Craigslist Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ny

Craigslist Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ny – If you are looking for a classic electric car. There is no better option than the elusive General Motors EV1. Unfortunately, finding these in the wild is highly unlikely. So maybe check out one of those period-right contenders: the 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV.

An excellent and very rare example of Toyota’s first attempt at a modern electric vehicle just appeared for sale on Craigslist, giving classic electric car enthusiasts the chance to pick one of the grandads that make the modern EV more than just a car. shine in eyes of a car executive

Craigslist Used Cars For Sale By Owner In Ny

This one was exclusively for sale in North Carolina. Similar to the GM EV1, the first RAV4 EV was offered as part of Toyota’s lease-only program when it was released in 1997, though it was only offered to fleet buyers until the turn of the millennium. By 2002, Toyota began offering them to the general public for $42,000 (which is $67,500 in 2022 dollars), although sales of these battery-powered crossovers were short-lived. when battery production is stopped Toyota ceased production in November 2002 with only 328 sold.

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Powered by a 27 kWh battery, the RAV4 EV isn’t exactly king. in fact US Environmental Protection Agency Rate the crossover at just 94 miles, which isn’t impressive by today’s standards. But it’s comparable to the GM EV1 (up to 105 miles according to the EPA), and beats both the Chevrolet S- 10 EV (72 miles) and Ford Ranger EV (50 miles). to 60 about 18 seconds

If this car looks familiar, it should! The RAV4 was sold last year on Cars and Bids where it sold for $8,750, and current owner Calvin Clinton is seeking to return it. Clinton told me she was selling the car along with the rest of the stables. Because she was on the move and had to pick just one car to take with her. That led him to choose between a RAV4 EV, Mercedes Benz E350 BlueTec, Ford Mustang and a 1955 Adler MB 250.

“Personally, I’ve put it on less than 100 miles since I bought it,” Clinton said. Use it around town because we have free EV chargers at nearby colleges.” The car is up for sale when I’m moving in July due to family commitments. and can only take my mustang.”

Clinton said the car has dirt and scratches as well as the obvious wear and tear that a 20-year-old car must have. 1 set of special brakes and turntables with 3 chargers (2 pieces can be used)

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If you’re interested in buying this classic EV, head over to Craigslist where it’s priced at $11,995. Any contact you get through the CL that you’re alone is completely separate. If you sell your car through another site or offline Just cancel your ad here. You only pay here if you sell from here. And the buyer goes through the CG checkout process (BTV, I don’t work for this site at all. I’m just trying to help answer your question.) Also, you should be careful when responding to CL ads, lots of scammers.

It seemed so strange that I would immediately get four responses saying they had cash and wanted to look at my car today. One said he couldn’t see, he wanted to pay full price in cash and was more than 100 miles away.

Maybe you underestimated the car? let customers come to you Tell them you can meet them outside the police station or maybe at your bank. Have the bank check the bill before signing.

As long as they have cash and you have a safe meeting place. Make an appointment at your bank or police station or one advertised as a ‘safe haven’ and get out of there. Caution One CL scam involves a customer paying for an invisible item. but want to pay by check Then they said they will pay you more. If you send more money to the sender The check bounces and you don’t have the amount you paid.

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User submitted content is not endorsed by do not comment and should not be reviewed, reviewed or approved by Please see terms of use. Content will be removed if found to violate our guidelines. Craigslist is a waste of time for drivers. For everything really, but especially for cars. Looking for interesting crafts in your area? Craig has them. How about a specific model year Chevy S10 pickup truck? No problem. A winter shovel for under $1000? Bring a trailer, but be sure, however, that with a maximum price of $10,000, that’s a reasonable price for a used car. There are some interesting options. We skipped the Chrysler 200s, Chevy Malibus, and Cruzes for some cool cars at that price.

This is a Detroit specialty. In short, there are more G-body rigs on the streets of Motor City than anywhere else in the world. We see them – Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, Olds Cutlass – every day. Now go one.

This 1987 Monte is a luxury sports model (LS as opposed to SS) with a 305 cubic inch V8 and automatic transmission. Power was increased compared to its predecessor to 165 hp. I couldn’t find that purple in the old Chevy’s color codes, so I assumed it was common. According to the seller, the car has 66,000 miles on the clock and some new fabric. He doesn’t need help selling and will take $8,000 or the best offer.

This Mark VI is the first model year of the fifth generation Lincoln coupe. It has been made thinner compared to previous models. which was normal at that time but has taken various forms of previous cars those used Including oval windshield radiator grille and spare tire storage This car appears to have a 302 V8 instead of the larger 351.

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This example has just 46,127 miles on it according to the seller. and has only two owners It was stored indoors and last month was tweaked, some brakes, new AC compressor, oil change, transmission fluid and filters, battery, new belt and coolant. That’s a lot of work to do with the car before you sell it. which may be positive or negative Some of us, myself included. Happy with the general maintenance for the first few weeks. If you don’t like and like old coupes. For $8,550, this might just be the one for you.

The first generation Boxster appeared at the Detroit Auto Show in 1993 to great acclaim from both journalists and the public. Although production of the series started in 1996 after several delays It used a center-line six-cylinder engine that was rebuilt in 1999 after teething problems.

With a 5-speed manual transmission and just 80,000 miles, this car puts out 217 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, and these cars are still a favorite among two-seater enthusiasts. This one is on sale under our $10,000 mark for $9,875.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the 503bhp R63 AMG Mercedes minivan. It’s a smaller version of the engine that packs a 3.5-liter V6, as the name suggests, delivering 268bhp to all four wheels. Top speed is 143 mph. and reaching 60 mph in 8.3 seconds, the official production version premiered in New York in 2005.

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This Alabama-built Mercedes shows 101,000 miles on the odometer and has a black interior to match the silver. Glossy wood trim, leather seats and the company’s new infotainment screen. That’s comparable to what you’d find in a Ford Fusion today. Still, the all-wheel-drive Mercedes minivan transporting younger and younger road-test editors is a compelling $8,995 proposition.

In 2009, the fifth generation BMW 5 Series is almost complete. (Completed in 2010) The E60 adds new features previously unavailable to the 5 Series, including iDrive, head-up display, active cruise control and more. with lane departure warning, a state-of-the-art feature at the time

This is an M Sport with M5 wheels and a 4.8-liter V8 with shift paddles, producing a solid 360 horsepower and 360 lb-ft of torque.

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