Edge Of Dock Levelers Price

Edge Of Dock Levelers Price – Hydraulic Edge of Dock levelers offer the quality and benefits of electric hydraulic operation at a fraction of the cost.

The Hydraulic Edge of Dock leveler is quick and easy to use. Just press and hold the power button and the side of the dock will flip up, the lip will extend outward. Release the on/off button and the lip will slowly lower into the trailer bed. When done, simply press the power button until the lip of the trailer bed drops. Release the power button and the edge of the dock will return to its original position. The cylinder wall and lip help ensure smooth operation of the electric hydraulic side of the dock loader.

Edge Of Dock Levelers Price

Edge Of Dock Levelers Price

The Hydraulic Edge of the Dock is designed primarily for forklift use. Standard capacity is 20,000 lbs. With a mouth of 15 inches. Recommended dock height is 48″-50″. The side of the dock has a working area limited to 5″ above the dock and 5″ below the dock. The standard line is 110V single phase. A 3 phase power pack is also available.

Bluff Edge Of Dock Leveler: 94 In Overall Wd, 72 In Usable Wd, 20,000 Lb Load Capacity, 29 3/4 In Open Dp

All sides of the dock must be properly positioned. They must be attached to the elbow or access plate and attached to the anchor. Please consult us on how to install dock levelers, and determine which dock levelers are right for you.

Unit comes with Edge of Dock Leveler and (2) 4x12x13 molded bumpers made from one sheet. This ensures the level of installation and reduces installation costs.

This easy-to-use dock leveler frame is designed for quick installation and years of reliability. Standard capacity is 20,000 lbs. and can be used up to 30,000 pounds. Standard lip 15″. Working height is 5″ above to 5″ below dock level.

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