deals posted on Craigslist. The series itself came about through an ad on Craigslist for a 1994 Ford E-3T0 four-wheel drive that was once wrecked in former President Bill Clinton’s caravan.

One of the things that attracts diesel enthusiasts to Craigslist is the variety of trucks, cars, engines, tools and other mechanical devices that are available on its pages. It is a very good thing, and, thanks to negotiation, negotiation, and trying to make the best deal possible, it can usually be found for a song. Our ongoing project involves checking Craigslist for several major US cities, using only “Diesel” as a search term to find five great deals.

Craigslist Charlotte Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

In all our “Best Diesel Trucks” articles, it is important to understand that they are not just trucks, because they make up the largest part of diesel trucks for sale (on Craigslist) in each category. While our articles will certainly include many models that we are familiar with, it is not new, special or even diesel, equipment, parts, etc., that we give the attention they deserve.

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Charlotte’s design is impressive. Yes, there are plenty of pickups, Class 8 tractors, nice TDI-powered sedans, etc. This time, we have published a list of diesel names in the area near the dealers, the local “Happy Jack” type stores that usually move units to buy. in large auctions, or as consignments. That certainly doesn’t mean independent retailers aren’t out there. We assure you, they are. The change was made just for variety and to see how the other side plays the game. Another confusing thing is that in the next few pages of our search results, cars and trucks that use natural gas begin to enter only a diesel category. It’s something we haven’t seen in New York and Boston.

As always at this point, we admit that our choices may be temporary, but the results are good nonetheless. So, read on and see what Charlotte and the surrounding areas have to offer. And, let us know if you land on one of these deals. Also, let us know about any good diesel deals you find

The first one we have will actually be a plural (two cars that we count as one). We found two “short buses” offered by different sellers.

This white 1991 International – located in Denton, North Carolina – has 74,000 miles on its original 7.3L diesel engine and Allison automatic transmission. According to the seller, it runs and drives a lot, and he only wants $4,450 for it.

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Bus Number Two is a 1997 model in Monroe, apparently on its way to Atlanta, Georgia, where it serves the city’s school system. With only 47,000 miles, and seen (per photo) in excellent condition, this 27-foot-long cruiser can be yours for $4500, which the seller says is “extreme.”

Now, our reason for including them is simple. While short buses are a joke for a long time, in today’s age of camping, glamping, overlanding, etc., they are also the perfect platform for a cool RV conversion (both rigs are also equipped with elevators). Buy one, blow it, and customize it to your needs, wants and desires. After all, enjoy the outdoors – for little money.

We like this Silverado because it’s sharp, and it packs a very enthusiastic 6.6L Duramax LB7 engine under the hood. Now, when we say low mileage, what we mean is that with only 145,000 miles on it, this drivetrain should be very strong (if maintained properly).

It also has LT amenities – leather trimmed seats, power windows and locks, etc. — which certainly raises its stock as a strong contender for all-around supercar. The price ($16,800) is something we will try and improve if we try to get it. Hey, this is Craigslist, the place to trade.

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Charlotte’s Vintage Motors has listed this diesel deal that is definitely at the higher end of the price spectrum (well, us). For about $40,000 (and they say the original $39,900.00 is not negotiable), you can own a diesel Land Rover (200 TDI). “So what,” you ask? Well, high price aside, the rig is impressive, and certainly well appointed. It makes us think of “the cars we wish we had during the apocalypse.” We are sure that there is a lot to be said for “full load and stability” to complement “capable”, when you are under such pressure.

We chose this because it is so clear. The base station, a four-door F-250, with many of the modifications desired by diesel enthusiasts, is already done. Cummins replacement? Check out the BorgWarner S363 turbocharger? Do I have a full tank of fuel? It’s here. A revolutionary? Yes. And others. We see this ride as a diamond in the rough, and we think it might be worth a trip to Fallston, North Carolina, to look at it and talk to the owner. In fact, the seller encourages it, because there is a lot in this rig, the price is not indicated and the list is not as detailed as it could be (or should be, in our opinion).

We think this extinguisher is a good candidate for apocalyptic purposes or a really cool scene. It is diesel powered throughout, with the International DT-Series I-6 engine and Allison automatic transmission mated to the transmission. For all intents and purposes, this 13,278-mile truck is still a firefighter, and at $8,900 (plus any additional costs to replace lost hoses/nozzles, etc.) it’s a good value. , or any activity that has or can use an indoor brigade. Looking at it from another perspective, there is also the opportunity to create a unique vehicle that can be developed on this platform, by a creative thinker and creative genius Best Diesel Deals on Craigslist: PittsburghSure, rust It is disturbing, but there is a little of old school diesel metal in this town.

The “Best Diesel Deals on Craigslist” tour has arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, also known as the Steel City. While this western Pennsylvania town is best known for its high-performance auto parts, Pitt has a blue-collar history that explains why the area is full of high-performance diesel trucks.

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However, before we continue, here is a little history of this series. We began our journey in March 2020, with a story about the 1994 Ford E-350 four-wheel drive that served as former President Bill Clinton’s lakeside communications vehicle. Since that first report, we’ve featured diesel engines being sold through Craigslist in Cleveland, Birmingham, Nashville, Miami, Charlotte, North Carolina, Boston and New York.

One of the things that draws diesel enthusiasts to Craigslist is the variety of trucks, cars, engines, tools and other mechanical devices that are available on its pages. Very good things, and, thanks to the negotiations, trying to make the best deal possible, you can usually find a song.

As you follow this series, please note that diesel pickup trucks, while they are plentiful almost everywhere, are not the first thing we look for. In an effort to have fun with this project, unusual, unique, or even diesel cars, tools, parts, etc., are what we are looking for. However, there will certainly be some cases of late model products that we are used to accepting only food items.

The Pittsburgh area offers a wide variety of standard diesel vehicles. This time, the old equipment got our attention. Yes, they are slow (used by Cummins 5.9L 12-valve, 7.3L Power Stroke, 6.5L Detroit Diesel, and GM 6.2L engines), have 200,000 miles or more, and body parts cannot be laser straight , but the cars we highlight have character (and maybe some interesting stories behind them) and great potential for prestige.

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Let us know about the best diesel deals you’ve come across on Craigslist. Send info and link to: [email protected]

This old Dodge has had two owners. It is currently in Ohioville, has 210,000 miles, and for $5,900, you can be a third party to make a claim. Sure, a Cummins 5.9L 12-valve is under the hood, but the best quality of this rig is that with the diesel engine, the D350 1-ton actually serves as the base engine. Check this out if you are shopping for your first Dodge Ram. Although it needs front tires and brake lines, the car sports a number of aftermarket parts to help it get the job done.

Seriously, what’s not to love about this OBS app? It has a clean Pennsylvania title, 208,000 miles, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission, 7.3L Power Stroke, 5-inch exhaust, a bunch of new parts, and a solid frame (again,