Craigslist Sacramento Ca Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

Craigslist Sacramento Ca Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner – There’s a lot going on here, especially the rust holes in the front bumper, door and rear quarter. I wonder what the rest of the car looks like—maybe not as good.

If the picture of the car you see on Craigslist ads looks dirty, it probably is. But be careful – if it looks good, ask yourself: are you seeing everything in the picture?

Craigslist Sacramento Ca Cars And Trucks For Sale By Owner

Was the car photographed from a distance, like 20 feet away? At that distance you may not see any paint defects or rust issues. Maybe the seller is bad at photography? It may be, but remember that what is seen is not always clear. Not as new as the camera – bad photos can be taken on purpose.

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Always look at the picture and look for things like under the wheels. This is clearly a sign that the car has not been driven for a while or that the brakes are bad. The seller may state this in the ad, but you should always be aware that there is information they won’t tell you.

Note the cleats under the rear wheels – the Badger doesn’t have a parking brake, at least the owner isn’t sure.

I’ve actually seen this: the car for sale appears on the back of a tow truck or is covered in dirty asphalt. You may be looking for a car that hasn’t sat and run for decades and needs a truckload of work, but don’t ever blow the meaning of these things.

Yes, this is from a real Craigslist ad. Note that the seller has tilted the image to appear vertical. Why is she on the truck?

Cars & Pickup Trucks For Sale Sacramento Ca

I see this all the time. Obviously the car doesn’t work anymore, otherwise, why is it even called this? I know this means it won’t start and run now because the battery is dead, and it hasn’t moved since it last stopped, but why not just say it? I mean, for one, you wouldn’t say, hey, grandma was doing great 5 years ago, but now she’s dead.

I know, most people say this because the car has stopped working due to major mechanical issues, but don’t kid yourself, if it needs gas and a battery, it will have it. . It was up before the for-sale ad was written. The point is, regardless of whether it’s a car that’s been standing and running for years, remember that time can wear down the seals and other plastic parts, even the dealer doesn’t know what’s inside it now.

Don’t think this means it doesn’t need a lot of work. If it needs paint, you can bet it needs bodywork too, and paint ain’t cheap. Of course, if you have your own paint shop or can do the entire body work, go for it, but if you’re like most people, you’ll have to pay for a professional paint job and it will cost more. . Instead of the price of the car, remember that.

Also remember that some car needs may seem simple, but simple does not mean cheap, such as new tires. Although good tires can be expensive, the tires themselves are not a big deal; But with new tires, it may need a tire alignment, and if it hasn’t had new tires in years or a recent alignment, it may need new suspension components.

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Rare does not mean valuable; These words are not mutually exclusive. A dealer might have a 1970 AMC Matador with the Barcelona Edition package, but that doesn’t mean it’s worthless, because a 1970 Matador isn’t worth it to begin with. A good rule of thumb is to check and see what other models are selling for, and the 2011 model year. If a 1986 CJ5 in good condition costs $4K, a rare Daisy Duke Edition is probably worth three times as much. Usually, improved performance parts make it a rare and expensive model.

This Chevelle does not look bad, but look at the photo below, and you can see what it looks like.

As I said before, not everything is clear. So the car you’re looking at looks good, the seller lists new parts and says it runs great, so what? Unfortunately, there is one major factor that affects the price, such as title capacity. The seller may have lost it or it is a safe name, which can indicate many things about the car’s authenticity.

Also, the car may have a very high mileage. Remember some older cars don’t read 100k and miles, they just roll. So the question is, how many times has she rolled?

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The main thing to remember is that there is only one project – a project. You know what you are getting into but usually someone is in over their head selling a cheap project. Ironically, they may have bought the project without realizing it was in their head, so don’t make the same mistake they did. Happy hunting!

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How To Sell Your Car Fast On Craigslist…i Sold Mine In One Day!

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Both used car dealers and online sellers get a bad rap, and the same goes for online car dealers.

Craigslist has a local feel, but that doesn’t mean everyone who posts a car for sale is a neighbor. While there are many genuine people who want to trade in their car, there are also thieves who want to sell your car for a dead end car or a car in bad condition.

“Since Henry Ford opened up shop, consumers have been victims of fraudulent car sales,” Donald E. Peterson, a Florida consumer protection attorney who specializes in fraud cases, told Business Insider.

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We asked consumer protection experts about the biggest scams people should avoid when buying cars on Craigslist, and here’s what they had to say.

This is one of the biggest things you see in Craigslist posts: cars that don’t really exist. Scammers copy and paste images of real listings, then create fake listings in dozens of cities.

Beware of a salesperson who hesitates to meet in person and don’t spend money on a car you’ve never seen. Kathryn Hutt, director of communications for the Better Business Bureau, told Business Insider that she’s seen similar photos listed on dozens of sites across the country. “Who knows where the main car is?” She said. “Turkey continues to use the same image over and over again with many victims.”

To find out if the car you’re looking at is real, BBB recommends copying a photo from the listing and then Googling another image. If the car is seen in several places in several cities, you can bet that it is fake.

Used Trucks For Sale In West Sacramento, Ca

The same goes for the text: cheaters don’t always want to create a new listing for each car. Type the Craigslist listing into Google in quotes and see if other listings are using the same keywords.

While there is nothing illegal about selling your car privately rather than through a dealership, people who sell a certain number of cars per year (the number varies by state) must obtain a license. Those who don’t, who pretend to be sellers, are known as stonewallers.

There may be reason to try to circumvent the rules that require licensed dealers to follow, such as money-back guarantees if the car ends up being a lemon. Stone dealers “are often transient or, at the very least, difficult to find,” Peterson said.

If something goes wrong, you and the authorities will have a hard time tracking down the stone seller.

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If you don’t have a level of knowledge about auto mechanics, your untrained eye may not notice that the upper parts have been replaced with lower parts or that the airbags have been removed.

Your mechanic can tell you if there is something wrong with the car, so ask

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