Dog Friendly Hotels Carmel By The Sea

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Dog Friendly Hotels Carmel By The Sea

Hofsas House Hotel is a pet-friendly boutique hotel located in the village of Carmel-by-the-Sea and within walking distance of several friendly shops, cafes and restaurants. The hotel describes itself as “European beauty with the warmth of family hospitality” and we fully agree with their motto.

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There were several pet-friendly accommodations in Carmel, and after doing some research, we decided to book our stay at the Hofsas House Hotel. We considered various factors such as location, price, reviews, and pet-friendliness, and Hofsas House Hotel was a huge success.

The hotel is located near Ocean Avenue, Carmel’s main street with all the restaurants and shops. It was an easy 5 minute walk from the hotel. Carmel Beach is also nearby and about a 20-minute walk from the off-leash, dog-friendly beach.

Parking is available if you want to drive to the beach, but we recommend getting there before 10:00 if you want to take a parking spot. The traffic that went to the beach during the day was very long.

We arrived a few hours later than expected to check in and when we arrived the staff were welcoming and concerned that we arrived a little late. They gave us great information about the area and even gave us gifts for our fur babies. Each dog was given a portable bowl, shampoo and a dog towel. Everything went very well as there was a dog beach nearby.

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3775 Via Nona Marie, Suite 100

One thing to be aware of when arriving in Carmel is to arrive before sunset. Carmel is known for not having street lights or house numbers, so walking around the area in the dark was more difficult than we thought. We had so much trouble finding the right lane in front of our hotel room that we ended up giving up and parking in the parking lot behind the hotel.

We stayed in Room 38, which is on the ground floor and at the end of the building. The room was very spacious and pet friendly. We didn’t expect much space so it was a pleasant surprise.

We can tell that Kuma and Zooey were happy with the extra room because they were always playing and chasing each other. The decor was modest, with a fireplace and a small lounge area. We didn’t use the fireplace but wish we had on those busy mornings. Carmel was surprisingly cold in the late 50s, in mid-June. The highest level he took was in the 70s.

The room had two queen beds which gave us plenty of room to share a bed with our pups. The mattress and pillows were very uncomfortable but at least we were warm.

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The bathroom and sink were spacious and we believe the room is handicap accessible as the bathroom sink is lower than the average counter. Also, the grab bar between the shower and the toilet was too long. The hotel provided basic necessities such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotions. Thankfully they also provide hand sanitizer.

The only gripe we had about the bathroom was the shower. We like to take hot showers and the water temperature was lukewarm. It wasn’t hot enough to warm up our body temperature, so we had bumps when we got out of the shower. The water pressure was also so strong that it was painful to wash our faces in the shower. We always come out of the shower unsatisfied.

The closet was very spacious and had hangers which we really liked as we like to hang our clothes instead of leaving them in the luggage. We also found an iron, ironing board and blow dryer here. There was also a large shelf above the clothes rail that worked well for storing all of our dog treats and food. Our puppies LOVE to eat, so we always have to hide treats in places where they can’t get to.

We thought it was important to be aware of the noise level as we have puppies who are good guard dogs and bark at anything they hear outside or inside the walls. As we mentioned earlier, our room was at the end of the building. Next to our room there were residential areas and a road that led to the end. Day and night, cars entered the road, made u-turns, sped up or honked.

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This not only bothered us but also the dogs. There was also a house nearby that had a house alarm going off all the time, and the dogs weren’t big fans of that high-pitched sound, and neither were we. The walls were also very thin so we could hear the neighbors talking and the children running upstairs. We’re sure they heard our dogs bark too.

Breakfast was served from 8-10am in the main entrance where we checked in. They gave us trays so we could take as many things as we wanted. This was perfect because we had our hands full with dogs.

We don’t usually have high hopes when hotels offer a free continental breakfast, but we really enjoyed our spread. The pastries were delivered fresh daily from Paris Bakery in Monterey, and the coffee was sourced from Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Company. We tried a different cake each day and everything was delicious. Crystal really enjoyed the coffee and would always go for a second cup. It’s not often that we get an outstanding free coffee.

Behind the hotel there was a lot of parking with its own private area; however, there were a few designated parking spots if you wanted to park in front of your room. The first night we arrived, we tried to park on the ground in front of our room, but we couldn’t find our way as the place was very dark and there were no street lights, and the parking space was already taken.

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Before we left the hotel, some parking spaces were opened in front of our room, so we got in our car in front so that we could easily carry our luggage to the car.

We stayed at the hotel in mid-June and booked the room through It cost us about $250 per night with an additional $50 pet fee per night for two dogs ($30 per night for one dog, but we have a small discount for two dogs).

The total cost for two nights in June was just over $600, so spending a summer weekend in Carmel isn’t cheap, but we wanted a city experience with our pets and dogs and it was worth it.

We stayed at this hotel on June 19, 2020 and the staff did a great job following CDC guidelines. Everyone had to wear a mask, hand sanitizer was provided, glasses were individually packaged, cookies were individually packaged, and staff only entered the room when needed.

Dog Friendly Travel; Hofsas House In Carmel

We had a great weekend in Carmel and the Hofsas House Hotel was in a great location as it was close to Carmel Beach and within walking distance of lots of dog friendly activities, restaurants and shops. We would be happy to book another stay here; however, as much as we loved the large room, we probably would have asked for another room because of the noise in room 38. Carmel has long been one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. Dogs are welcome everywhere in Carmel. Some restaurants have dog menus. Many stores have a dog that you can give to your furry, four-legged family members, and you’ll find water bowls in many stores as you wander around town. Some have a place to tie your dog’s leash. There are poop bag stations throughout town (highly recommended) and near beautiful Carmel Beach. Carmel Beach is the most dog-friendly beach you’ll find. And evening bonfires on the beach with your dog will definitely be the highlight of your visit. The Cypress Inn even has “Make Time” after a long day of fun with your “kids” at the beach, Mission Trails, and downtown.

The Scenic Road winds its way around Carmel Beach and offers a packed dirt road alongside it for joggers, leash-dog walkers and hikers. The Scenic Road from Carmel Beach to Carmel River Beach offers spectacular views of Carmel Point, Point Lobos State Reserve, Pebble.

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