Edge Of Dock Leveler Parts

Edge Of Dock Leveler Parts – If you have limited space or a full-size work range, you don’t need a pit-style leveler. NOVA’s Edge of Dock Levelers are an economical option. The Edge of Dock Leveler attaches to the face of the dock and provides a working range of 5 inches above and 5 inches below the dock.

When the dock attendant pulls the release chain, the hold is released, the levelers are raised and the lip is extended. The attendant walks, unloads the screed and places it on a truck or trailer. The grips maintain contact between the leveling lip and the truck or trailer during loading and unloading. When maneuvering under the dock is necessary, pull the front traction chain to retract the safety leg and lower the leveler into the desired position as you walk along the leveler. After unloading is complete, the release chain is pulled to lift the leveler from the truck or trailer bed. When the lips fall on the necklace, the attendant walks over it.

Edge Of Dock Leveler Parts

Edge Of Dock Leveler Parts

The platform is constructed of 1/4 inch thick 4-way high tension 50,000 minimum yield A572 safety tread plates. Industrial rated (CIR) capacity up to 40,000 lb. CIR unit total length

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6″ high structural channel for 45,000 lb CIR unit and 6″ high general structural channel and I-beam for 55,000 lb CIR unit.

Supports are welded to the bottom, front and rear headers for full structural support. Front and rear header plates are 1/2″ thick x 7″ high hot rolled steel. NOVA NMS Series Lips with 4-Way Safety Tread, 25,000 lb CIR 1/2″ Thickness, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000

And 55,000 lb CIR is 5/8 in. thick. Standard lip length is 16 inches for all capacities. Hinge tubes are 1 3/4″ OD x 5/16″ wall, 1 7/8″ OD x 3/8″ wall, or 2 1/8″ OD x 1/2″ wall. inch walls depending on CIR. All lip hinge pins are 1 inch diameter M1044 steel. Steel header angles are standard on all models 35,000 lb CIR and above. All units have lubricators

NOVA’s mechanical edge levelers offer a variety of sizes and capabilities, with a standard operating range of 5 inches above the dock and 5 inches below the dock. Operation is safe, simple and ergonomic for all loading dock workers.

Vestil Pe 2572 36 Electric Edge O Dock Leveler, 25000 Lb. Capacity, 72

Say goodbye to cumbersome portable plates. Our edge dock levelers give you the convenience and capability you need. Edge of Dock Leveler

Serco Edge-of-Dock Levelers are an effective and affordable alternative to portable plates. This loading dock leveler mounts to the front of the dock to make loading and unloading trailers easier and is ideal for medium-sized shipping docks. With simple one-button styling, you’ll get the dependable durability you need and the performance boost you need without breaking the bank.

Rice Equipment offers a variety of Edge-of-Dock leveler protection methods. Adding a steel cover to the door opening eliminates the need for concrete work and adds reliable serviceability.

Edge Of Dock Leveler Parts

Edge of Dock Levelers use manual lifting hooks and therefore require very high lifting forces. These hooks are difficult to control and pose a dangerous pinch hazard. Similarly, other EODs require the center of gravity to be in front of the leveler and require a high degree of balance, skill and timing.

Nordock Edge Mount Pit Style Dock Levelers

Serco’s EZ-Lift system takes the frustration out of just inserting the bar and pulling it back. Once the straight leveling lip is securely on the trailer, you’re ready to go.

The Edge-of-Dock Leveler is easy to use and requires only 15 pounds of force to operate. The patented EZ-Lift design is complemented by the Spring Assist system. Heavy-duty steel lifting handles with safety catches ensure simple and intuitive activation. The range of motion is 5 inches above and 5 inches below dock height.

Serco SM Series Mechanical Edge of Dock Levelers offer both durability and affordability, with a proven design for superior performance. Plus, easy installation and ease of use will have you up and running in no time. Standard product features include exclusive serrated lip hinges for added strength and longevity, EZ-Lift™ to help reduce spring lift forces, laminated tire bumpers and integral maintenance bars.

The Serco SA Series of air-operated edge levelers combine an air-operated lifting system with convenient push-button controls to increase efficiency by eliminating manual loading and unloading of trailers. Using a patented air bag lift system, this dock leveler provides reliable performance and lower cost of ownership because there are no springs or detents to repair or replace. Other premium features include serrated lip hinges for added strength and durability, laminated tire bumpers and integrated tech supports.

Spare Parts For Edge Of Dock Levelers Or Yard Ramps

Having trouble with your current EOD coverage? Our high EOD levelers are ideal for dock positions that are typically too low.

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