Craigslist Las Vegas Cars And Trucks By Owners

Craigslist Las Vegas Cars And Trucks By Owners – This “Best Diesel Deals on Craigslist” virtual road tour, which started in March 2020, shows one of the connections of former President Bill Clinton, a diesel Driven 1994 Ford E-350 – For sale in Denver, Colorado. The uniqueness of this car and the fact that it is being sold together through Craigslist is why we are always looking for similar diesel deals from coast to coast.

Although pickup trucks with Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke can be found almost everywhere, they are not the main focus of our line. Rare, unique, and even diesel cars, tools, parts, etc., are the first things we look for. But in most cases, the new pickups we’re all familiar with carry more light.

Craigslist Las Vegas Cars And Trucks By Owners

For the “Best Diesel Deals” section on Craigslist, we decided to virtually search Los Angeles, California, and to our surprise, a search for “diesel” there yielded 498 vehicles (a one of the highest numbers since the series began) ).

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Not surprisingly, however, Los Angeles is definitely a haven for luxury diesels. Many new and used Mercedes-Benz cars as well as SUVs, popular BMW X5 and 335d, Audis and Volkswagens are all available for private parties. The rigs we chose for this report are projects, trucks, and may need something of one kind or another, and we think they are different and certainly interesting to consider buying.

As always, if you follow up on one of these examples, we’d love to know the details. Be sure to tell us about the good diesel deals you find on Craigslist. Send messages and contacts to: [email protected]

You should read the ads and listen carefully, because this land-set deal has many moving parts (figuratively). The key selling point, however, is the 62,000-mile diesel-four-wheel-drive chassis (same as the silver one in this photo) and a very nice, classic, low-profile camper. used A-Liner Expedition, is available. in the On the bottom / pallet on the truck. According to the seller, the truck itself rarely comes with a five-speed manual transmission. However, a clutch problem (probably coming off the transmission) prevents the transmission from shifting into third, fourth or fifth. Check the list for a complete description. For a $22,000 package, it’s certainly one of the most unique land-based vehicles we’ve seen.

There is no diesel on this truck (twice, actually). But, for $7,000 or more, we think it’s the perfect rust-free replacement for a restoration job, including an oil burner under the hood.

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“Fun” is the first idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis small 4×4 vehicle. It is powered by a Volkswagen 2.8-liter M-TDI engine (with ARP headers, Giles mechanical fuel pump, K03/04 hybrid turbo, upgraded pistons, new injectors and two intercoolers), It comes with Toyota parts including a transmission books, axles, steering box and four-wheel disc brakes. According to the seller, the best thing about this kind of restoration work is “no smoke problems” and the registration is renewed. Whoever pays $11,000 to buy this car is available for on- and off-road/rock-climbing adventures.

When a Craigslist ad starts or includes information like “wanted” and “give me a quote,” the Autobots will look at the description and images a second, third, or fourth time. , try to find the problem in the transaction. .unbelievable. This machine checks all the boxes for a high score. Comes with 1991 5.9L Cummins engine and 47RE automatic transmission, new interior trim, wiring, wheels and tires, Super Duty axles, air conditioning, heated seats and more.

Yes, it’s definitely a restoration job, but it has a clean title and the seller says it was running (for bodywork) when it was taken apart in 2005. Why are those machines so popular? Because, with its 5.9-liter 12-valve Cummins turbodiesel engine, four-wheel drive (including a NP transfer case) and Dana 60 front axle, this “Carryall”, as it was called in its day , has Power Wagon good quality and A. want diesel power. Buy now for $19, $500 before rebuild and high sale. Our search for the “best diesel deal on Craigslist” continues with a road test trip starting in March 2020. The tour begins with a 1994 Ford E-350 as the focal point for the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. We currently have 24 articles reporting the results of our ongoing research into diesel fuel sales from coast to coast. through Craigslist.

Although many pickup trucks use diesel, they are not our category. We are also looking for rare, unique, and even diesel cars, accessories, parts, and more. But, of course, the new pickup truck we are all familiar with gets its due in some respects.

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Las Vegas, Nevada — known by many as Sin City — proved to be home to many cars and trucks along with fire engines. And, with a climate similar to Phoenix, Arizona, rust rarely grows in or near Vegas. The old and later cars are clean, and most of the cars we found were custom and modified, probably because the city is a long time host for the SEMA Show, which shows a lot of good cars every year. Our search for “diesel” returned 240 vehicles.

This line of diesel rides leans on the “different” side, with trucks and sedans that best represent the uniqueness of Las Vegas. According to the city’s tourism board, whatever happens in Las Vegas is worth staying. The idea may be true in some ways, but it certainly does not apply to finding the best diesel on Craigslist. If you see something and like it, buy it and take it wherever you call home.

As always, if you follow up on one of these examples, we’d love to know the details. Be sure to tell us about the good diesel deals you find on Craigslist. Send messages and contacts to: [email protected]

This is a great deal for anyone looking for a clean, reliable, 4WD with a powerful diesel engine for only $9,000! Yes, it is old, but the 6.5L engine has been updated with a new Holset hx40 turbo, ARP headers, new injectors, etc., and there is a 4L80E automatic transmission in the rear. The paint is new, the interior is mint (according to the seller), there may be other noticeable features if you follow the ad.

Clean Cars Nevada

We’ve included quite a few petrol boats since the beginning of the series, and the regular ones are pretty cool. What elevates this car to another level is that it comes with a

Published. In addition, according to the seller, the machine is in excellent condition and can pass a smoke inspection. Combine all that with its $6,500 price tag and its new HVAC system, and we think it’s definitely a nice old man.

We don’t know if this truck was shown at the SEMA Show, but it’s a textbook SEMA-inspired build without a doubt. Originally a single-rear drive, it’s now a dual-rear drive that rides on a 22-inch, 10-helix. The tried-and-true 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine (with KC Stage 2 turbo, 180/30 injectors, Jellibuilt ECM calibration and more) goes. In addition, there are older model Super Duty upgrades (2014 bed/tailgate/rear, 2010 lasso power seat) and standard vehicles with suspension modifications. For a full list of the rig’s tricks, see the ad, which totals over $16,500.

Despite the basic combination, the clean old Dodge Ram pickup has a soft spot in the hearts of almost all diesel enthusiasts. This model works great for short, standard car beds. With only an impressive 69,000 miles and a 5.9-liter, 24-valve Cummins turbodiesel, “it runs and runs great with no mechanical problems.” This cream special is $22,000, but for some Dodge enthusiasts, this can be. a lifetime treasure.

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OG for cargo with new paint and OEM glass. The 135,000-mile 70-Series 4×4 costs $20,800 and comes with a 2.4L turbodiesel engine and a four-speed automatic transmission. Also “never smoked,” according to information provided in the ad. We thought the first Land Rovers with diesels were great. This seems like a good thing. Don’t miss your ride. Save this search to be alerted when vehicles are added.

2004 Ford F-150 STX $8, 617 170, 497 mi Henderson, NV (18 mi) Fair Trade $954 on the market Chapman Chrysler Jeep

2010 Dodge RAM 1500 SLT Crew Cab RWD $8,000 189,000 mi Las Vegas, NV (10 mi) Special $4, off market 164

2007 Ford F-150 King Ranch $7,995 159,000 miles

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