Craigslist Maryland Autos For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Maryland Autos For Sale By Owner – Dad of 9 trying to sell family van says he’s haunted by ‘vomiting ghost of past’

A new dad in Texas is going viral for a candid Craigslist post about his family’s 15-passenger van, which we’re having a lot of fun rolling like a parked car on the road. The $3,800 2005 Ford E350 XL is in good condition, has 143,200 miles, and is currently clean, but that’s what dad said about the family’s adventures in the truck. – “For full disclosure” – that makes the announcement truly hysterical.

Craigslist Maryland Autos For Sale By Owner

“The truck is missing a speaker on the side door. My kids have been throwing random objects into the speaker hole for years, so you might end up with a very special treasure. Or really old chicken nuggets. Maybe both.” said the father. . wrote “We’re a family of 11. Every one of our kids has been thrown into this truck for the past decade…we’ve detailed the truck several times (thanks to Xtreme Auto Re-Styling Center for addressing it.) An unmatched decadence in the world of passenger transportation. ) The van is clean now, but the ghost of vomit from the past will always inhabit it.”

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He goes on to describe various problems with the truck, sometimes cheekily like the lack of air conditioning, followed by a frequently asked questions section that anticipates the questions he hopes potential buyers will ask.

Question: “Have you done all the proper maintenance and religiously changed the oil every 3,000 miles?” A: [Laughs] No, I don’t. Does this article make you feel better? That made me feel better. Question: “Are those 143,000 miles mostly highway miles?” Answer: Well, most of them. But we have been using this van as our farm van for the past year. Also, in an effort to find faster routes, I’ve been known to disobey Siri’s instructions. These “shortcuts” have sometimes led us to exotic off-road adventures. I’m pretty sure those miles cancel out all the so called “highway miles”. Q: “Is the registration valid?” A: Yes! However, it should be noted that the first three letters of the current license plate are FRT. We have five children under the age of 12 at home. This is a very unfortunate combination.

Dad’s announcement was so good that the truck was already sold on the July 30 update. “OMG world. Wow. Thank you so much for all the interest! Loved reading your many emails, responses and commiserations,” he wrote. I think the van is sold (surprising me and maybe all of you)… believe it or not, I have a waiting list to contact if the deal falls through. Unbelievable. My apologies for not responding to your inquiries in a timely manner. Once again, thanks for all the wonderful responses. It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our smelly, intermittently chilled world.”

Check back later for some photos of the now famous truck, as well as more of Dad’s thoughts on it!

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Beautiful women cut hair for justice for Mahasa Amini by Kelsey Garcia 1 day ago They say Texas is a completely different country, as big as France and Switzerland combined (plus population over 29 million), only Alaska is geographically bigger. For those looking for a new project car, that can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on where you are. Texas has a large number of vehicles and they are in no hurry to get out of town. That’s because Texas is the fossil fuel capital of the country, and Texans love their cars.

We recently took a deep dive into all the top Craigslist sites in Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso. Our goal was to find the 10 best project car deals for $5,000 or less, with a flexible year range between 1960 and 1985. We ran the same search for California Craigslist sites two weeks ago and found some good shit, so I figured. , how about Texas?

Although Texas is bigger than California, we seem to have fewer cool cars that we like to find in rust-free condition. However, not everyone can take a week off work and travel to the West Coast for something like this. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got (ie gulf coast rust); You could do worse than the Lone Star State, with much of the western half subject to arid and sheltered California-like environments.

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However, one thing that seems universal among all Craigslist sites is that the low cost of posting leads to many questionable listings with poor photos, little information, and cryptic contact information. Even with the increase in salespeople, there’s a lack of the kind of hard facts you’d want to spend an entire day inspecting a car for. This is a lesson to sellers that if you really want to sell for the maximum amount, it pays to put higher quality/size photos and more details in an ad, or risk disappointing everyone. Let’s see what Texas has to offer the week of January 21, 2021! (Don’t forget to check out all the additional photos in the gallery.)

Cisco, Texas is where this Givenchy Edition Lincoln Mark IV is from, and you can bet it’s floating its 91,000 miles up I-20 in air-conditioned comfort. These early 1980s luxury boats have fallen behind from a valuation standpoint, and if you find one in good shape at a good price, now is the time to buy one. This needs some work to get going, but we’re encouraged by straight sheet metal. Our biggest concern isn’t really the drivability (302ci/AOD driveline combinations are a dozen), but the broken driver’s side turn signal lens will be extremely difficult to replace regardless of the cost of the piece. (See that announcement here.)

We love field finds, and this auto-style (Smithville, Texas) looks good with a well-worn patina. What kept it on our radar was the X-body architecture (same as the Chevy Nova). It works, but forget the stock Buick 3.8L V-6—pick up a cheap small-block Chevy, add a Holley Sniper nitrous kit, swap out the rolling stock and go sideshow. Almost all of the Camaro/Nova’s suspension components will be bolted up. If you look far enough down the length of the grille and headlights, you’ll see a 1972 Malibu face. (See ad here.)

We’re hesitant about this one (El Paso), but because of its extremely sexy shape, we’re inclined to boldly recommend it from a different perspective. A doddle if the interior isn’t so mangled or the rear gas tank filler is hit in the neck area. We love this big, beautiful girl’s big Buick 430ci mill, sleek styling, and straight sheet metal (except for the rear bumper). If you can get the transaction price down to $1,000 or $1,200, pull the trigger. (See that announcement here.)

Dad Selling His Family’s 15 Passenger Van On Craigslist

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but listed on El Paso’s Craigslist due to its largest market, this colonnade-style GM A-body always gets our blood pumping. Chevy made millions of these back in the day, and many parts are still common due to sharing mechanics with many other cars. Needs a better driver’s side fender and has a lot of rust under the vinyl top but everything else appears to be present. These cars are still relatively common so get it (or something similar) for less than $2K

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