Craigslist Illinois Cars For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Illinois Cars For Sale By Owner – Here we have an SUV that looks photoshopped, classic trucks and an Audi that looks too cheap.

Another week means another entry in our series featuring cute cars I’ve found for sale online on websites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. This week we have rare diesel imports, nicer trucks and antique iron.

Craigslist Illinois Cars For Sale By Owner

Now I look for interesting vehicles anywhere and everywhere on the internet, not just Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, to make sure I find the best cars out there.

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These vehicles can be hilariously unreliable, extremely unusual, questionable, or just something that stops me in my tracks. We all know the used car market is down right now, but I try to find deals where they exist.

Here’s a car I could buy by selling one of my existing Smarts plus that spare Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI. You have to buy this so I don’t have to.

One thing that has always puzzled me about Smart’s short time in the States is the fact that they never brought a diesel. The American public expected the Smart Fortwo to be the second coming of the Geo Metro, but Smart brought its worst engine, with just 41 mpg on the highway in EPA ratings. Then the then CEO of Smart was asked by the owners why the company did this, and they told us that it was because the company felt that the engine we got was a good compromise between economy and speed. The sales figures suggest that this is wrong.

You can correct that problem with this Common Rail diesel Fortwo direct from Canada. You should get 60+ mpg in normal daily driving and never worry about the cost of gas. I’ve even met some people getting 80+ mpg on these. As a bonus, this is a first-generation model, never officially imported to the United States.

Salvage Cars For Sale

It’s $7,500 on Facebook Marketplace in Wilmington, Ohio, with 66,000 miles and a broken bumper from hitting an animal.

The Plymouth Barracuda was Chrysler’s answer to the pony car market of the time. Originally designed as a fast version of the Valiant, the first generation Barracuda and Valiant shared many parts. You’ll easily notice that the hood, headlights and fairings come from the Valiant.

So what does the coupe get with Valiant parts? You’ve got a 4.5-liter LA V8 under the hood, attached to a twin-barrel carb and making 180 hp.

This one was repainted a few years ago with the seats restored and the floors patched. It’s said to be an old California car, and at least it looks good. It’s $12,000 at Auto Trader in Hobart, Indiana.

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This truck was a product of the days when muscle cars became muscle trucks because trucks didn’t have to worry about strict emissions controls. Enter the Dodge Li’l Red Express. This truck was the fastest car in America. It has a version of Chrysler’s 5.9-liter V8 Police Interceptor that produces 225 hp.

This one is more than double the price of the last one I supplied, but is said to have many original parts. And you can drive it as it is now. On Facebook Marketplace in Mt. Dora, Florida, costs $32,000.

Audi S cars are something magical. Take vehicles that are already great and then give them a huge dose of power. Finish with bright paint and rims. This Audi S4 is just that, and it comes in beautiful Nogaro Blue. It doesn’t end there, because under the hood is a 4.2-liter V8 that makes 340 hp mated to a manual transmission.

You get all this plus a list of new parts for under 10k. I am tempted to buy this for myself. It’s $6,000 on Facebook Marketplace in Winchester, Virginia with 174,000 miles.

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Cushman Motor Works (now just Cushman) dates back more than a century when the company produced engines for all kinds of applications. Cushman motors have found a home in boats, electrical equipment, pumps, lawn mowers and more. As Silodrome reports, Cushman turned to building scooters as a way to continue selling products during the Great Depression. Scooters were a hit, as they were a cheap alternative to the car, while they also found a home on the battlefields of World War II.

Even after the war, scooters remained popular as a cheap way to get around. It will later receive a design reminiscent of the jet age. Sears would sell the bunch under its own Allstate brand. That’s what we see here. This is the Cushman Allstate Jetsweep, the new flagship Cushman 722 pacemaker.

Power comes from a 4.8 hp four-stroke engine mated to a single-speed transmission. This one runs and drives and is said to cost $2,550 on Facebook Marketplace in Brighton, Michigan.

The 400SE was introduced in 1988 and stands out as the last of TVR’s wedge-shaped sports cars. It is an evolution of the 390SE with a slightly larger engine (3,948 cc to 3,905 cc). That job is the Rover V8 that produces 275 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. That’s good for a top speed of 145mph and a sprint from 60mph in less than 6 seconds.

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This one is said to have some official records. It’s $30,000 at Hemmings by Gateway Classic Cars in Alpharetta, GA with 79,604 miles.

Have you ever wanted a second generation Isuzu Trooper but felt the rear doors were completely unnecessary? Meet the Bighorn Irmscher RS, or the Trooper that looks like it shrunk at a car wash.

This SUV is all kinds of work. Open the door and you’re greeted by a Recaro interior with brightly patterned seats, and you get nice features like power-folding mirrors, headlight washers and all sorts of original papers. And of course, it’s a low-end 4×4. The best part is that it shares the 3.2-liter V6 with the Troopers officially imported here, making it easy to find parts. Oh, and you get a five-speed manual.

It’s $10,950 on Facebook Marketplace in Corona, California with 87,000 miles. Listing courtesy of Obscure Cars for Sale.

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If you missed out on buying the new Ford F-150 Lightning, here’s something pretty close. This truck only has 43,808 miles on its odometer and is ready to burn some rubber. I’ll let our own Rob Emsley take it:

Based on the standard F-150 short bed/standard cab, Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) intended the second-generation Lightning to be a one-trick pony. With a payload of just 800 pounds and a side bed for the least amount of space possible, the Lightning is certainly not designed to be a work truck. Instead, it’s designed to act like a stinker and be able to turn corners. All of this was made possible by SVT modifications, which included a supercharged version of the 5.4-liter Triton V8, a lowered, more controlled suspension, and model-specific Goodyear wheels on 18-inch alloy wheels.

This one is cherry red and appears to be the part. The price for this very low mileage Lightning is high at $39,900 at CarFak in Fremont, Nebraska.

If you’re looking for car power, but in a newer body, the Chevrolet Impala SS is a great option. It’s big enough that its fenders are in different zip codes, but with its black paint and V8 engine, it still wins the hearts of drivers everywhere.

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The insignia of the SS were cleared after being dead for about a quarter of a century. It was then combined with the 9C1 police package and the 5.7-liter LT1 V8 engine that got the Camaro. That was good for 260 hp.

The seller doesn’t say much in the ad, which is annoying, but it’s $18,000 on Facebook Marketplace in Rockford, Illinois.

That’s it for this week! Have you bought a car from one of these publications? If so, I want to know.

If you know of a rare car for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, leave it in the comments or email it. If the car is still for sale, we may feature it in a future post. Welcome back to another entry to look at cool cars, motorcycles, and trucks put up for sale in the U.S. This week we have a giant wooden station wagon, an old English motorcycle, and an iconic Mercedes.

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Although I have a fleet of vehicles that suggest a varied but dubious taste, I actually love anything with a motor. I spend way too much time online looking at cars, trucks, planes, and motorcycles that I’ll never buy, so this series is dedicated to the best vehicles I come across each week.

The findings can be hilariously unreliable, extremely unusual, questionably modified, or just plain weird in a way that stopped me in my tracks. And I can’t say no to a good job. Let’s examine this week’s harvest!

This car is local to me and I’m glad all my parking spaces are full because it sounds like so much fun.

The Mazda 323 GTX was a normal road racer inspired by a converted rally car

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