Do You Get Cravings On Your Period

Do You Get Cravings On Your Period – It’s like clockwork: the period before the month (i.e. before the menstrual cycle) returns. Suddenly, you can’t control what you want to eat, and no matter what you do, you can’t stop craving and thinking about chocolate, salt, salt chips, pretzels, candy, ice cream. , greasy burgers, fries – Basically every type of sugar, fat, and carb you can think of. Here’s why you’re still hungry before your period, and how to stop it!

Suddenly, you can’t control what you want to eat, and no matter what you do, you can’t stop craving and thinking about chocolate, salt, salt chips, pretzels, candy, ice cream. , greasy burgers, fries – Basically every type of sugar, fat, and carb you can think of.

Do You Get Cravings On Your Period

Well… most of us don’t need a calendar to tell us when our period is coming – because all the cravings for sweet and salty are like big alarms. Many times we are left in the dark with strange cravings, such as: only eating lunch like 30 minutes before, getting hit by a hungry bus, screaming inside for food, saying you won’t be happy until you get inside. who craves sweet and salty.

Periods And Pre Menstrual Syndrome (pms) Symptoms

If you find yourself craving potato chips and cookies every month as your period approaches, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Food cravings are just one symptom of premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS, and up to 85% of women experience at least one PMS symptom each month.

Researchers have shown that women eat more carbohydrate-rich foods, in general, in the week before their period. This suggests that the urge is a symptom of PMS. In fact, food cravings rank high with the most commonly reported PMS symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, bloating, and more.

Eating can increase up to 500 calories per day than before your period.

While women’s preferences vary, the most common are: high sugar snacks like chocolate (Snickers anyone?!), sugary drinks like frappuccinos, salty and fatty snacks like fried chips and fries, high fat/high carb foods like burgers and fries. chicken, and to a lesser extent, you can also experience cravings for alcohol.

Menstrual Cycle: Five Ways Your Period Intensifies Sugar Cravings

These PMS symptoms are very real and are related to the hormonal changes that usually occur during the last two weeks of your cycle. The pizza and surf cravings that seem to outweigh your health needs are real. It’s not your fault – no more guilt, my hormones are high about this…

I stick to healthy habits throughout the beginning of the month, until I get PMS, and then it goes away.

Endless cravings, snacking and eating tubs of ice cream, pasta and crusty bread weeks before menstruation – it’s an uncontrollable disaster.

When I left the PMS window, I had problems – weight changes, wondering if I had lost control, and feeling the negative effects of too much sugar and carbohydrates, such as acne, inflammation, fatigue. Also, the sudden consumption of sugar causes me to crave it again, triggering a cycle of sugar cravings. #periodnightmare

Super Hungry Before Your Period? This Is Why

But, thankfully, there are great, practical, and effective ways to take the wheel off your hormones during your PMS window!

As I write these words to you, I can tell you that I have been working on PMS symptoms and finally I have come up with a way to avoid these urges and help heal, and reduce PMS symptoms and periods. I will tell you what to do to control appetite, control hunger, and avoid weight gain during menopause.

Well… if you are tired of this yo yo eating habit, endless cravings, and weight gain due to PMS and want to get it under control, you are right. I will show you step by step how I stopped my bad PMS cravings and dieted for good!

Before we dive directly into the pool of our performance medicine, we need to know why the body cries out for more junk food during the month.

Fighting Food Cravings And Pms

Although researchers aren’t sure where food cravings and hunger come from, there are some important concepts to understand.

Estrogen is a very important hormone in our bodies, and as levels rise and fall, cortisol (the stress hormone) also rises. When menstruation begins, cortisol levels rise, all while serotonin (the happy hormone) decreases.

When cortisol levels are high, your body switches to a fight-or-flight response, and your appetite is stimulated. Suddenly, your body looks for fast food sources, such as high sugar, processed carbohydrates and high fat foods, which triggers this fight-and-flight response.

In addition, when the body’s stress level increases at the same time as the happy hormone drops drastically, the body begins to find ways to self-medicate and comfort itself, to make you happy.

Why Do You Get Food Cravings During Your Period?

And… what is everyone’s favorite way to treat themselves? Eating sugary foods and refined carbohydrates causes your body to suddenly release ‘feel good hormones’.

Foods that raise blood sugar levels such as pizza, chocolate, chips, french fries and other refined carbohydrates are quickly digested and therefore release serotonin quickly.

However, when eating these sweet foods and carbohydrates release the ‘happy hormone’ suddenly, eating too much will produce more serotonin than is needed and will be immediately activated.

After the previous negative actions, due to the reduction of serotonin, the feeling of depression begins, as well as the reduction of blood sugar and fatigue. As a society, we believe that sweet, warm pasta is the way to relieve stress, but it only encourages depression and other cravings.

Foods Women Should Eat And Avoid During Their Period

In the short term, the boost from sugar doesn’t last long, as it lasts for an hour or two, before you experience a serotonin crash that causes energy and bloating.

As if that’s not enough, when we face PMS we often feel bloated, lethargic, depressed, tired and depressed, and mental disorders are more likely. bad choice.

Of course, the search for physical and mental health is another explanation for the need for food for us ladies!

Finally, research has linked PMS to low blood sugar and decreased insulin sensitivity, possibly related to hormonal fluctuations during different phases of the menstrual cycle.

Recipes For Period Cramps, Bloat, & Fatigue

Needless to say, the one thing we do know is that the desire to eat seems like an hour before time – predictable – and now that we’ve seen the crazy world of female hormones, we can see that. There are many great solutions to curb and prevent unwanted cravings.

By including a healthy balance of foods at every meal or snack, you can reduce blood sugar fluctuations and speed up digestion so you don’t feel hungry. All we need are three balanced components to create a healthy, balanced and satisfying diet.

These three things can speed up digestion, stabilize blood sugar, keep you full longer, make you feel fuller, more energetic, and stop craving chocolate and chips.

If you’ve lived and worked to include the three magics of balance—fiber, protein, and healthy fats—I promise, you’ll balance your blood sugar, blood sugar, and satiety.

How To Reduce Sugar Cravings Around Your Period

) now do what you shouldn’t eat. And yesssss…. You might think that since we’re talking about blood sugar levels and serotonin crashes, you should start avoiding and cutting back on processed foods, junk carbs, junk food, candy and soda.

Cut out and limit foods including refined carbohydrates (such as white bread, white rice, and pasta), as well as sugary foods, beverages such as pop, chocolate, and caffeine. craving

In addition, by limiting these types of food not only during PMS, but throughout your month and cycle, you will not only improve your PMS and period symptoms, but also improve your health and reduce food cravings during the month.

Take free time for example. By not eating processed foods and sugary foods, menopause symptoms will improve. Eating sugary foods and refined carbohydrates can increase your blood sugar levels, and this increase in blood sugar can increase the severity of your symptoms. Balanced blood sugar = balanced time!

Can I Exercise On My Period?

When you eat sugar, hidden sugars and processed carbohydrates, it causes your blood sugar levels to spike – and makes you hungry.

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