Diesel Pickup Trucks For Sale Near Me

Diesel Pickup Trucks For Sale Near Me – Building on our previous tips, tricks and buyer’s guides for used diesel trucks, this time we’ve upped the ante to show you what’s on offer for $20,000. While 20,000,000 won’t get you into a new ¾-ton diesel, it can buy you a durable, proven tow rig that has plenty of life left in it. In this price range, we recommend the ’06-’07 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 2500 HD for GM fans, the ‘07.5-’09 Ram 2500 for the staunch Cummins devotee, and the ’99-’03 F-250 for the Faithful Oval Blue. Each truck will likely have over 120,000 miles on the clock, but will still be in good to excellent condition and ready for another decade of loyal service.

This article is aimed at potential buyers looking for a turnkey truck that is ready to go and will require some repairs, upgrades or issues before hitting the road. Since four-door models are the most popular configuration built, bought, and sold in the diesel pickup segment, this article also assumes you’re looking for a crew cab truck with four-wheel drive. The following tried and true models of the Big Three have been tried and tested by enthusiasts and working class people for over 10 years. Just take your pick – you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Diesel Pickup Trucks For Sale Near Me

We’ve praised the ’06-’07 GM HDs in the past for their powerful powertrains, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! The Duramax/Allison engine/transmission combination is unmatched for durability, efficiency and smooth operation and is perfect for anyone who plans to spend a lot of time hitched to a trailer. Sure, the classic light and heavy body GMs don’t exude the towing confidence of a Super Duty or Ram of the same era, but they’re still more than capable of handling most jobs. Plus, whether you’re working or playing, ’06-’07 ¾-ton Silverados and Sierras offer superior ride comfort (for an HD pickup) thanks to the use of an independent front suspension (AAM 9.25 IFS). These trucks are affordable, fuel-efficient workhorses with an extremely reliable (and powerful) LBZ Duramax engine, a six-speed version of the Allison automatic, and worth every penny. Unfortunately everyone knows this… so expect to pay the 20 grand for a clean one.

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Long after the injection problems encountered in the LB7 (’01-’04) and after solving the overheating problems encountered by countless LLY owners (‘04.5-‘05.5), the LBZ was (and for many still is) the essential Duramax . This is the last of the pre-DPF engines, the first 6.6L to be backed by a six-speed Allison transmission and has a supercharged 360 hp and 650 lb-ft in its bones, more power than any Ram or Cummins equipped . Power Stroke-equipped Ford could meet in ’06-’07. Because of its renowned reliability, plug-and-play performance, and DPF-free capability, the last of the body-on GM classics fetches top dollar in the used diesel truck market.

With a 1.26-inch-diameter input shaft, 1.75-inch output shaft, and a dry weight of 330 pounds, the commercial-grade Allison 1000 behind the ’06-’07 LBZ Duramax is equipped with some of the toughest you’ll find in a pickup truck. Also, the electronically controlled automatic is very smart. Through precise communication between the engine and the transmission, Shift Energy Management (SEM) ensures that there is no excessive torque during gear changes, which reduces operating heat and saves clutch wear. If the Duramax stays in front of the Allison at its stock power level, the Allison can easily outlast the engine, which is really saying something.

For the simple reason that it’s not uncommon to pay more for the ’07 5.9L than the ‘07.5-’09 6.7L, we’d go with the latest run of the third-gen body with the bigger, nimbler Cummins under the hood. Sure, you get a more complicated version of the industrial inline-six (thanks to EGR and its use of a DPF), but it eschews the SCR system that didn’t debut on Ram ¾ and 1-ton trucks until 13. . , access to a six-speed automatic transmission and get a very efficient exhaust brake. While we like to recommend the simplicity of 5.9L engine trucks to readers for reliability reasons, pre-2007.5 trucks just aren’t getting any newer. Unless you can find a smoker deal on a pristine ’03-’07 Ram, we’d go with the beefier, more capable 6.7L Cummins on the ‘07.5-’09 platforms.

Faulty sensors, moving parts stuck with soot and carbon, and check engine lights are some of the headaches associated with exhaust systems on newer 07.5 diesel engines. Among the most common failures of the Cummins 6.7 liter exhaust system is its EGR valve. The valve, which is electronically controlled by an actuator and mechanically actuated by a shaft, often gets stuck in place due to soot build-up. To be fair, and while it’s a messy, time-consuming job, Cummins quotes a 67,500-mile cleaning interval for the EGR valve. If this component is cleaned regularly, the problem related to EGR will be much less common.

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Thanks to the 6.7-liter Cummins’ quick-response variable geometry Holset HE351VE turbocharger, ‘07.5-’09 Rams have excellent transient response and virtually zero turbo lag at any engine speed. On the braking side of the equation, the factory integrated exhaust brake (aka turbobrake), with its 190 available brake horsepower, makes going down the stairs a much more comfortable experience.

Finding a decent Ford in this price range is harder than finding a GM or Ram. Since ’03-’07 Super Dutys equipped with the 6.0L Power Stroke are plagued with problems big and small, the ’08-’10 trucks are fine, but the 6.4L Power Stroke has a reputation for self-destructing at higher miles high (and repairs to engine mounts can be fixed) and while ’11-later Blue Ovals have proven pretty reliable to date, they’re out of the 20,000 price range. Bottom line, and as long as you don’t need your ¾-ton pickup truck to tow more than 15,000 pounds, we recommend hunting down a ’99-’03 F-250 powered by the 7.3L Power Stroke. It won’t be perfect, but you can get a decent ’99-’03 Super Duty on a budget and then turn around and put some money into the truck to keep it on the road.

Designed for both Ford and its own medium-duty applications (ie box trucks and buses), the Navistar-built 7.3L Power Stroke is pretty hard to kill in stock. It doesn’t make anything like the power that the new trucks coming out of Detroit make, but it will do basically any task you ask of it, day in and day out, without missing a beat. In terms of reliability and durability, we’d rank the 7.3L second all-time, behind only the Cummins 5.9L 12-valve. If properly maintained, it is not uncommon to see odometers exceed 400,000 kilometers and sometimes half a million.

Today, the biggest problems facing the 7.3L Power Stroke are related to aging: rusted oil pans, leaky dipstick adapters, leaky turbo pipes, dead glow plugs, tired injectors, bad UVCH and worn lift pumps. They’re all pretty common, but virtually none of them will land you on the side of the road, or even throw a CEL. These engines were designed, manufactured, assembled and implemented when times were much simpler (ie lower emission standards and expected power figures) and this is reflected in their longevity.

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