Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs On Bikini Line

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Between the tools (they’re all very sharp or very hot), the environment (which can range from your own sliding shower to a brightly lit salon), and the actual bleeding, the risk of removing body hair can be terrifying.

Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs On Bikini Line

Once you start moving these tools into your common areas, things get even more dangerous. Aside from the obvious potential for injury, the bikini line and the entire area are sensitive, sensitive skin, prone to issues like irritation and potentially dangerous hair removal.

Say Goodbye To Ingrown Hair: 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Ingrowth From You Bikini Line, Armpits And Legs

Ahead, we asked dermatologists all their burning questions about how to get rid of ingrown hairs and prevent them from appearing in the first place.

As dermatologist Melissa K. Levy, MD, of Entière Dermatology explains, ingrown hairs are basically the skin’s inflammatory reaction to the hair re-entering the skin. “Typically, ingrown hairs are caused by epilation, or because the hair is thick and curly and twisted inside the follicle,” says Dr. Levine.

According to dermatologist Hadley King, MD, the reason that ingrown hairs often appear in the pubic area is because the hair is already thick and curly, and since the skin there is especially thin and delicate, it’s more likely to grow on its own.

Dr. King said. “It can look like a small patch of skin color, sometimes with visible hair on the inside.” “If it starts to swell, the area can be red, tender, swollen, and the lip can become loose.”

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Be sure to look out for more obvious symptoms. “If you have a sore scalp or an abscess called a cyst, you may have bacterial folliculitis and should see a dermatologist for treatment,” says Dr. King.

Sometimes, yes – if the content is not infected, it can be slowly fixed. “If you have dry, itchy scalp, you can go ahead and gently massage it in,” says Dr. King. When the skin cells are shed, the hair eventually falls out. “

If you’re looking for the fastest way to get rid of hair loss completely, Dr. Levine says there’s really only one option. “Laser hair removal is the ultimate treatment for ingrown hairs if you really want to remove hair from the area,” she says.

Because laser hair removal can set you back hundreds of dollars, esthetician and Queen Bee Salon & Spa Jodi Shays recommends topical treatments. “If you see an ingrown hair or two, you can try a topical treatment with glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide,” says Shays. “But if there are signs of irritation, opt for pure aloe vera and hydrocortisone.” She recommends Epicurean Aloe Soothing Gel for the vulvar area and bikini line.

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“Carefully, it can reduce unwanted hair,” says Dr. King. “For example, using electric razors instead of razors so that even the shortest hair falls on the surface of the skin. Once the hair is past the early growth stage, the problem is reduced.”

Also, gentle brushing can help prevent ingrown hairs as well as help remove them. “Exfoliation reduces the risk of the skin covering the hair growth area,” says Dr. King. “If you plan to shave, use an exfoliating conditioner on your skin to keep it consistent and healthy. Wait until after a warm bath or shower before washing your hair, as warm water prepares the skin and hair for easier shaving, then rinse with cool water. and dry it.”

Next, Dr. King recommends topical hydrocortisone to help relieve the irritation, as well as an anti-inflammatory ointment like Aquaphor Healing Oment. The prevention process isn’t particularly easy or glamorous, but it’s less annoying than going to the doctor every time you see a weird lump this summer, especially if you take an Uber straight to the beach.

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Ingrown Hair Pubic Area: Causes, Prevention, & Relief

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Lucy Chen, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist in Miami, Florida. He specializes in Mohs surgery and skin oncology.

Big hair – these two little words conjure up a lot of fear. In your quest for smooth, stubble-free skin, ingrown hairs are annoying at best and a concern at worst (trust us—you don’t want to see them get infected).

Whether you’re developing a blister on your leg or ruining your bikini line, ingrown hairs are guests who can’t help but cause severe discomfort, swelling, and even scarring.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common condition where hair grows and becomes trapped.

The causes of hair loss are not complicated. Simply put, when your hair starts growing, it sometimes curls inward and gets under your skin. You may have dead skin cells lining your follicles (they always do, they’re always absorbed), but the ones that come in are just there because your hair is growing naturally – so unfortunately, people with fine hair are more likely to suffer.

Note: While anti-inflammatory treatments like creams, peels, and serums can help reduce inflammation after hair loss, don’t forget the importance of treating the underlying cause. The best way to do this is with gentle daily exfoliation and moisturizing. Absorb, ward off, and calm any anger with these DIY concoctions with tips from our experts.

Read on to learn how a few easy steps, DIY remedies, and simple fixes can help prevent ingrown hairs.

How To Prevent (and Get Rid Of) Ingrown Hairs On Your Bikini Line

This recipe is a double whammy. Not only does aspirin contain salicylic acid, honey also has antimicrobial properties, according to Shaurya. So if you apply them to your skin, these two ingredients will help fight infection and reduce inflammation. Here’s how to fix it.

You can use an exfoliator or other mild granulated ingredient (like sea salt or granulated sugar) and mix it with a carrier (avocado oil or coconut oil – so the granules don’t dissolve right away). Tobia says this combination of ingredients keeps hair follicles closed and gently massages ingrown hairs before they become inflamed or infected.

For example, coconut oil moisturizes, hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation. Winter is the savior of our skin.

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