Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

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Pre-session surveys or quizzes can be useful for a number of reasons: how students rate the session; knowledge test at the beginning of the session compared to the end of the session, during the session; Adding interactivity to your lectures/seminars.

Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

If you need a template for a rating survey, you can use this link to create a copy of the survey below.

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It is important to check the response settings on your form before distribution. You can do this by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the form and selecting the ‘Settings’ option.

For example, to measure surveys and quizzes, it’s a good idea to set the survey to anonymous and not collect response information. However, the good news is that if students are already working in Microsoft Teams, you don’t need to log in again if you want to record names and limit responses.

At the top of the channel you’re using, you’ll see several tabs – the default tabs are ‘Posts’ and ‘Files’. Click + to add a new tab.

Select ‘Add to existing’. Select your form in the drop-down list from your personal form list. You can select ‘Collect Response’ or ‘Show Results’ from the drop-down menu. You can choose to post about the survey to the channel. Click Save when done.

Creating A Simple Quiz With Microsoft Forms

Copy link to tab (paste to chat) to use during MS Team video call. Go to the Forms tab and click on the three dots. There is an option called ‘Copy link to tab’. If you paste the copied link into the MS Teams video call chat box. This will take students directly to the tab.

Tip: At the beginning of a team session, it is always beneficial to visit the team and explain which part of the team you will be using and when.

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Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

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Microsoft Forms began as an online application for teachers to easily create quizzes and tests, but it has evolved into a more comprehensive form-making tool and is available to a wider audience.

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Forms are surveys, surveys; It’s a web application that can be used to create quizzes and tests — basically any format you want to capture data from other users. When teachers use forms to manage tests and quizzes, they can automatically retrieve results. For various surveys, it can track responses with its own built-in analytics.

Microsoft Forms is available to all Microsoft 365 Education users, as well as anyone using Microsoft 365 for business and a Microsoft account (such as Hotmail, Live or Outlook).

Using Microsoft Forms is very easy: choose whether you want to create a form (such as a poll or survey) or a quiz. Interestingly, quizzes have correct answers and can be scored. After creating your form, you can share it with the intended audience and review the results with the form’s built-in analytics display.

Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is available from your Microsoft 365 applications or your Microsoft account. Here’s how to get started:

How Do I Use Microsoft Forms And What Is It Exactly?

1. Sign in to your Microsoft account, such as your Microsoft 365 work or school account or your Microsoft Outlook account.

2. Find “Forms” in the list of apps. You need to click on the Apps menu and select “All Apps”.

You can open the form from Microsoft 365 or sign in by going directly to the form page. Dave Johnson / Insider

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Microsoft Forms page and sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.

Create Online Google Form And Online Microsoft Form By Rehanzahid955

The form page has a template row at the top of the page, which includes options to create a new form or a new test. There may be more templates; If you click on “More Templates” you’ll see about a dozen template options.

If you have created one or more forms; You’ll find them under Templates, where you can see a list of recent forms and anything pinned to a page for frequent access. Click on “All My Forms” to view all your previous forms.

The Forms page contains buttons to start a new form or quiz, as well as your recently created forms. Dave Johnson / Insider

Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

2. Click on “Untitled Form” and give your form a name and description. You can add an image to the top of the form by clicking the image button on the right.

Microsoft Forms Survey And Quiz Tool Is Now Free To Use For All Users

4. In the pop-up menu, select the type of input you want to create for your form. This is a multiple choice question with buttons; Open form fill-blank text input; user star rating; This can be an entry that requires setting a date entry and more.

5. Select the entry option and then fill the required details. For example, include question and answer options. You can allow multiple answers and indicate whether the current question requires an answer (or all questions are optional and users can submit the form without answering each entry).

7. Click “Add New” to continue adding files to your form. You can then proceed to preview and share it.

2. Click on “Untitled Quiz” and give it a name and description. You can add an image to the top of the quiz by clicking the image button on the right.

Embed Quizzes And/or Results In Sharepoint Using Microsoft Forms

4. In the pop-up menu, select the type of entry you want to create. You have the same options as if you were making a normal template: multiple options; Fill up the vacancies; Star rating and date selection.

5. Fill the required details. But since this is a puzzle, you have a few more options. “Choice” and “Text” questions can be the correct answers. To indicate the correct answer to a multiple choice question; Move your cursor to the appropriate option and then click the check mark on the right. For a text answer, click “Add Answer” below the question and enter the exact answer the user needs to type to count as correct. You can also enter multiple correct answers. If the user enters a correct answer, this will not be revealed when taking the quiz — it will be used by the form and automatically score the test for you.

If you are creating a puzzle; The form tells you which is the correct answer for a multiple choice and fill in the blank question. Dave Johnson / Insider

Creating A Quiz In Microsoft Forms

7. Continue adding content to your puzzle. You can then proceed to preview and share it.

Creating A Quiz Using Microsoft Forms In Onenote

One of the most powerful features in Microsoft Forms is the ability to create branching forms – your surveys, polls or quizzes can be interactive (this is often useful for multiple questions) where the user sees the question based on the answer selected. This can be used to create a personalized experience. However, it is easy to make.

1. When editing a question, click the three dots at the bottom right of the question. In the pop-up menu, select “Add Branch”.

Multiple choice questions are a great opportunity to segment surveys or quizzes based on how users answer the question. Dave Johnson / Insider

2. On the Branch Options page, select the question to go for each option. For example, the first option may take the user to the next question, while the second option may skip that question and go directly to the following question.

Getting Started With Microsoft Forms: Part 1

3. Continue to select branch option for other questions in the form. Some questions may be “closed ended”; For example,

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