Free App To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating

Free App To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating – One of the recent afternoons I was drawing in a sketchpad and coming up with ideas that could turn into projects. A few words came to mind and I wrote them down:

I’ve gotten to connect with people through social apps, they help me stay in touch with my date, friends, and coworkers. Social apps are fun and convenient, but they’re not exactly exclusive. And it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if couples could exclusively communicate and share moments with just the two of them?

Free App To Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating

I tested the idea and spent about 2 weeks researching, designing and building this new app – I call it the Lovecard App. The Lovecard app allows you to plan events with your partner, connect via messages and albums, and find your partner in 3 taps.

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To create a product that is useful and meets real needs, my first step is always to conduct research with real people. Before the research, I defined the research and business objective to see what I need to achieve and how I can achieve it.

Business Goal: Create a new dating app that couples (ages 25-40) can use to connect and share moments exclusively with each other.

Research Objective: To understand the social app usage patterns of my target customers when they interact with their partners, the existing services they use, and any interesting facts or experiences they have discovered or experienced using social apps.

After setting the objectives, the second step was to analyze the research data and organize the findings. Then came sketches, wireframes, mood boards, and finally a finished design and prototype to test.

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I started with desk research to see if there were similar apps on the market, so I could get a first-hand look at the potential of the app I was going to build.

During my research, I discovered Tarp, an app for couples to communicate and save memories. With no prior knowledge of the Between App, I was curious as to what it had to offer. In addition to installing the app on my device, I also checked out some of the reviews posted by users on the App Store. I treated Between App as a competitor to my new app design, and it gave me a quick overview of how a similar app (concept) fared in the market: what was most useful and least useful to users.

I also conducted a couple of surveys to collect quantitative data and a number of remote user interviews to collect qualitative data.

Gathering enough participants for the survey was one of the challenges I faced, especially since I was working on this project independently. In order to ensure that the participants fit my customer profile (ages 25-40, in a relationship/married, avid users of social apps), I sent a filter to the participants prior to the survey and ended up collecting 24 responses.

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71% say they care about having a shared calendar where they can write down important dates and check each other’s schedules.

62% text their partners from morning to night, and 35% at least 3-5 times a day.

I interviewed a group of people who met my research criteria to better understand their motivations/frustrations in long-term relationships and concerns they might have about using social apps to connect. with your partner

Send messages. Users can chat with their partner day to night and share photos.

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View and edit your calendar. Users can edit and view the shared calendar to manage dates and record important occasions.

Before moving on to layout and UI design, I started with basic MVP screen diagrams.

I looked for images that could convey the mood and style of the UI design. This mood board was used as a color and mood reference when I was designing the user interface for the various screens.

I designed the user interface with an intuitive user experience and focused on the simplicity of the overall interface. The main colors used were coordinated with the Lovecard logo and finished with a gradient finish.

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I created a logo for the Lovecard app and these screens introduce users to the app and also ask them to create their profiles and connect with their partner.

Users can update their location using Google Maps and share the updated location with their partner.

An interactive prototype of the Lovecard App MVP can be found here. Below is an overview of the traffic (user traffic) of the various screens and prototypes.

Since Lovecard is a new mobile app design, my research has led me to understand the features that are important and sufficient for early adopters. The full MVP prototype will be shared with users to gather feedback before further development of a more comprehensive feature set for the Lovecard app.

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Setting goals from the beginning gave me a clear direction of where the project was going and what I needed to achieve.

It is very important that the user experience is at the top of the list. By conducting research with partners, I was able to understand the needs of my potential customers and therefore shape the user experience based on how they would use and what they would need in the app.

The short user stories were a guideline that allowed me to focus and follow the entire design process, just like when writing the stories, I had a clear user flow.

If you’d like to see the full documentation for this project or more of my work, head over to my design site where I post regular updates.

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Feel free to contact me at my email Email if you have any comments or feedback about the project: [email protected]

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