Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Dallas Tx

Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Dallas Tx – They say that Texas is a whole different country, and the same size as France and Switzerland (plus a population of 29 million), only Alaska has more geography. For those looking for a new car, it can be good or bad depending on where you are. Texas has a large number of cars and they are in no rush to leave the city. Because Texas is the oil capital of the nation and Texans love their cars.

We recently took a deep dive into all the major Craigslist locations in Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and El Paso. We set out to find the 10 best cars for $5,000 and under, with a year range between 1960 and 1985. We did a similar search for California Craigslist sites two weeks ago and found some great junk, so we thought, what? Texas?

Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Dallas Tx

It turns out that Texas, despite being bigger than California, has some nice cars that we like to keep in rust-free condition. However, not everyone can take off work for a week and go to the West Coast for something like this. Sometimes it’s all you have (like Gulf Coast Rust); You could do worse than the Lone Star State, and the western half is affected by a protected, dry climate like California.

Ship A Car From Craigslist

One thing, however, that appears in all Craigslist sites, is the cheap price for postings that contain lots of ads with poor pictures, little information, and secret contact information. Even with customers on the up and up, there’s a lack of concrete information—the kind you’d spend all day checking out. car. It’s a lesson for sellers that if you really want to sell more, it pays to post better photos/more information in the ad—or everyone else suffers. Let’s see what Texas has to offer the week of January 21, 2021! (Don’t forget to check out all the additional photos in the gallery.)

Cisco, Texas, is where the Givenchy Edition Lincoln Mark IV hails from, and you could say it traveled the most 91,000 miles on the I-20 interstate in frigid temperatures. These cheap boats from the early 80s are for sale below, and if you can find one in good shape at a good price, now is the time to buy. It takes some work to run, but the right metal makes us strong. Our biggest concern isn’t the driver’s side (302ci/AOD driveline combos are a dime a dozen), but the driver’s side indicator light will be a pain in the ass. Replace it regardless of the cost of the part. (See the announcement here.)

We love field tests and this one (Smithville, Texas) sees the piece in a nice patina. What puts it on your radar is the X-body structure (like the Chevy Nova). She runs and forgets being born—with a 3.8L Buick V-6—carry a cheap Chevy small block, add a Holly Sniper nitrous kit, swap the exhaust, and hit the hatch. Almost every Camaro/Nova part will fit perfectly. If you stare at the headlights and taillights, you’ll see a 1972 Malibu look. (See ad here.)

We’re on the fence with one (the El Paso), but we’re hoping to recommend it from a bolder point of view because of its ultra-sexy looks. If the interior hadn’t completely drained and the rear end hadn’t hit the neck of the gas tank, it would have been a slam dunk. We love the big 430ci Buick mill, sweet styling and straight metal (except for the rear hatch) on this big fat lady. If you can get the transaction price down to $1,000 or $1,200, pull the trigger. (See the announcement here.)

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Based in the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area but listed on El Paso’s Craigslist due to its market size, this GM A-body is always equipped to get the blood pumping. Chevy makes millions of these today, and many parts are still plentiful because they share engines with many other cars. Needs a good driver fender, and some bad rust under the vinyl top, but everything else seems to be there and the four are confirmed. These cars are so common, it’s possible to get them (or something similar) for under $2K. (See the announcement here.)

When Ford redesigned the Thunderbird for 1964, he had the unfortunate opportunity to test it a few months before the launch of the Mustang, with which it shared its language. Make no mistake, this T-Beast (El Paso) is loaded with luxury features rarely seen in a car at this price. Fair enough in our opinion (an opinion shared by the market), the 1964-66 T-Bird is a lot of fun for the story. With mostly intact trim and interior without torn fabric, this project in West Texas is doable. (See the announcement here.)

If you’re a Mopar fan and on a tight budget, the little A-Body is your go-to car. If so, the 1975 Dodge Dart Sport (Pecos, Texas) could be your lucky number. The seller details a few minor issues that won’t bother drivers (water pump not working, fender ding), but no blemishes. Cloth. Forget baby-poo paint; Buy now or consider making an offer above asking price or if there is competition. (See the announcement here.)

The Mercury Comet is the younger brother of the Ford Falcon and older cousin of the Mustang, meaning that key mechanical components (engine, trans, driveline, suspension, brakes) are often found-edited model special cuts and sheets. If you don’t mind owning a four-door (these are becoming more popular every day), then this 1965 Comet Caliente (Pleasanton, Texas) might be just the thing for you. Definitely an old lady’s classic car, and not a single scratch or dent. Patina is going to die if you pick it up, because Pete, don’t paint! (See the announcement here.)

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We’re back on the GM A-body Colonnade bandwagon with this 1975 Olds Cutlass. Like the 1976 Chevy Malibu listed above, it carries a hefty price tag, but maybe it’s our fault for putting these cars in our readers’ heads for the past 10 years. The interior is painted (don’t forget to look for any Olds brightwork for the ’73-77 models) and again the paint doesn’t hide the body’s sins, but it’s one of the worst body styles of the 1970s and for death-power. Old man, this could be your lucky day. (See the announcement here.)

Full expensive models from the 1960s don’t cost the same as mid-range models or collections from the same era, which is odd given their initial booking value. However, this can be understood due to their complexity, limited number, specialized components and low efficiency. That said, we’ve seen cars like Matt Delaney’s ’67 Imperial turned to perfection, so we hope so. The Chrysler 300 convertible north of Waco has a lot of trim and interior and seems limited to a few bumpers. With a good 383 Wedge/727 TorqueFlite core alone at $1,500, splurge on this big C-body. (See the announcement here.)

Everyone loves a Mustang, and this from Hutto, Texas, is a great start for someone who knows these cars well. The seller has done a lot of work, removing important rot and opening, so you don’t buy a pig in a poke here, but there is work to be done. We’re glad they did the research and spelled it out in the announcement, which you can see here. Good performance 289-horsepower Mustangs are getting harder to find, so we don’t think the price is too high, but the lack of a title may give you some negotiating room. It is true that money cannot buy everything. Need proof? Buy a pickup truck. You can be the best friend of all your fellow travelers at night, but being vigilant can also earn you a lot of freebies. And maybe an open mind.

To do that, you must be a regular follower of Craigslist, the bottom fish of the Internet. CL is full of ads for free stuff that only people can unload, ie pickup trucks or pickup trucks.

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It’s one of the most fascinating and disturbing cultural events in modern America, something you’d never expect to stumble across here. Surprisingly, you should be able to afford a truck in the first place – but at the same time, you can settle for a rental house if you’re too early.

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