Fear Of Getting In A Car Accident

Fear Of Getting In A Car Accident – It was after 1 pm one evening in April 2016, and I was driving home from a friend’s house in suburban Atlanta. From a distance, black spots look like oil stains Then he turned around and flashed my headlights in my face A woman in dark clothing was standing in my lane on Interstate 75 I hit the brakes, but I was too late

His body hit my windshield and his head hit the top of my car before landing in the middle of the highway, falling to the ground. When my car finally stopped, I ran towards him I am sure he is dead. But when I reached to pick him up from the road, he was gone

Fear Of Getting In A Car Accident

When the police arrived, an officer took me aside and told me how the investigation would proceed. The police will impound my car, and if they find out after 24 hours that the woman is still alive, they will release the vehicle. If he dies, or appears to die, investigators will need to examine the car’s computer system to see if the data agrees with my statement.

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I spent the next day in bed trying to cry as people called to check on me Everyone said the same thing: It’s not my fault A police officer at the scene said so. Two people who saw the impact of the next lane said this. Truck drivers do it too But I couldn’t stop staring at the woman’s crash on the windshield as I hit the brakes myself

“She can’t legally tell me anything about her condition, and I’m not sure I can handle it,” she said. I can’t stop thinking about it I imagine he is paralyzed or has deep brain damage Flashes of a broken life flashed through my mind, and I was overcome with guilt that was hard for my friends and family to understand, and I couldn’t explain.

It was only after two years and another accident that I decided to find out what happened to the woman One day in 2018, I found his name and address in the police report Leaning on a cane, I got out of the driveway and knocked on the door.

As a newspaper reporter I always cover car accidents in front of me For years, my quota was two stories a day, and writing about shipwrecks was a reliable way to meet that Metro Atlanta has a lot of them: more than 200,000 a year — one every two and a half minutes.

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I often write about vehicular manslaughter—it’s the most serious because it involves both death and suspected crime, even if the crime is a temporary failure of the driver. I once wrote about a teacher who, according to authorities, stood in front of an oncoming van as it entered a parking lot. The van driver, a 68-year-old woman, was trapped after the crash. Firefighters found him in critical condition after extricating him from the crashed van. He was declared dead at the hospital. A teacher friend contacted me to complain about the story The teacher was agonizing over what had happened – death was common due to small mistakes – and the last news was a picture of him in the newspaper. I told my friend I was just doing my job

After my own accident, I felt that the stories of people accused of vehicular manslaughter could easily be about me, if the woman I hit had died. But there is one key difference: The police say they made a mistake. They texted They failed to “keep track”. They changed the radio from chat to music And someone died as a result

Almost every time I drive, I think about the woman I hit He would flash in front of me, face in the headlights Or, if I don’t see him, I imagine him suddenly walking out into the street On the dashboard, I see gas on the vinyl as soon as I pass through my windshield. I avoid driving on the highway to work I took Clermont Road instead, a slower and, I hope, safer route Its four lanes meander through leafy neighborhoods, past drab schools, grocery stores, malls. However, driving blocks me, I feel half crazy about the dangers of doing this thing every day

Later, I came across a study in which researchers found that about 40 percent of people involved in car accidents developed PTSD. Symptoms: Frequent and disturbing thoughts or dreams about accidents; fear of driving; feeling isolated from close people; Insomnia – and intense feelings of guilt, whether the person is guilty or not

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Jay Gail Beck, a professor of psychology at the University of Memphis, is one of a handful of researchers studying PTSD in relation to car accidents. A serious accident, he told me, violates our beliefs about how life should be and who we are. We think we control what happens on the road If we are in control, we must be responsible

I then stopped covering accidents for a while When I started over, I imagined myself better, more empathetic One afternoon I called a man named Ahmed. He informed me that two speeding Camaros passed him on I-285 and hit him. He pulled over and saw two thrown on the road; One is dead, the other is dying. A young woman was killed in a car accident.

“I was surrounded by death and only I was good,” Ahmed said. I could tell that he felt guilty, even though he was not involved in the accident I asked him what he was doing after the accident. He said he came home and tried to take a bath. But why did he think he couldn’t touch her body after seeing all the blood?

I wanted to tell him what happened to me, if he just waits he will feel better But in a packed newsroom, I fear my colleagues will hear Even some of my closest friends did not know about my accident; I am ashamed and still grieve for what happened to that woman, or what I imagine happened to her.

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Good morning in February 2018. I was on my way to work on Claremont Road when a car suddenly swerved into my lane from the right, forcing me to hit it.

I crashed into a Ford F-250, a very large pickup The crash resulted in 100 shots, a bomb explosion My windshield got shrapnel My car — a Ford Fusion sedan — screeched, and the dashboard crumpled under my feet.

For a moment, after the heavy impact, the silence was empty I thought I was seeing a scene outside my body – from above, from the pine tree: my car, on the side of the road; My arm hangs over the broken window Then I heard myself screaming. “Help me! Help me!”

That is not possible Firefighters had to cut into the car to get me out. As the dashboard was lifted from my feet, I passed out in pain

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I woke up in a fentanyl-induced stupor A breathing tube has been inserted into my throat My aunt Josie, my mother’s twin sister, stood over me with my boyfriend, Dana One of our secret couples winked at each other, which he claims is how cats kiss I’m blinking He comes back

The impact shattered my left tibia and fibula and fractured the bones in my hip My right femur is split in half, my right kneecap is broken The surgery — to put my left leg back in its socket, repair my right knee and place a crutch to stabilize my femur — took more than 10 hours.

A month later, I came home in a wheelchair Most nights after work, Dana came over for dinner, and we mostly talked about my feet We have been dating for a year and never had a fight before Now we continue to fight – mostly about whether I’m trying hard enough to recover When he left in the night, we were happy to part

After my short-term disability ended, I worked from my bed Very slowly, I learned to take steps with a walker, and then switched to a cane. It’s a victory, but my life feels like it’s torn apart Dana and I broke up I spoke – or

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The lack of public transportation and how American society forces people to drive cars for hours on end, whether they’re good at driving deadly machinery or not. As my friends eyes filled with tears, I started walking

My friends use the money they donate through GoFundMe to provide groceries, and I travel if I have to travel more than a few miles. But I can’t avoid driving forever I fight panic attacks every time I’m in the car When a traveler gets too close, my heart races At least once, I went down to the window and begged a man

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