Craigslist Used Cars And Trucks By Owners

Craigslist Used Cars And Trucks By Owners – A new car dealer offered me a $1,500 trade in on my 2003 Expedition. I turned it down and put the glasses on Craigslist. Four days later I had a check in my hand for $3,500.

This article will tell you what I did to sell quickly and safely. The goal is to solve the problem of payment of wages.

Craigslist Used Cars And Trucks By Owners

It’s a scary world out there, and it’s scary for car dealers to offer low wholesale prices. Recent headlines:

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It seems that the typical Craigslist buyer pays for a car with fake money, and after the deal is done, hits the seller and leaves the body in the pond.

Be careful with simple precautions. And – and just as important – put your buyers at ease. After all, he read the Craigslist headlines and now wonders if he’s one of the regular sellers selling hot items and hunting for buyers.

I’m a Craigslist affiliate killer (20+ in the last year, not really an authority). With so much on the internet and thousands of murders in a large country, it’s probably not statistically significant. I think there is a lot of official commentary on these lines:

Do you really need to be in front of the police to sell something? I have a few more recipes for car sales success. This 10-step plan will take you from test drive to payment.

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Your tools should include a single-edged razor and Goo-Gone (to remove ten), a bright vacuum (to get into the cracks), and undiluted ammonia. Maybe it’s spring for a new $8 car air freshener on Amazon.

Take it to the countryside where there are leafy greens. You won the contest for a photo taken in front of a vacant lot in the Bronx. Choose eight pictures. Do not assume that the buyer has a fence on one side.

Get information like ford2003. The purpose of not making your address public is generally not security (do murderers find their victims through email receipts?) but privacy; Spam email address. For the same reason, you may not disclose your phone number.

This is where you will meet buyers for your Craigslist location. With Google Maps added to this point, you can even set the driving route and no one will know where you are.

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What is certain? I chose the town hall/police station in a small town. There are shops.

– This means a 20% discount on the Kelly Blue Book price. Kelly’s price is a bit rich, and you want your ad to attract a lot of comments. Then you can check the buyer on the phone. Get rid of the garage and the people who are wasting your time. Don’t take a test drive with someone who isn’t willing to pay full price.

In the description, detailed features such as rear A/C and engine size and you are the original owner.

Of course, you’re worried about handing over your keys to strangers. Sometimes you are encouraged, but I think it’s a bad idea. Want to get behind the wheel with a thief in the front seat?

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A crazy strategy I recommend: Ask to see your driver’s license, take a photo on your phone, and email it to a friend right away. Email is there to protect you if you drop your phone in the pool after you’ve dumped your body.

I only showed the Ford to one buyer and never asked for a license. After the phone interview, I found it in the white pages and in articles about volunteer firefighters. He pointed to his wife and three sons, five of whom approached the SUV.

Test Drive: Write from Kelly to show your buyer that he is getting a deal. Copy of your name Two copies of the sales contract with the price, your name and the buyer’s name written on it. I also brought the 12 year old dealer sticker along with a folder with all the details and receipts for each repair.

If the buyer is ready to buy, we suggest signing, and give you a $100 deposit. Does he want to think about it? Yes, you say, but you show the car to others.

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. If you have a trade-in, explain that you want the balance in the form of a carrier’s check and that the closing is in the Department of Motor Vehicles office. Before doing so, the buyer will tell you the name and location of the bank branch where the check will be drawn and the name of the banker who can answer questions. Get the phone number for this department.

For the DMV. On closing day, you drive to the DMV with a friend who is left in another car. Bring a real screwdriver, wrench and screwdriver. Your buyer will bring their ID, a cashier’s check (sticky) to pay you, proof of insurance, and a personal check to pay the sales tax and registration fee.

The buyer’s insurance agent may need the vehicle’s identification number. No problem: it’s in the copy of the title you provided. Additional trips to the notary may be required in some states.

Before signing the title, call the bank to make sure the check is legitimate. To find the answer to this question, you may need information from the source (such as the customer’s account number).

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. When your buyer brings the registration form and receives the temporary plate, have your friend unlock it. If the buyer has a problem, you can help him. Then send your plate and take the receipt to the insurance agent.

With more patience I could have made hundreds of dollars. But I was happy to sell the car to a family that really needed it and drove off happily. Important, because if the window actuator breaks next week, there’s no way they’re going to chase me down and dump my body in the pool. MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – Northeast Mississippi independent dealers and small car dealers are hiding behind federal laws. According to Car History Reports, a source for auto industry and government safety regulators, the 1980s saw the odometer reset on older cars.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that the federal Odometer Act (497th U.S.C. ch. 327, Public Law 103-272) requires dealers and sellers to disclose the vehicle’s mileage in writing to buyers. According to NHTSA’s Odometer Information Overview, vehicles ten years old and older are exempt from the written statement requirement.

“Back then, cars didn’t last very long, and there wasn’t much odometer fraud on older cars,” NHTSA spokeswoman Kathryn Henry said. “NHTSA knows that today’s vehicles are more durable and more likely to be targeted for odometer fraud.”

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A letter revealed how some dealers are using the 10-year exemption on retroactive odometers. We answered a Craigslist ad for a 2006 Ford F-150 from Tupelo, Mississippi. The pickup is priced at $750 and is said to have “only 129,000 miles.”

Chris Basso, director of communications for CARFAX, the auto value and auto history company, met with “Jeff,” the person who posted the truck’s ad, to see the truck on the lot. the vacant lot in Tupelo. The dashboard odometer read the truck’s mileage at 128,763 miles. Jeff, who did not give his name, said he sold the car to a dealer.

We used the truck’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and ran its history on CARFAX. This shows that the F-150 has 188,698 miles on it. “We’ve seen over 60,000 miles on the odometer on this truck,” Basso said. “Someone is selling this car, maybe robbing someone else.”

“That, I don’t know, because there’s no mileage (disclosure),” he replied, because we don’t agree on Jeff’s mileage.

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“They hide behind it,” said Randy Patton of South Mississippi, a member of the Memphis Large Auto Dealers Association. Mississippi’s network of unlicensed and unlicensed dealers uses independent dealers to advertise or drive vehicles, enforce federal pre-owned vehicle reporting exemptions, falsify odometers and raise the trade value, he said.

“They restore them, and they get that 10-year or more warranty, and they can turn around and sell the car at retail and get full value for it,” Patton said. “Cuts the real value of the car in half.”

For example, Kelley Blue Book and CARFAX calculate that this F-150 is worth $7,750 with 60,000 miles on the odometer, which is about $4,750. “The difference in this truck is at least $3,000. So it reverses the cycle and artificially increases the value

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