Get Rid Of Bags And Wrinkles Under Eyes

Get Rid Of Bags And Wrinkles Under Eyes – You see, puffy bags under the eyes are normal, natural and often hereditary (thanks again mom for bags, oily skin, cellulite and cystic acne). But even when they’re not the result of a genetic gift (see: too many late-night spicy margs and binge-watching Netflix), I still like to think of them as proof of life. Like, yes, world, I’ve lived my best years, no. That being said, I also understand if you’re not trying to show off your DNA or Saturday night swagger and are instead looking for a treatment for under-eye bags that actually helps reduce (or completely correct) puffiness. That’s where I and several plastic surgeons and dermatologists come in to help.

First, it’s important to note that bags under the eyes are almost always caused by genetics, lack of sleep, or eating habits (hiii, salty foods 💔), so before you spend your money on a million eye creams that make unattainable promises, write it down. an appointment with your doctor or a virtual dermatologist if you’re lazy to find out the root cause of your puffy eyes, be it allergies, medication side effects, fluid retention, stress, etc. Once you do, we’ll walk you through the best in-office procedures for under-eye bags and at-home puffiness-busting products, tools, and tips, straight from the pros. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Get Rid Of Bags And Wrinkles Under Eyes

FYI, treatment for eye bags falls into two categories. (1) professional treatment performed in the office by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for permanent or longer-lasting results; and (2) home treatments that can help reduce swelling at the surface level, depending on the cause. Here’s the quick breakdown.

Common Causes Of Under Eye Bags And How To Get Rid Of Them

View Do you have options? And don’t worry, I asked the experts to explain their in-office and at-home treatments in more detail below, including answers to all of your questions, like what causes bags under the eyes and whether they can even get rid of them. . naturally, and more. But for now, keep scrolling to find the easiest under-eye bags treatments you can try ASAP, including the best eye creams, skin care devices, and tools to help plump and smooth.

The number one topical ingredient that every professional recommends for treating under eye bags. Caffeine. According to dermatologist Fatima Fahs, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning it constricts blood vessels, reducing the appearance and swelling of veins. This lightweight eye cream from The Ordinary contains a heavy dose of caffeine, plus a blend of EGCG (a soothing antioxidant found in green tea) and peptides (helps strengthen the elasticity around the eyes). Massage a few drops of the serum under your eyes every morning, then use your regular face moisturizer.

OPINIONS. “I have now used 6 bottles, day and night,” writes one tester. “The price is incredible, one bottle lasts forever and gets rid of all the bags and dark circles on me.”

While no, eye creams are not required, they can be a positive addition to your morning routine if they are formulated with the right ingredients. Not only does this cult-favorite gel contain caffeine, which temporarily constricts blood vessels, as well as light-reflecting particles to offset dark circles, it’s also known to create a transparent film on the skin that “stretches” when applied. is drying. The combo makes your eyes look softer and brighter, especially after layering the concealer.

Smart Second Skin Reduces Eye Bags And Wrinkles

“The ice pack and the bags of this cream are completely gone,” writes one reviewer. “WOW! I could go to work and not look like I traveled the night before.”

It only took millions of years to come up with a tool more charming than the old freezer spoon trick, but I’m glad we’re finally here. Cryofacial tools, like these glass cryogenic globes, help reduce inflammation and puffiness under the eyes by temporarily constricting blood vessels in the skin, says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD.

After cleansing and moisturizing the skin (moisture helps the cryo tools glide easily across the face), massage the globes under the eyes, starting at the inner corner of the eyes and gliding down the temples. Or, for widespread coolness, rub them in small circles around your face; there really is no wrong way to use them. Just be sure to wash them regularly with soap and water to keep them clean and dirt-free.

Reviews: “Instantly, I could feel much more refreshed on my skin using the ice globes compared to my other beauty tools,” reads one reviewer. “They don’t pull on my skin or cause discomfort, and they feel so fresh.”

G Remove Eye Bags Dark Circles Wrinkles Anti Age Magic Eye Serum Cream Ao1

Listen: If you’re not already using a retinol cream, your time has officially come. “While retinol may not get rid of under-eye bags, it can help improve skin elasticity over time,” says Dr. Fahs. Retinol, a reminder, accelerates cell renewal while stimulating collagen production. More collagen = more skin elasticity, which can mean firmer, smoother under-eyes over time.

Instead of treating blemishes with retinol eye cream, which can be unnecessarily irritating and restrictive, massage a thin layer of this retinol serum into your face (yes, even under your eyes) once or twice a week. Two weeks, then three. . weeknights for three weeks before working indefinitely. Since retinol can be a bit drying at first, finish off your nighttime routine with a rich moisturizer to seal in hydration and alleviate any irritating or flaky side effects.

“I have dry, sensitive skin, but this doesn’t irritate or irritate my skin at all,” writes one reviewer. “I love it and how it helps get rid of my wrinkles.”

Judge me, but there are nights when a basket of super salty potatoes trumps my affinity for soft, bright eyes. Enter: This cold eye pillow (yes, that’s a thing) is basically an eye mask, compress, and ice pack all in one. I keep it in my freezer and when my under eyes need a little TLC, I put the mask on and hang (nap) until the pillow warms up. It’s not as effective as straight ice, but the cold still helps constrict the blood vessels, while the weight of the mask helps speed up fluid drainage.

How To Get Rid Of Undereye Dark Circles In Teenagers?

“I keep it in a freezer bag in the freezer and use it in the morning if my eyes are puffy or at night to help me sleep,” writes one reviewer. “The pressure is just right and it stays cool for a good amount of time.”

Any beauty product you can sleep on and still reap the benefits in the morning is good in my book (lazy gworl here). These silicone eye patches won’t dramatically reduce under-eye bags, but when used as a ~caution~ before bed, a gentle squeeze of them can help reduce fluid retention that can contribute to puffiness, giving you the illusion of a firmer, less puffy look. puffiness under the eyes (especially when combined with a good concealer and color corrector). You can also keep them in the fridge and apply them to your eye cream in the morning to boost the anti-inflammatory effect.

The Granois. “I was amazed at how calm and bright my eyes felt the next day, and I knew I was hooked,” writes one reviewer. “Nothing has worked as well as the SIO patches. They will easily last 10-15 uses if you treat them as directed.”

Dermatologist Sherry Idris, MD, suggests turning to this gel-infused roller to help reduce bags under your eyes when you don’t have time for a full cryotherapy session. The tip of the cooling roller acts like a mini cryogenic wand as you massage and sweep it over your eye area, helping the fluid to drain faster than with a regular eye cream. The gel itself is also great, formulated with vitamin C and caffeine to help brighten and firm the skin around the eyes with continued use. Like 90 percent of my skincare products, I like to keep this roller in the fridge for added anti-inflammatory benefits. I simply massage it under each eye for 30 seconds before wiping off any excess gel and finishing with moisturizer and sunscreen.

Dark Circles/eye Bags

THE LIBRARIES. “I have very dark circles and puffy eyes and have tried many products,” writes one reviewer. I started using this product at least a month ago and last week my husband started saying my eyes look different for some reason. I couldn’t understand it; then we both noticed that under my eyes they were much brighter and less puffy.”

Using low grade electric currents to make your face look a little taller? It sounds fake, but believe me, I’m hooked. Microcurrent devices, like the cult favorite NuFace, use facial microcurrent technology to help stimulate blood flow and muscle contractions to make your face look a little brighter and “firmer” over time.

NuFace Fix (pictured here) is a smaller version of the original NuFace Trinity and is designed to glide easily around the eyes and mouth to work on fine lines and puffiness. No, it won’t be deleted forever.

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