Find What Sites Someone Is On By Email

Find What Sites Someone Is On By Email – Enter your email address in the field below and see what a search on over 50 social and web platforms reveals.

Then read on to find out how it works and how it can make businesses more secure and informed.

Find What Sites Someone Is On By Email

Users of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as online services such as Github, Netflix and Airbnb, sometimes make some of their data public. The fact that they have an account with one or more of them is information in itself.

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Anyway, it’s called social data, and anyone can access it because it’s open source intelligence (OSINT).

This is where tools like our introduction come in, which can aggregate social data and filter it. From it you can find more information, such as the owner of the email.

, we use social media profiling as part of our email verification software and phone analytics API. The first one, for example, does reverse email validation so you can enrich data based on just an email address. This is very effective as it flags fraudsters before they can even register on your site at the download stage.

It also has the advantage of working with very few primary data points, which means a better and more optimized user experience for legitimate customers.

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You can integrate the email API directly into your online platform to access this large amount of data, or you can use Chrome to manually validate email addresses.

Will look for registration information and tell you if a person has used the same email address on more than 50 online platforms and social networks. Simply put, this means you know how likely they are to be trusted because a legitimate customer has some online and social media presence compared to an email created by scammers.

In addition, any fraudulent email addresses will be automatically filtered, catching less sophisticated attacks instantly.

To try it out, you can sign up for a free trial of the product and go to the manual review page.

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In fact, simply checking to see if a social media account even exists can help you spot scammers. In fact, 76% of online loan customers with no social media profile default on their loan, while a “good” applicant who gets approved has an average of 5.45 social media accounts, compared to an average number of emails from fraudsters 1.72, based on digital footprint analysis in 2022.

The immediate benefit is calculating a risk score for that customer based on their social media presence and overall digital footprint. If the risk is high, you can take extra precautions by testing them with additional security measures before trusting them. If the risk is low, you can safely download them as a new user.

After checking a person’s social media accounts, you can manually search for additional information, such as by using their profile name and viewing their public images.

This is especially important if you are based in Europe and have to comply with GDPR. For example, the solution is fully GDPR compliant, and there is an Eras API to help your company clean data when needed.

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Some caveats should be kept in mind. social data may be too old to be useful, missing important information, or simply false. With one in four people having a fake social media profile, it’s easy to see how databases can be compromised, and that’s before you even think about bots, puppets, and fraudulent accounts.

This is especially difficult with scammers, as they often try to create social media accounts based on the stolen data of a real person. For example, cases of artificial identity fraud, where they create identities that are based on real data but do not belong to real people, need to be filtered out for social media profiling to be effective.

However, there is a high success rate of fraud detection using social data. While it’s easy to create email addresses with names that match a stolen credit card, social media profiles and web platforms require more work.

Also, it doesn’t scale. a determined fraudster can theoretically painstakingly recreate the social presence of a legitimate person, but cannot do so for dozens or hundreds of email recipients.

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If social media data is not available, we can assume that the customer is at increased risk. Then it’s time to consider other sources of fraud prevention data, such as device fingerprinting and speed testing.

We may also use social media to detect identity theft if the social media data does not match anything else about the suspected user.

In addition to preventing fraudsters from entering your business, you can also use social media analytics to catch them scamming you.

This popular online loan company has found that a social media profile is a huge asset when interviewing customers, letting them know if they’re dealing with the right person or a scammer who hasn’t researched them.

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Finally, manual access to social data may justify denial of claims for reimbursement. Believe it or not, some scammers show off their purchases on social media, which can be used as evidence in a chargeback dispute.

Whether you need to manually verify a single person’s account or automate a data enrichment process, email profiling combined with social media analytics is a powerful business tool.

You can learn a lot more about your users, remove suspicion when you’re dealing with small data, and even legally protect yourself from chargebacks and defaulting customers.

Social media search tools are a useful source of a wealth of information. Find the best tools and techniques here.

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So! Using OSINT tools, you can identify multiple social media accounts using a single user/customer provided email address. This can be used as an additional form of verification.

Some tools are free. However, you will often find that they have limited capabilities. Learn more about what tools are on the market, both free and paid, in our reverse email lookup tool article.

It depends on the tool you are using. For example, the reverse social media search tool shows data from over 50 platforms and apps.

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You can use the email lookup tool to find someone’s business email address. address: Just create a free account here and go to the Finder page.

Once there, type the person’s name and website address into the input field and click the magnifying glass button.

Will show you the person’s email address and the source URLs where it was found. You can then save the email address or email the person directly from within.

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If email lookup services don’t work, you can try to guess the person’s email address. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using this method:

If you know their first and last name and website URL, you can probably guess your target’s email address.

Since most companies have standard formats for their email addresses, you can find an email address for someone at that company and extrapolate from that.

For example, say you’re looking for the email address of Richard Hendricks, CEO of Pied Piper, but you can only find the email address of Dinesh Chughta on the company’s website.

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If you don’t know the email address of someone who works at your prospect’s company, check out a domain lookup. Chances are, you’ll find an email from someone who works for the same company.

Simply enter your prospect’s company domain into the search box and view the email forms of other professionals who work there. To simplify the process, the most common example is proposed, based on all letters from one company, which

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