Craigslist Classic Cars For Sale Under $1 000

Craigslist Classic Cars For Sale Under 000 – They say that Texas is not an entire “country” and is as large as France and Switzerland combined (plus a population of over 29 million people) only larger in geography than Alaska. For those looking for a new project car, this can be good or bad depending on where you are. There are plenty of cars in Texas, and they’re in no rush to leave town. That’s because Texas is the nation’s fossil fuel center, and Texans love their cars.

We recently took a deep dive into all the major Craigslist sites in Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso. We set out to find the 10 best project car deals between 1960 and 1985 for $5,000 and under. We did the same search for California Craigslist sites two weeks ago and found a lot of cool junk, so we thought. , how about Texas?

Craigslist Classic Cars For Sale Under $1 000

It turns out that Texas, even though it’s bigger than California, has some nice cars that we’d love to find rust-free. However, not everyone can take a week off work and go to the West Coast for something like this. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got (ie, Gulf Coast rust); You could do a lot worse than the Lone Star State, where most of the western half is in a sheltered, dry environment like California.

Steps To Sell Your Car On Craigslist Without Getting Robbed Or Worse

However, one thing that seems to be universal among all Craigslist sites is that the low cost of posting leads to many questionable ads with bad pictures, little information, and cryptic contact information. Even with up-and-coming salespeople, there are no hard facts—the kind you have to spend all day trying to inspect a car. This is a lesson to sellers that if you really want to sell for the highest amount, it pays to post higher quality/more photos and more details in your ad or risk disappointment for everyone. Come see what Texas has to offer the week of January 21, 2021! (Be sure to check out all the additional photos in the gallery, too.)

Cisco, Texas is the birthplace of this Givenchy Edition Lincoln Mark IV, and you can bet most of its 91,000 miles will be spent cruising I-20 interstate in air-conditioned comfort. These luxury boats from the early 80s are on the decline from scratch, and if you can find one in good shape for a good price, now is the time to get it. It takes work to run, but we’re tempted by flat sheet metal. Our biggest concern wasn’t really the drivability condition (302ci / AOD driveline combos are a dime a dozen), but the broken driver’s side turn signal lens was very difficult to replace regardless of the cost of the part. (See announcement here.)

We like the farm look, and this self-described (Smithville, Texas) looks the part with a well-seasoned patina. It was the X-body architecture (similar to the Chevy Nova) that put it on our radar. It runs, but forgets it was born with a 3.8-liter Buick V-6—with a cheap small-block Chevy, add a Holley Sniper nitrous kit, swap the wagon, and hit the sideshow. Almost all Camaro/Nova suspension parts are bolted to the right. If you look long enough at the grille and headlights, you’ll see the face of a 1972 Malibu. (See announcement here.)

We’re on the fence about this one (El Paso), but because of its ultra-sexy form, we’re inclined to recommend it from a boldly different perspective. If it’s not too bent inward and the backside doesn’t hit the filler neck area of ​​the gas tank, it’s a slam dunk. We love the big 430ci Buick mill, sweet styling, and flat sheet metal (except for the rear bumper) on this big, beautiful girl. Pull the trigger when you get the transaction price to $1000 or even $1200. (See announcement here.)

Caught On Craigslist: Pro Street 1973 Vega Wagon

Located in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, but listed on Craigslist in El Paso for a larger market, this pillared GM A body always gets our blood pumping. Chevy made millions of them and many more parts because they share mechanics with so many other cars. It needs a better driver’s side fender and has some bad rust under the vinyl top, but everything else looks nice considering. These cars are still fairly common, so it’s possible to get them (or others like them) for under $2K. (See announcement here.)

When Ford redesigned the Thunderbird for 1964, it had the unfortunate distinction of debuting a few months before the groundbreaking Mustang, with which it shared much of its styling vocabulary. Make no mistake, this T-Bird (El Paso) is loaded with premium luxury touches rarely seen in cars at this price point. In our opinion, underrated (an opinion not shared by the market), the 1964-66 T-bird is a lot of fun for the dollar. With its trim and interior mostly intact except for a bit of tattered upholstery, this modern West Texas project has potential. (See announcement here.)

If you’re a Mopar guy and on a tight budget, then the compact A-Body is the car for you. If so, this 1975 Dodge Dart Sport (Pecos, Texas) could be your lucky number. The seller describes well some minor issues that the guys won’t bother with (measurements don’t work, fender bends), but no blemishes on the upholstery. Forget baby poo paint; buy now or consider outbidding if there is competition. (See announcement here.)

The Mercury Comet is a sibling of the Ford Falcon and an older cousin of the Mustang, which means that important mechanical parts (engine, trans, transmission, suspension, brakes) are common – reserved for the specific model. If you don’t mind driving a four-door (which is becoming more popular every day), then this perfectly aged 1965 Comet Caliente (Pleasanton, Texas) might just be the thing for you. This is definitely a typical old lady’s car with literally no scratches or dents on it. Patina like this, if you catch it, you must die, for Pete’s sake, don’t paint! (See announcement here.)

Cheap Project Cars Under $5,000

We’re back to the GM A-body pillar lineup with this 1975 Olds Cutlass. Like the 1976 Chevy Malibu listed above, it has an unrealistic price tag, but maybe that’s our fault for slipping these cars over our readers’ heads for the past 10 years. The interior was painted (remember to look for any Olds shiny for the 73-77 models) and the paintwork didn’t hide the body’s past sins very well, but it was one of the most hideous body styles of the 1970s, and for die-hard Oldies, this might be your lucky day (See announcement here.)

Full-size luxury models of the 1960s did not command the same prices as mid-size models or even compact models of the same era, which is surprising given their original sticker prices. This is understandable due to their complexity, limited number, special cutting parts and relatively low performance. However, we’ve seen similar cars like Matt Delaney’s ’67 Imperial restored to perfection, so we’re not getting our hopes up. Most of the trim and interior on this Chrysler 300 convertible from north of Waco is intact, with rust limited to a few patch panels. With good 383 Wedge/727 Torqueflite cores worth $1500 alone, get this big C-Body. (See announcement here.)

Everyone loves a Mustang, and this one from Hutto, Texas seems like a good starting point for someone who knows these ponycars well. A lot of work has gone into selling, peeling and exposing the middle rot that has taken place, so you’re not getting pork here, but there’s work to be done. We love that she did her research and put it clearly in the ad you can see here. Good 289-powered Mustang projects are getting harder to find, so we don’t think the asking price is too high, but the lack of a header might give you some negotiating room. . For everyone, especially car people. Looking for an exciting business in your area? Craig took them. What about the specific model year of the Chevy S10 pickup truck? No problem. Winter beaters under $1000? Bring a trailer, but definitely. However, with a hefty price tag of $10,000, there are some interesting options for a reasonable amount for a used car. We skipped Chrysler 200s, Chevy Malibus, and Cruzes for some really cool cars at this price point.

It’s a Detroit special. Anecdotally, the Motor City has more G-body rigs than anywhere else on the planet. We see them—the Monte Carlo, the Buick Regal, the Olds Cutlass—every day. Now there is one.

The Man Billionaires Trust To Find That Rare Classic Car

This is a 1987 Monte

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