Craigslist Raleigh North Carolina Cars For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Raleigh North Carolina Cars For Sale By Owner – Again. That means it’s Friday and we have five more automotive gems for sale for less than $5,000. Last week, my colleague Peter Nelson took us on a tour of the great city of Atlanta. This week we are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, including nearby Durham.

Durham and Raleigh are quite far south and quite inland from the water, so they are a good choice for stainless driving. There is no nasty salty sea air to threaten the body panels, and winter salty mud to destroy the undercarriage is rare.

Craigslist Raleigh North Carolina Cars For Sale By Owner

Keep in mind that the Five Under Five listings aren’t just for enthusiasts and we aim to post for all types of drivers (even if we haven’t seen or driven any of these vehicles). As a budget car veteran with over 40 Craigslist whipper purchases to my credit, I know a thing or two about a good deal on a budget.

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Writer Chris Rosales, who discreetly despises them. Unlike him, my Peter and I love the EP3, even if the basic structure of the platform and suspension can be considered compromised. It’s still a nifty vehicle that’s often cheaper to buy than the Civic Sis that came before and after it.

This one is a little worn for miles and age, but doesn’t seem to have any major issues that would make the car horrible or dangerous to drive. The clear coat is faded, the driver’s door handle is missing, there is a semi-knotted dent in the driver’s side rocker panel, and it looks like the rear bumper cover is scratched and misaligned, meaning it probably needs a new bumper suspension bracket. The seller also claims that the cruise control does not work and the brake pedal vibrates due to the recessed discs.

The $4,950 list price isn’t terrible right now for the somewhat low mileage (over year and make) Civic Si with a clean title and no rust. Considering it’s been trading for 26 days, I bet the seller can drop below $4,000. For less than $4,000 and some elbow grease, you get a fun little hot (hot) hatch.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is the dark horse in the Prius-against-the-world hybrid race. Until recently, Ford’s early hybrids used technology very similar to Toyota’s. The Fusion Hybrid is no exception. Although the battery, engine, and electric motors are not the same as in any Toyota, the Fusion Hybrid uses a mechanically robust power transfer unit commonly known as the eCVT.

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It seems to be in good shape, except for the “total loss” that the owner talked about. A minor rear-end collision destroyed the bumper and trunk lid, which were then replaced. I think the owner may be confused about what a total loss means because I can’t find anything using the VIN lookup that would show the vehicle has been totaled. If that was the case, the car would have had its title rebuilt or damaged. If I bought this car I would make sure to get a thorough inspection from a trusted mechanic or body shop to make sure everything is good. If that’s clear, this could be a fun business.

I didn’t want to recommend the Corolla like Peter recommended one last week, but this is an LE model from a time when Toyota model ratings were simple and easy to follow. The LE grade came with lots of goodies, alloy wheels, really nice cloth seats (instead of vinyl seats like the CE model, which I failed the driving test) and air conditioning. In addition, the Corolla LE has been fitted with a four-speed automatic transmission, which is a huge improvement over the three-speed automatic in the more basic units.

Remember that these 1.8 liter engines tend to burn oil, especially later in life. I would have known I had three Pontiac Vibes and a Corolla sedan with this engine.

The Mercedes-Benz 300D has always been an iconic collector’s car. Born at a time when Mercedes-Benz was phasing out all gasoline engines because none of them could pass emissions (thanks for educating me, Jason Cammisa), the 300D is a staple of diesel transportation in the 1980s. Gorgeous, well-built and incredibly slow, these large sedans are not uncommon, but can be expensive for vehicles in decent condition.

Breezemere Ct, Apex, Nc 27502

This car looks really fit. The seller said the car had spent its life in California so there shouldn’t be any rust there. The sunroof looks functional and the interior has no major flaws. Unfortunately, the air conditioner leaks, but it works, at least for a while, until all the refrigerant has leaked out. There are a few other mechanical knick-knacks too, but I think they’re worth it just for a body in good shape.

I have to admit something. I’ve always liked these explorers, but I’ve always seen them as a kind of forbidden fruit. You see, I grew up in the late 90s in the house where my dad worked for the Firestone tire company in the middle of the Wilderness AT controversy. The Ford Explorer was an ugly slogan in our house. Amazingly, I learned to drive a Ford Econoline, but never mind.

This Eddie-Bauer-trimmed explorer looks in great shape, aside from a few cuts, dents and a slightly menacing front door. This example has been around for 22 days, so if it’s still available, I bet the seller is willing to buy and sell. Friends say Andy Banks grew up in the Gastonia area. Police found his SUV in Virginia, but there is still no sign of him.

RALEIGH, NC – A suspect has been arrested in connection with the theft of a car that police believe belongs to a missing North Carolina man. Raleigh police believe foul play is suspected and are now investigating the case as a homicide, according to WRAL.

The Best Way To Sell Your Car: Trade In Vs. Carmax Vs. Craigslist

According to court records, Merritt dropped the extradition hearing and will return to Raleigh to face charges of theft, motor vehicle theft and possession of a firearm in connection with the stolen vehicle.

Banks’ family and friends are pleading for a safe return after police said they met someone interested in buying his Range Rover on Craigslist. Banks have not been heard of since.

Banks’ cellphone was found Sunday off Interstate 40 in Raleigh, WRAL reports, and investigators determined the buyer’s phone was in Danville, Virginia.

Police found the same Range Rover on Monday in Danville — more than 80 miles from Cameron Village Mall in Raleigh, where Banks was last seen organizing an online auction.

Used Chrysler Cars For Sale Right Now In Raleigh, Nc

Unfortunately, Banks was never found with his car, and fear of the unknown worries his family and friends.

“I love you, this family loves you, and all your friends love you,” Mark Banks, Andy’s brother, told WRAL.

“He never meets a stranger, and he really has the way people lean on him and want to be there,” said his sister Dede Banks-Smith.

Police warn that such an online sales exchange can be risky at times. In 2017, CMPD investigated the killing of 21-year-old Zachary Finch, who officials say was shot while trying to buy a cell phone.

Tips On How To Find A Cheap, Reliable Used Car To Buy

“It’s always safe to bring someone with you when you’re doing this type of shopping,” said CMPD Capt. Cecil Brisbon. “It’s better to have someone with you than to do it yourself just for safety reasons.”

Police are still looking for Banks, who has not been seen since Saturday. Anyone with information should contact the Raleigh Police Department at 919-996-3335.

Prosecutors noted that Merritt was a person of interest in an ongoing disappearance case, WRAL reported, adding that they had no evidence of any criminal activity by Banks in the case. Craig’s List. Operating since 1996, the free classifieds site is the perfect place to find anything from a sitter, a new dog, furniture, to a soulmate, to … a car! Heck, my last car was from Craigslist – friendly knowledgeable dealer, nice car, great price. And while most things on Craigslist are kind of normal (“2003 Camry, Gray, 86k, call Jeff…”), you’ll occasionally find something nice. Here’s what came up after a quick look at my local CL. Don’t say you’re not tempted. What kind of poop is that? It’s Alfa Romeo Milano! What the hell is that? Well, it was an Alfa competitor to the BMW 3 Series (E21 / E30) in the 80s! Do you want mechanical ingenuity, Italian style, boxy 80s looks and singing Alfa V6? Here is your car! The Milano was front-engined and rear-wheel drive, but had a reaction tube and a rear gearbox for better weight distribution. Oh, and internal rear disc brakes. Game! It would have an Alfa 2.5 liter V6 engine with fuel injection under the hood, shared with the GTV6. It would be nice if it was a runner! Ronan Glon from Ran When Parked is a big Milano / 75 fan and let me know via facebook

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