Craigslist North Jersey Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

Craigslist North Jersey Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner – You can still find furniture or roommates on Craigslist. But romance or sex ads are no longer available after Craigslist took over the US site’s Personals section.

The company said the changes came after Congress passed the Internet Sex Trafficking Act, which aims to combat child sex trafficking. As NPR’s Alina Selyukh reported, it was approved in the Senate earlier this week but has been criticized by free speech advocates and sex workers.

Craigslist North Jersey Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

According to Craigslist, the law aims to “subject a website to criminal and civil liability if a third party (user) illegally uses personal information online.”

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“Any tool or service can be abused,” Craigslist said. “We can’t take that kind of risk without jeopardizing all of our other services, so unfortunately we’ve taken Craigslist Personals offline. We hope that one day we will be able to bring people back.”

The site added: “To the millions of spouses, partners and couples who have met through Craigslist, we wish you the best of luck!”

Supporters of the measure say it makes Internet sites more accountable for user-posted content that could facilitate child sex trafficking.

But, as Alina reported, the technology company considers this “the first serious reduction in the protection that the company has under the law.” And sex workers say it will make people in the industry less safe, pushing them onto the streets or deeper into the dark web.

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Trump has yet to sign the bill, known as FOSTA. It passed the House 388-25 and the Senate 97-2.

Until 2009, Craigslist had a section of its website called “erotic services” where people openly advertised for sex. It changed its name to “adult services” that year and promised stricter scrutiny after a Boston medical student was accused of murdering a woman he met through the site, NPR’s Tovia Smith reported. Craigslist finally stopped advertising “adult services” in 2010, as NPR reported , though its personal section is still up and running.

The “missed connection” section of the popular site remains in the US, and the personal information section is still available outside the US – users must verify that they are 18 years of age and understand that they may be viewing mature content.

Reddit also announced a policy change this week. It said users may not use the site to “solicit or facilitate transactions or gifts related to certain goods and services,” which include:

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Reddit’s statement added: “Reddit is not intended to be used as a marketplace and is not responsible for any transactions that users may make regardless.” As the site says, “Always remember: You’re dealing with a stranger online.”

GBH News brings you the stories, local voices and big ideas that shape the world. Follow us so you don’t miss anything! Based on the feedback we’ve received, many are excited about the latest reports of the 1994 Ford F-350 communications van that once drove in former President Bill Clinton’s motorcade. The four-wheeled, gas-powered command center is advertised on Craigslist, an online marketplace that has quickly become one of the most bookmarked websites on the Internet.

One of the things that attracts diesel enthusiasts to The List is the variety of trucks, cars, engines, tools and other mechanical devices that can be found within its pages. Very cool, and with bartering, negotiating and trying to get the best deal, it usually works out for a song.

The 1994 F-350 is listed on Craigslist/Denver for details. We thought it would be a good idea to check out the diesel specials from around the US to see what’s out there and maybe even get you on your next diesel trip.

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Starting with this first installment—New York—we’ll periodically call Craigslist for other major U.S. cities (for now sticking to the metropolitan area) and use only “diesel” as a search criteria to find five sweet deals to talk about. you about Our question isn’t about pickup trucks (there are plenty of sedans and SUVs in New York), and we’ll admit that the choice is somewhat subjective. But the results are quite interesting. So, let’s take a look at what the five boroughs of the Big Apple (including the suburbs of Long Island and Westchester County) have to offer.

Right off the bat, we found two gallons of Mobil Devlac 1 ESP 5W-40 Diesel Motor Oil for the extremely cheap price of $30 (for two). Thirty dollars is just the retail price

Jug of this oil, the buy-one-get-one-free concept makes the offer quite attractive. Interestingly, the list includes the Upper East Side (Manhattan). It’s an area dominated by high-rise apartments where you wouldn’t think people would have two gallons of oil besides what they use for cooking.

It is only natural that these rebuilt animals are sold on Long Island, where there are a large number of fishing boats. The 6V92T Detroit Diesel is a marine turbodiesel V-6 with a displacement of 92 cubic inches per cylinder (552 cc total) that produces 277 horsepower and 957 lb-ft of torque. As with many Craigslist posts, the seller doesn’t give much information about the car, but often the price is a bit skewed ($11,975 vs $11,900 plain), and you can negotiate. to a round number conveniently below.

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We said at the beginning of this rundown that choices are pretty subjective, and this 2005 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI is definitely one of the biased choices. No, we are not affiliated with the seller; This diesel Benz (actually its E350 sibling) is that car

Editor KJ Jones said he wouldn’t mind having one. When the owner says: “Nice condition, it’s a diesel model! Forty-two miles per gallon! No problem! 2005 with 165,000 miles! Goes and goes perfectly! Serious buyers only,” in short, the $5,000 price tag is the big deal. what makes this Brooklyn Benz attractive aside from its extremely clean appearance.

As a general rule, if you find a unicorn on Craigslist, buy it! Only $2,800 (and again, consider “negotiable”) and considering the fact that there probably aren’t too many 1999 Chevy Suburbans in this Union City with 6.5L diesels under the hood , which are still in use. (Ok, it’s actually New Jersey, but near the Lincoln Tunnel) preferred installation with a capital D! It doesn’t look cream (some battle marks on the passenger side, etc.) and some sellers comment, “130k miles. Good diesel engine. Or the best offer.” That said, this rig definitely looks fixable and can be used as a short distance shop truck or just as a cool OG to carry around camping or on the farm.

One good unicorn deserves another. Even though the Ford Excursion arrived a decade after the Chevy Suburban, there’s no doubt that the big SUV was the Blue Oval’s direct answer to the long-running supercar. And while diesel Suburbans ended in 1999, Ford’s big rig debuted in 2000 with the venerable 7.3-liter Power Stroke added to the lineup as an optional powerplant. This super-clean 2003 version is a holy grail to consider because it has a seven-three under the hood (the 6.0-liter was an oil burner that arrived a year later). It also has four wheel drive and we’re sure if it’s been well looked after it will still have plenty of miles with over 230,000 on the odometer. Again, Long Island (Maspeth), you must travel on this $13,900 diesel offer, which may be more enjoyable since the tour is titled “salvage” (identify the damaged vehicle and/or total the insurance by the company that pays the claim). When it’s not life-and-death critical, however, it broke down, as it usually prevents the vehicle from being fully covered by insurance. Palisades Park resident Kyrylo Kaprov allegedly fired a gun into the air in anger Sunday night after West New York. bar-restaurant to stop serving alcohol. Then he got into a car accident.

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A car crash in North Bergen has left no one injured except for the shooting suspect, North Bergen police said.

Kaprov then left the vehicle and ran for a block with minor injuries as police chased him, officials said.

Caprova was charged with driving under the influence, terroristic threats, aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, Western New York City spokesman Pablo Fonseca said.

The latest charge stems from the fact that although Kaprov was firing a starting gun — like the one used to start a run — “he was using it as a weapon,” Fonseca said.

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According to Fonseca, it turned out that Caprov had previously been drinking at the Marinero Grill on River Road in West New York, and “he was angry that they stopped serving alcohol there.”

According to Fonseca, although this case did not involve a real gun,

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