Craigslist Ford F150 4×4 For Sale By Owner

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Ford’s F-Series may outsell any vehicle on the planet, but how many members of that mechanical genre do you consider classic? Today’s good price or Crack Pipe F-150 XLT 4X4 could be a contender. We just have to see if its price is classy.

Craigslist Ford F150 4×4 For Sale By Owner

The phrase “bang for the buck” is commonplace when promoting cheap but powerful cars, but “bang” and “hump” aren’t qualities you want to find in a new acquisition.

At $6,000, Will This 1995 Ford F 150 Xlt 4×4 Long Bed Prove A Best Seller?

That being said, yesterday’s 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK 55 AMG really gave you a lot of bang for your buck. That’s about the Twofer, which offered 342 horsepower and a hand-built mill for a significantly lower price of $5,700. How significantly less? Well, 90 percent is low enough to make a big Nice Price win.

I get many requests from readers and others to feature their own car or truck on NPOCP, and I am notoriously reluctant to comply with these calls, as the vehicles in question are often too mundane or, conversely, too specific. .

He and his son contacted me via email to say they had their ‘beloved’ 1995 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 for sale, and both would like to see how it fares in our precious forum. Knowing that a new F-Series was just coming out I thought it might be sneaky timing and clicked on the Craigslist ad link provided. Let’s just say I was duly impressed.

This is a pure pick ‘em up truck. It is also very stylishly decorated. Just think about the powertrain. Under the big hood is Ford’s 4.9-liter straight-six with a five-speed stick shift in back. It is a four-wheel drive with an independent Twin Traction Beam front end and a live axle at the rear.

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Incidentally, this engine can trace its roots back to the Falcon Six of the early 1960s. Here it produces 145 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque with fuel injection. Long respected for its durability, it’s a shame to retire this wonderful engine after just a few years of production.

So, the new F-Series 2021 will not be available with this fantastic straight-six. However, it is available with innovative features such as a tablet holder in the tailgate and a fold-down shifter, which allows the center console to fold into an improved table.

This XLT has a bench seat and floor mats and is as stylish and innovative as it gets. Is that not enough?

Admittedly, the two-tone silver-and-white paint scheme here is quite quirky, and includes fancy 4X4 badges on either side of the bed. Rust doesn’t seem to have settled in here, aside from a few chips, delamination on the stickers and a piece of tailgate trim, there’s not much wrong with it. A soft tonneau covers the bed and you also get a hitch and wiring for towing a trailer. The long-bed body also has two gas tanks and an aftermarket side step to make egress even easier.

Used 2002 Ford F 150 Trucks For Sale In Fort Mill, Sc

Inside, things are about the same, with some stains on the fabric on the bench and vinyl flooring, but nothing to gross you out or anything. There’s also some obvious wear and tear on the dash wrap just below the light switch, showing how the button above it has been sitting there for years. It’s not as big of a deal as the outline of the wallet on your favorite pair of jeans and is actually pretty cool to look at.

The truck is said to have been well maintained over the years. In the last 20km it is said to have benefited from a new clutch and flywheel, shock absorbers and rear brakes and new cranks for the windows. Still on the honey-do list are an unruly windshield washer nozzle, a wobbly fuel gauge for the front tank, and non-functioning cruise control. Oh chick, cruise control. It also has working air conditioning

Other than these minor issues, the truck is said to run very well with 3 previous owners and with only 139,000 on the clock you can easily expect this for years to come. Honestly, not much can go wrong here, and things like the 4.9 and gearbox are very solid and easy to service. A clean title and a recent state safety inspection round out this F-150’s impressiveness.

The asking price is $6,000, and before you comment and vote, let’s keep that in mind

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What do you think, did they charge a good price for a good looking truck? Or will our hearty Jalop companions regret their decision to run our manual?

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I have an opportunity to purchase a Century Topper for $200. The problem is my truck is silver bullion and the topper is blue. light blue I thought about buying it and dipping it in plastic until varnished. what are you saying?

It wouldn’t be too bad to dip it in black plasticy, the silver is tricky to match so the silver would definitely be invisible in my opinion. On the other hand, removing the plastidip might be a PIA in the future, painting it to match now wouldn’t be so bad.

Ford F 150

Pick up the pony and let it paint. If you disassemble everything yourself and do a lot of groundwork, it will be cheaper.

I will buy it for 200 euros. Heck, I’ll remove the hardware from it, or cover it well, prep it myself, and then get a Maaco job on it. Or look for a silver one…

I think you are right. For $200 I’ll do the hard work, then give it to someone else.

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Ford F150 Pickup


Now here is one of the best 1987 Ford F-150 trucks you will find for sale today.

This amazing truck was sold new in North Carolina and remained with the original owner until I purchased it last month.

The truck has the 302 engine. 4 speed transmission. Power shift. Power disc brakes. Inclined wheel. Cruise control. AM FM. Smoked glass. Sliding rear window. Bed rail. Factory style steel wheels. and some .

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Click here ! View seller’s other items for a wide range of late model cars. the truck SUVs. And especially classic/muscle cars.

This vehicle is being sold as is. Where without a certificate. Clearly written or tacit. Seller assumes no responsibility for correct description. Authenticity. Authenticity. or lack thereof. and makes no warranty in connection therewith. Inaccuracies will not result in credit or benefits. imperfection. defect or damage. Any description or representation is for identification purposes only and should not be construed as a guarantee of any kind. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle thoroughly to ensure its condition and value and bid on that judgment only. SELLER WILL MAKE ALL REASONABLE EFFORTS TO DISCLOSE ANY KNOWN DEFECTS WITH THIS VEHICLE UPON BUYER’S REQUEST PRIOR TO COMPLETION OF SALE. DESPITE VERBAL REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT THE VEHICLE, THE SELLER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR REPAIR…

Definitely an eye opener. The post says it’s still there, I want to make sure so I don’t blame anyone. If so, I am very interested. Thank you 12086803368 Please call me or write me if it is a thank you. Beware

You have a nice truck. I have one of these that I am restoring. I have to ask what transmission do you have there?

Used Ford F150 For Sale Near Me In Wilmington, Nc

Can you tell me where this truck is? Glad to see you. 540-220-6723

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