Fun Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Fun Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds – Our collection of teen party ideas will help you plan something awesome that will be cool, fun (and easy!).

The teen years provide many opportunities for party planning. Big events like celebrating a sixteenth birthday, an 18th birthday, and high school graduation call for a big party.

Fun Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Themed events are especially fun because you can go wild with decorations and even costumes if you want. They also make your party stand out from others.

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Our collection of teen party ideas will help you plan something awesome that will be cool, fun (and easy!).

Don’t know where to start? A guide like our teen party planner is a great first step to getting organized.

Our favorite teen party ideas are simple themes suitable for large or small groups of guests.

1940s Party – Step back in time to World War II with this fun party full of USO acts and Uncle Sam.

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1950’s Party – go back in time to the beautiful 50’s! Whether you’re throwing a party or sock hopping, you’ll be “rocking around the clock!”

Around the World Party – choose your favorite countries and use food, decorations and games from those places!

Awards Watch Party – Whether your favorite is the Oscars, Golden Globes or MTV Awards… throw a party to watch the results!

Black and White Party – Always in fashion. Your turn to surpass Truman Capote’s famous (infamous?) Black and White Ball.

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Black Light Party – One of the hottest teen party ideas right now! Fun for a dance party!

Teen Party Ideas For Boys – If you are planning a party just for the boys, visit this page for easy party ideas.

Glow Party – One of the hottest themes for teen party ideas right now! Great for a dance party.

Golden Birthday – Is this your golden birthday year? If so, use it as your theme or with your theme.

Birthday Party For 13 Year Old — Maple Grove Family Photographer

Hollywood Theme Party – Lots of teen party ideas to make any guest feel like a star!

Hotel Sleepovers – Not enough room for the sleepover of your dreams? Hotel Slumber Parties are becoming increasingly popular.

Makeover Party What girl doesn’t love a trip to the spa? Host a makeover party with your best friends!

Model Party – Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you have what it takes? Bring out your inner model at a Model Party!

Fun 13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Music Star Party – Music stars, pop stars, rock stars. Whatever you want to call this party, it’s fine. It’s all about music and being the star.

New York Party – New York, New York, what a great city… and a great party theme too! Very flexible – it allows you to go in many different directions.

Night Under the Stars Party – a beautiful and fun theme, can be very elegant and popular for proms and other teen party ideas.

Pirate Party – Arrr. Everyone loves a pirate! Also great for co-parties and slumber parties. You can even order online to have your own custom tattoos made!

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Pool Party – If you have a pool or have access to one, a pool party is always an easy party and has lots of fun teen party ideas. Add some of our pool games to make your party unforgettable!

Scavenger Hunts – Make this party anything you want it to be! Lots of ideas to get started with.

Scrapbook Party – Let your guests bring some photos, or even better… while you are planning the party, take lots of photos of your friends and give them the photos for scrapbook. Give each guest a matching book to hold their scrapbook creations. Have plenty of tools and supplies!

Slumber Party – Be sure to visit our page dedicated to a teen slumber party if this is part of your teen party plan. You will find unlimited slumber party ideas!

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Wizard of Oz Party – We’re going to the Wizard! You’ll love going over the rainbow to throw this Wizard of Oz party!

If you plan on dancing at your party, dim the lights and hang lots of twinkling lights that can be heard for a really fun atmosphere!

Anime Party – Watch anime movies, any sushi and learn some Japanese phrases. Let everyone wear an anime wig!

Fear Factor Party: Have a Fear Factor Food Party, where you have to eat things you’re afraid of! Here are some ideas… pickled eggs, prune juice, Brussels sprouts, sardines

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Game Show Party: Let’s Make a Deal – Everyone draws a number and three numbers are drawn to be “contestants”. The three contestants come forward one by one. On each of their turns, whoever is under the box is told that they have won. They can then trade what’s under box one (without knowing what it is) for what’s in a bag, written on the piece of paper in a balloon, behind a door, etc. Some of the prizes should be very good prizes, and others… not so good. You can also play fun games like Jeopardy, Name That Tune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire or make up your own games from the Price is Right!

Helping Others Party: Find a way to make a difference with a charity party. First contact the charity you are considering and find out if there are any requirements for your idea. For example, if you want to collect blankets for your local children’s hospital, find out what types are needed, make the blankets and deliver them!

Jewelry Making Party: Provides everything needed to make necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings. Stock up on goodies to snack on and jewelery books as examples (for inspiration!).

Lock-in: Part of the fun of a lock-in is actually having a slumber party with your friends in a different location. Sometimes in an entertainment center you can have it anywhere the space is. Some fun ideas include scavenger hunts, card games, flashlight tagging, karaoke, video games, board games, radio controlled cars, movies – and lots and lots of snacks and pizza!

Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Manicure party: natural manicure! Make appointments for you and your guests to go to a salon. Often you can get a group rate. Or even better… go to the local beauty school for a reasonable price. You can also have a manicure party at home, especially as part of a sleepover or slumber party. When you do this, you have many color choices and all the tools available for a job well done. Take turns doing each other’s nails while watching movies and having some good girl talk. For favors, give nail polish and/or tools to your guests.

Mardi Gras Party: Teens can have fun with elaborate face painting, mask making, and solving a murder mystery set in New Orleans. Discard beads at a “humiliation table” – so to get beads you have to do something off a list like give someone a piggyback ride, wear a kick-me board, marry someone pretending to be superman. You can also do an internet scavenger hunt through New Orleans and eat King Cakes.

Spa Party: Serve fresh salads and light snacks. Put on your pajamas and treat your guests (or treat each other) to manicures, pedicures, facials and chair massages. Enjoy the luxury!

Survivor Party: Decorate with homemade party decorations. Let each clan come up with a clan name, clan song and war dance. Issue clan challenges that they must complete within a specified time. Hand out prizes to the team that earned the most points during decisions. It’s all about having fun, so don’t worry about voting someone off the island!

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Tailgate Party: For a sports fan, a tailgate birthday party might be just what you’re looking for. Buy tickets to your favorite sporting event for you and your friends, and “back it”. Enjoy a spot in the parking lot, or keep it simple and bring a pizza, soda, and cookie. it doesn’t have to be a professional sporting event either. A high school game can also be fun.

*Music is very important. Choose songs and CDs that your friends enjoy listening to, even if it’s just background music.

* Plan activities. Crafts, music, movies… whatever you want. But have options available for guests. Check out our list of board games for teens.

* Set up some ground rules for the party. Talk about what is and isn’t allowed in your house or the party room. Make sure your teen knows you want to make sure the event is safe (and fun, too!).

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* Allow privacy. Nothing kills an event like a parent supervising. Be friendly, helpful and in the background. You can still keep an eye on what’s happening without being in the thick of it.

Our church youth group had a “come if you get caught” night over 20 years ago. It was advertised so that everyone could keep the date, but no one knew who it was

For a movie-themed party, choose your favorite movie or a classic. Then give everyone a separate character from the movie that you’ve decided you’d like to make into a theme

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