Craigslist Phoenix Furniture For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Phoenix Furniture For Sale By Owner – There’s nothing like the rush of finding a hidden gem in the depths of Craigslist, as the following homeowners will attest. Below, you’ll find a sampling of the best vintage notes to sprinkle on our pages – and a look at how designers have incorporated them into the mix.

Photographer Ty Milford and his wife, Kelly, focused on a whimsical, nautical aesthetic when they renovated a thin, clapboard house in the small community of Cape Meares on the Oregon coast. Ty scoured sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy to find the right mix of furniture and decor; a favorite find is a $1,000 Penn Yan Car Topper on Craigslist that hangs from the ceiling above the second-floor dining room table.

Craigslist Phoenix Furniture For Sale By Owner

Architect Christoph Kaiser transformed a derelict grain silo, bought online from a Kansas farmer, into a cozy studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Inside, Christoph designed a curved interior that matches the circular floor plan of the silo. “I didn’t want to cheat and make a box out of a bent shell,” he says. “I wanted it to look like the inside and outside were born from the same mind.” Most of the wood in the interior was scrap wood for the floor bought on Craigslist for $350. It is combined with black metallic elements. Everything in this room is perfect – he designed curved cabinets, a dining table, a sofa and a lamp with hooks for pots and pans. The working heads are made of Corian material. The Eames Wire Chairs are one of the few non-standard items.

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Interior designer Ginger Lunt transformed the 1954 residence she fell in love with as a little girl growing up in the rainforests of Mount Tantalus, high above downtown Honolulu, into her home and studio. being busy, it affects my mental state, especially when I sit down and work and create.” With that in mind, he designed the interior to be warm yet minimalist, combining the “free Hawaiian style” with the interior. century details Picture by Ginger Grandma hangs over a mid-century dining set that Ginger found on Craigslist.

Fritz Johnson Architect used salvaged materials and antique furniture to transform a turn-of-the-century Oahu residence. “If we couldn’t find a door or window at Re-Use Hawaii, we put them on Craigslist — none were bought for sale,” Johnson said. The dining table is made of recycled teak railroad ties from Indonesia. The green chairs were a Craigslist purchase, and the pendant lights from Ikea contrast the dark wood.

The available parts were tongue and groove redwood. To refresh the interior, each panel was carefully removed, repainted in a dark shade and replaced. A four-piece rattan sofa is the centerpiece, complemented by other wooden pieces like this Cherner armchair, bought on Craigslist.

On the Massachusetts coast, a creative couple and their equally curious children used reclaimed materials to create a 168-square-foot backyard structure that doubles as a studio, guest house, and playroom on a $10,000 budget. Taken from Craigslist, it’s been customized with a birch frame to give it a built-in look.

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Armed with a keen eye for design and a knack for shopping for vintage furniture, Glee star Jayma Mays and actor Adam Campbell revitalized a rundown home in Los Angeles. The couple picked out all the furniture in the house and searched Craigslist and found four. Verner Panton places chairs around the Pure dining table by CB2. Two metal side chairs from Denmark’s Modern L.A. and the couple bought Muuto’s Plugged Pendant by A+R. Mays and Campbell receive a Molecule Building Set as a gift; available from Ferm Living.

New York-based Danielle and Ely Franko — he’s a medical assistant and she’s a software consultant — were looking for a house that needed some TLC when they came across an 1845 barn that had been converted into a home in Jewett. , New York, about two hours north of the city. After looking through the kitchen cabinets and finding nothing that matched their budget, Danielle and Ely decided to build everything themselves from hardware store lumber—sanding, painting and gluing each piece. The worktops were made of plywood, as was the hood. The couple scored a 44-inch farmhouse sink and refrigerator off Craigslist.

