Edge Of Dock Leveler Price

Edge Of Dock Leveler Price – EOD levelers are the most economical way to service trucks with minimal height differences. Safe, simple and ergonomic operation for all your charging dock assistants.

Say goodbye to those pesky portable plates. Our dock levelers offer the convenience and power you need.

Edge Of Dock Leveler Price

Edge Of Dock Leveler Price

Serco Edge-of-Dock Levelers are an effective, inexpensive alternative to portable docks. This loading dock leveler is mounted at the front of the dock to facilitate the loading and unloading of trailers and is ideal for medium traffic loading docks. With simple push-button styling, you’ll get the dependable durability you’re looking for and enhanced performance that won’t break your budget.

Pit Levelers, Loading Dock Leveler, And Dock Levelers

Rice Hardware offers several ways to securely attach your Edge-of-Dock Leveler. Adding a steel cap to the door opening can eliminate the need for concreting and provide years of reliable service.

Edge-of-Dock levelers use a manual lifting hook that requires a lot of lifting force. These hooks are difficult to handle and present a dangerous crushing hazard. Similar to other EODs, it requires your center of gravity to be in front of the leveler, which requires a high level of balance, skill and timing.

Serco’s EZ-Lift system eliminates frustration, just insert the bar and pull back. Once the leveler is safely in the trailer, you’re good to go.

Your Edge-of-Dock Leveler is simple to operate and only requires 15 pounds of force to operate. The patented EZ-Lift construction is balanced with the Spring Assist system. The heavy-duty steel lifting handle and safety handle ensure simple and intuitive activation. Operating range is 5 inches above and 5 inches below dock height.

Mechanical Edge Of Dock Leveler

The Serco SM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler offers both durability and affordability, with a proven design for superior performance. Plus, with easy setup and easy-to-use operation, you’ll be up and running in no time. Product standard features include an exclusive loop lip hinge for increased strength and extended life, EZ-Lift™ spring assist to reduce lifting forces, laminated rubber bumpers and a built-in service rack.

Serco SA’s series of air-powered dock levelers combine an air-powered lifting system with convenient push-button operation for maximum efficiency when loading and unloading trailers. Using a patented air bag lift system, this dock leveler provides reliable performance that reduces total cost by eliminating the need to repair or replace springs or detents. Other premium features include lip-shaped hinges for even more strength and durability, as well as rubber laminated bumpers and a built-in maintenance strut.

Having trouble with your current EOD service suite? Our EOD risers are perfect for dock positions that are usually too low. The hydraulic edge of dock levelers offers the quality and benefits of electric hydraulic operation at a fraction of the cost.

Edge Of Dock Leveler Price

The hydraulic edge of the dock leveler is quick and easy to use. Just press and hold the power button and the edge of the dock will rotate, the lip will extend outward. Release the power button and the lip will slowly drop onto the trailer bed. When you’re done, simply press and hold the power button until the lip drops onto the trailer bed. Release the power button and the edge of the dock will return to the saved position. The bridge cylinder and lip help smooth cornering of our electric hydraulic dock leveler.

Pit Mounted Dock Levelers

The hydraulic edge of this dock is designed primarily for forklift use. Standard capacity is 20,000 lbs. with a 15” lip. Recommended dock height is 48-50 inches. The corners of the dock have a limited operating range of 5 inches above the dock and 5 inches below the dock. Standard voltage is 110V single phase. A 3-phase power supply is also available. .

Each corner of the pier must be installed correctly. They should be welded to the curb angle or access plate and bolted to the pier. Please contact us to learn how to properly install dock edge aligners and determine if a dock edge is right for you.

The unit comes complete with a dock leveler edge and (2) 4x12x13 molded bumpers welded to a one-piece back plate. This ensures smooth mounting and reduces installation costs.

This easy-to-use dock leveler edge is designed for quick installation and years of reliability. Standard capacity is 20,000 lbs. and is available up to 30,000 lbs. 15″ standard lip. Working range is 5 inches above 5 inches below dock height.

What Is A Loading Dock Leveler?

The difference between a hydraulic and a mechanical dock leveler is obvious on the surface – the hydraulic leveler works automatically with the push of a button, while the mechanical leveler is activated by pulling a chain. Most important is the cost of ownership. A…

Maintaining the proper operation and safety of dock levelers and related equipment must be a top priority regardless of the frequency of use of the equipment. Many dock leveler upgrades and replacement parts are available for both manual and hydraulic dock levelers. Mechanical…

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