Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Raleigh Durham Nc

Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Raleigh Durham Nc – Again. That means it’s Friday and we have five more automotive gems for sale under $5,000. Last week my colleague Peter Nelson took us on a tour of the great city of Atlanta. This week we are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, including nearby Durham.

Durham and Raleigh are just far enough south and just inland from the water that there is a good variety of stainless motoring. There is no pesky salty sea air to compromise body panels, and wintery salty mud to destroy the undercarriage is rare.

Craigslist Used Cars By Owner Raleigh Durham Nc

Remember, the Five Under Five lists aren’t just for enthusiasts, and we try to post for all types of drivers (but we haven’t seen or driven any of these vehicles either). As a vintage car flipper with more than 40 Craigslist beater purchases under my belt, I know a thing or two about a good deal on a budget.

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Author Chris Rosales, who quietly despises these. Unlike him, Peter and I love the EP3, even if the basic platform and suspension design could be considered compromised. It’s still a sharp-driving vehicle that’s often cheaper to buy than the Civic Sis that came before it and after it.

This one is a little tattered even for the miles and age, but it doesn’t appear to have any major issues that would make the car horrible or unsafe to drive. The clear coat is faded, the driver’s door handle is missing, there is a half dent in the driver’s side rocker panel, and the rear bumper cover appears to be worn and misaligned, meaning it probably needs a new bumper hanging bracket. The seller also states that the cruise control does not work and that the brake pedal vibrates due to holes.

List price of $4,950 isn’t terrible these days for a somewhat low mileage (for the year and make) Civic Si with a clean title and no rust. Considering the fact that it’s been listed for 26 days, I’d bet the seller can drop below $4K. For under $4,000 and some elbow grease, you have a fun little hot (hot) hatch.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a dark horse in the Prius-vs-the-world hybrid race. Until recently, early Ford hybrids used technology very similar to Toyota. The Fusion Hybrid is no exception. Although the battery, engine and electric motors are not the same as some Toyotas, the Fusion Hybrid uses the mechanically robust power split unit, often referred to as an eCVT.

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This one appears to be in good shape except for the “total loss” that the owner said has occurred. A small rear-end collision damaged the bumper and trunk, which were later replaced. I think the owner may be confused as to what total loss means because there is nothing I could find via a VIN search that showed the vehicle was totaled. If so, the car would be given a rebuilt or salvage title. If I bought this car I would make sure I got a thorough inspection from a trusted mechanic or body shop just to make sure everything is in order. If it’s clear, it could be a good little deal.

I won’t recommend a Corolla because Peter recommended one last week, but this is an LE model from a time when Toyota’s model qualities were simple and easy to follow. The LE class came with lots of goodies, alloy wheels, very nice cloth seats (instead of vinyl seats like the CE model I passed my driving test in) and air conditioning. The Corolla LE also came with a four-speed automatic transmission, a huge upgrade over the three-speed auto in more basic units.

Keep in mind that these 1.8-liter engines tend to burn oil, especially later in life. I know I have owned three Pontiac Vibes and a Corolla sedan with this engine.

The Mercedes-Benz 300D has always been an iconic collector’s car. Born from the time Mercedes-Benz discontinued all of its gasoline-powered engines because none of them would pass emissions (thanks for teaching me, Jason Cammisa), the 300D is a staple of 1980s diesel trucks. Sumptuous, well-built and incredibly slow, these large sedans are not uncommon, but can get expensive for vehicles in decent condition.

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This car appears to be in very good physical shape. The seller said the car spent its life in California so there should be no rust. The sunroof appears to work and the interior has no major blemishes. Unfortunately, the air conditioner is leaking, but it works, at least for a little while, until all the refrigerant leaks out. There are also some other mechanical issues, but I think they are worth it, just for the body in good condition.

I have a confession. I’ve always liked these explorers, but I’ve always seen them as some sort of forbidden fruit. See, I grew up in the late 1990s in a household where my father worked for the tire company Firestone, in the middle of the Wilderness AT controversy. The Ford Explorer was a dirty phrase in our house. Oddly, I learned to drive in a Ford Econoline, but whatever.

This Eddie-Bauer-trimmed Explorer appears to be in good shape except for a few dings, dents and a slightly worn front door. This particular example has been sitting for 22 days, so if it’s still up, I bet the seller is willing to trade. Save this search to be notified immediately when matching listings appear. displayed or expand the search

The selection of cars was surprisingly large for such a modestly sized building. But I knew the car I wanted. I found it on the internet and saw it sitting out front when I pulled up. Everyone was helpful and I could test drive it as long as I wanted. I ended up buying it for a little under list price, but a few days later it had some problems. I took it in and they fixed the much smaller problem almost immediately and without charge. Great communication.

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The good thing about the dealer was that they offered low payouts. They also offered a good service package that comes with the car.

Capital Boulevard North (away from downtown) has a wide variety of retailers. You can find anything on this one five kilometer stretch.

When I was in college, I dated someone who worked for a local landscaper. He wanted to see what city planners planned to do in the city because his company had a contract to do the landscaping. Raleigh was quite small and inclusive back then, with few major roads to go from … (more) m downtown to other cities. That will soon change! Since then I moved to NJ but came back to visit because my family still lives there. Recently my daughter decided to attend a small college in Raleigh. So now we are moving back and the change in infrastructure is incredible! Development and more industry on RTP and the city center has forced the inclusion of much larger highways than ever before. It’s a new (as in recent years new) beltway, with an inner loop going toward downtown Raleigh and an outer loop going away from downtown. I love driving in Raleigh, open highway or not, because I like to remember the cow pastures that used to be there and compare it to now. Now it is a dynamic, thriving place to be. The highways run from the western mountains of the state all the way to the “Crystal Coast”, the beautiful pristine beaches of the eastern part of the state.

South Saunders Street into the city center – South Saunders St. Enters downtown Raleigh from the southern part of the state and is geographically lower than downtown. So when you come in from the south, the downtown skyline is above you and you can see the skyscrapers and the road ahead. Sometimes I’ve seen it right before a hum … (more) r thunderstorm hits, the view is amazing!

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Be prepared to drive defensively! It is not the city for “Sunday drivers”. If you come to Raleigh and putt along, you will find yourself falling behind. Also, DO NOT trust the “friendly” wave. This is when the traffic has stopped and they ask you to get out and turn left. I’ve been hit twice by … (more) in that scenario, a total of one car.

I went to the Honda dealer because I buy Hondas. I would suggest that they do! I’m not the type to buy a car off Craigslist, so I can’t suggest that. Capital Blvd and Glenwood Avenue have tons of car dealerships.

My favorite driving memory is not necessarily a good memory, but definitely a memorable one! I went to lunch in Cary, which is Raleigh’s neighbor. During lunch it started to snow. We quickly finished our lunch as it really went downhill. The bad thing was that it started to freeze on the roads … (more) . So instead of

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