Using found materials and DIY know-how, architects Jordan Meerdink and Shalini Amin polished off their train room in Queens, New York. Jordan removed the old paint from the transom window between the dining room and living room to let the light shine again. The chandelier is a West Elm mobile they bought used on eBay, the Ikea sofa was bought on Craigslist, and the floor lamp base was picked up from an Upper West Side junkyard. Jordan built the coffee and dining tables and Shalini made all the macramé hangers.

Most people buy furniture for their home. Christopher Florentino, known as Flore, bought the house for his furniture. The Brooklyn-born painter, whose work draws on graffiti and street art, has long lived with modern furniture, saving money since his teenage years. His collection finally found a home when he discovered a farm built for Gene Leedy in 1963 in Winter Haven, Florida, on Instagram. When Christopher saw a limited edition polka dot version of George Nelson’s 1956 Marshmallow Sofa on Craigslist, he called the seller and offered him $1,000 right away. “He said, ‘If you can come in fifteen minutes, it’s yours,'” he recalled. Apparently, he was really ready to end it. “As soon as I arrived, he pushed her down the stairs,” she said. He was upholstered in Alexander Girard’s “Double Triangles” fabric, which, at $1,400 a yard, costs more than the sofa itself.

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The architects behind Plow gut studio renovated a 1974 A-frame cabin in Cazadero, California. The kitchen is designed to celebrate versatility, space efficiency and storage. Two Fisher and Paykel refrigerator drawers can go from wine cooler to freezer with the push of a button, while a 1980s marble table found on Craigslist serves as a food prep area as well as a dining table.

In collaboration with Rough Workshop, design firm Blue Truck expanded a mid-century home in Los Angeles’ Westwood neighborhood for a family of four: Noel, an entrepreneur, Satoko, an independent design director, and the four of them. – a one-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter. A partial addition to the second floor includes the first bedroom and family room and office used by Satoko. The red filing cabinet was found on Craigslist.

Melissa and Jake, a smart couple from San Francisco, “bought the worst house,” says Melissa, when they moved to Jake’s hometown in Phoenix. They hired Sean Hogan of M Studio Architecture to open a maze-like bungalow at F.Q. Story Historic District and brought in interior designer Karen Nepacena of Eichler Landing to fill each room with playful, colorful pieces and vintage finds. In the living room, a vintage tapestry by Alexander Girard anchors the space. The bed was found on Craigslist and the rug was purchased from Blue Parakeet Rugs.

Simpatico Homes founder Seth Krubiner has been living in a prefab prototype with almost zero grid since it was renovated and picked up on site in 2011. Seth, shown here with girlfriend Kylie Gordon, furnished the home with items found on Craigslist and eBay, like the 70’s. Milo years of the 20th century. Baughman dining table and chairs by Norman Cherner.

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Alex Fawcett searched for the century-top for two years before finding it among the trees of Northford, Connecticut. When he bought it from a dealer, he learned that it was designed and built in 1956 by his father, local architect Cyril K. Smith, who had studied at Yale with Louis Kahn. Alex became the second owner after promising the Smiths that any changes would support the home’s architectural feel. A hands-on renovation followed, with the interior designer doing much of the work with the help of family and friends. In the kitchen, the Ikea cabinets are rich in black, and the appliances are hidden behind the edge of the cabinet, making the room beautiful. Storage now extends below the windows and lines the dining area, where the table and chairs were found on Craigslist. Nashville’s Southern Living Show, which opened in Dorset Park this October, is all about eco-renovation, and nothing innovates more than successful furniture production.

Have you tried to find a great piece of furniture at an online store lately? Not so easy unless you’re an expert hunter like Dana Tucker, whose company, Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes, is a featured artist for the Southern Living Showcase. Tucker has long been a connoisseur of great finds, and she took that skill to a new level when she scoured Craigslist for great finds for her artist husband Brooks.

“We are thrilled to have a large buffet to feature in the outdoor living room of the showroom,” said Dana. “He’s a little broken, Brooks is fixing and fixing a piece, it’s good

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